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Wesleyan University Press

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Wesleyan Poetry in Translation

The Alphabet in the Park
Selected Poems
Poetry that eloquently concentrates on the spiritual and physical lives of women.
Prado, Adélia. Ellen Watson. trans. and introd.

An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Poetry

In Portuguese and English.
Bishop, Elizabeth and Emanuel Brasil, eds. and intr.

Desert Tracings
Six Classic Arabian Odes by ‘Alqama, Shánfara, Labíd, ‘Antara, Al-A‘sha, and Dhu al-Rúmma
A skillful translation of six classical odes of pre-Islamic Arabia.
Sells, Michael A., trans. and introd.

From the Country of Nevermore
Selected Poems
Skillful Poems that focus on the politics of the psyche.
Teillier, Jorge. Mary Crow, trans. and introd.

Roll Call of Mirrors
Selected Poems of Ivan V. Lalic
A postwar Serbian poet captures the spirit of the classical in his newly translated book of poems.
Lalic, Ivan V. Charles Simic, trans. and introd.

Times Alone
Selected Poems of Antonio Machado
A new book of poetry translation that enhances the ordinary
Machado, Antonio. Chosen and trans. by Robert Bly.