Fine Arts
(by title)

Literary Criticism - American / Art History / New England

Abandoned New England

An examination of artists and poets and the New England landscape that inspired their work.
Paton, Priscilla

Theater & Performing Arts / Dance / Art / Performance Studies

Acting on the Past

Leading scholars redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on historical performance.
Franko, Mark and Annette Richards, eds.

Early Christianity / Jewish Literary Criticism / Art History

Aesthetic Theology and Its Enemies

The role of Judaism in the formation of Western aesthetics
Nirenberg, David

Art / Cuban Art

Bilingual Spanish-English ed.

Unravels the varied influences that form the base for Cuban art
Gelburd, Gail


The Alumni Show II

A fortieth anniversary celebration of Wesleyan alumni artists
Ravenal, John B., editor

American Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

American Art at Dartmouth

First in a series of publications presenting the Hood’s extensive and varied collections
MacAdam, Barbara J.

American Art

American Reflections

A scholarly exploration of a private collection of American Impressionist, Hudson River School, and contemporary artwork from Connecticut and the Northeast
Noelle, Alexander J., ed.

Music / Essays / Art


A major American thinker of the 20th century muses on anarchism.
Cage, John

American Art / MOdern American Art

Andrew Wyeth Looking Beyond

An insightful look at Wyeth’s masterful technique and captivating imagery
Monroe, Erin

Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Antiques & Collectibles

Anni Albers

The only source in print of the key essays of a pioneer of modernist design.
Albers, Anni. Brenda Dalinowitz, ed. and introd.; Nicholas Fox Weber, fwd.

Digital Art / Contemporary Art / Art History

Art at the Dawning of the Electronic Era

Eighteen Generative Systems artists share their experimental electronic images, made at the dawn of the electronic era
Sheridan, Sonia Landy

New England Travel / American Art

Art Museums PLUS

An engaging guide to over 150 art museums and more throughout New England
Marshall, Traute M.

Art History

The Art of Devotion

Generously illustrated exhibition catalogue explores the demand for and production of devotional works in early fifteenth-century Italy
Abbott, Katherine Smith, Wendy Watson, Andrea Rothe and Jeanne Rothe

Art / History - 20th Century / History & Theory

The Art of Evolution

A timely and stimulating collection of essays about the impact of Darwin's ideas on visual culture
Larson, Barbara, Fae Brauer, eds.


The Art of Sonia Landy Sheridan

A retrospective look at the work and the unique creativity of this pioneering new-media artist
Kirkpatrick, Diane


Art Schooled

One year in the life of the students, teachers, and artists at one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious art colleges
Witham, Larry

Art / Ancient Art

Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

An insider’s look at the iconography and history of Assyrian reliefs and the West’s fascination with these ancient monuments
Cohen, Ada and Kangas, Steven E., editors

Art History / American Art / Asia

At Home and Abroad

This study reevaluates Christopher Pearse Cranch’s career as a Hudson River School artist and considers his landscape paintings within the larger context of American culture
Stula, Nancy and David M. Robinson, foreword by Barbara Novak

Fiction & Literature / Art

Back in No Time

First anthology of writings of a brilliant avant-garde figure
Weiss, Jason, ed., and Brion Gysin

Art / History

The Boston Athenaeum

A rich collection of essays celebrates the bicentennial of the Boston Athenaeum
Wendorf, Richard

Art / Architecture / Boston

Boston Beheld

Boston seen anew through historical paintings
Simons, D. Brenton

Art / Film, TV, Visual Culture

The Brillo Box Archive

A study of the iconic Brillo box through the theories of design, aesthetics, and art
Golec, Michael J.

Art / Philosophy

Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person

A flowing collection of poetry that is also a guide for life.
Richards, Mary Caroline

American Art

Charles Ethan Porter

The first study of the artistry of a noted African-American painter
Cummings, Hildegard

American Art

Coastline to Skyline

California-style watercolors are examined within the artistic and cultural context of their day
MacAdam, Barbara J.

Art / Philosophy / Architecture / Literary Criticism

Color Codes

A multidisciplinary look at the role of color in contemporary aesthetics.
Riley, Charles A. II.

American Art / Connecticut / Women's Studies / Women's History

Connecticut Needlework

Masterworks from the extraordinary needlework collections of the Connecticut Historical Society
Schoelwer, Susan P.

Art History / American Art / New Hampshire

Consuming Views

A lavish new look at a key nineteenth-century tourist region and the art it inspired
Garvin, Donna-Belle, ed.

Art / Philosophy

The Crossing Point

A stunning example of poetic questioning.
Richards, Mary Caroline

Art History

The Cultured Canvas

A state-of-the-field collection opening new vistas in the study of nineteenth-century American landscapes
Siegel, Nancy, ed.

Art History / Design

Denman Ross and American Design Theory

The life and thought of one of the founders of twentieth-century American design
Frank, Marie

Art / Women's Studies

Devouring Frida

The first full-length feminist analysis of Frida Kahlo and the myths surrounding her.
Lindauer, Margaret A.

American Art

Double Lives

A compelling catalogue documenting the work of American illustrators and painters who practiced painting as an art unto itself and as a means to tell a story
Boyle, Richard

Poetry / Art

Dream Prints

A collection of poems by Loretta Anawalt and Landscapes by Robert Helm.
Anawalt, Loretta

American Art / 20th Century Art

Edward Hopper in Vermont

A delightful account of Edward Hopper’s sojourns in Vermont with his wife, Jo, illustrated by the watercolors and drawings that he made there
Clause, Bonnie Tocher

American Art / Collection Catalog

Embracing Elegance, 1885-1920

Outstanding American impressionist and realist works, including landscapes, street scenes, still lifes, and, especially, images of elegant women in repose, all dating from a period of dramatic cultural and artistic change
MacAdam, Barbara J., ed.


Emily Mason
Second Edition

The paintings of contemporary artist Emily Mason
Ebony, David

Artists’ Books / American Art / Contemporary Art

Emily Mason

Ebony, David and Christina Weyl

Music / Art

Empty Words

Writings through James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, Norman O. Brown, and "The Future of Music."
Cage, John

Contemporary Art / Design / Art

Esmé Thompson

A monograph of the recent work of artist Esmé Thompson
Quackenbush, Liz, and Majorie Woods, Brian P. Kennedy, Katherine Hart


European Art at Dartmouth

Second in a series of publications presenting the Hood’s extensive and varied collections
Thurber, T. Barton

Contemporary Art / American Art / Art - Single Artist

Félix de la Concha

Documents the artist’s innovative 2009 Dartmouth portrait commission
Hood Museum of Art

Jewish Studies / Art

Fixing the World

The first full-color book to examine Jewish American painters and their works.
Soltes, Ori Z.

Art / Biography

Georgia O’Keeffe

A highly acclaimed biography of Georgia O'Keeffe that emphasizes her ongoing struggle for autonomy.
Robinson, Roxana

Art / Boston

Gertrude Beals Bourne

Lavishly illustrated with color reproductions of Bourne’s beautiful Impressionist watercolors of still life, seascapes, and paintings of flowers and gardens, this book chronicles the artist’s life, times, and artistic style
Howlett, D. Roger; Hills, Patricia, foreword

Art History / Digital Art / Media Studies

Girlhood and the Plastic Image

A study of the mutual plasticity of girls and digital images
Warren-Crow, Heather

New England History / Art / Art History

Global Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New England

The impact of global trade on early American visual and material culture
Johnston, Patricia and Caroline Frank (eds.)

Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Delaware

Grandeur on the Appoquinimink

This classic in American architectural history documents the building of colonial Delaware’s finest Georgian mansion by Quaker tanner William Corbit, and locates the man, his house, and his architect in the context of their world.
Sweeney, John A. H.

American Art / Murals

The Hovey Murals at Dartmouth College

A collection of scholarly perspectives on a controversial mural at an Ivy League school
Kennedy, Brian P., ed., Colin G. Calloway, Mary Coffey, Rayna Green, Robert McGrath, and Melanie Benson Taylor

American Art

Immanence and Revelation

Offers the most comprehensive scholarly examination of Ben Frank Moss’s artistic inspirations and achievements to date
Hood Museum of Art. Chuang, Joshua, essayist

American Art / Vermont

In Sight

Sabra Field’s latest prints presented in a dazzling new look at her bold, signature creative process
Field, Sabra

Art History / Cultural Studies

Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture

A fascinating look at key aspects of visual culture in modern Jewish history
Long, Rose-Carol Washton, Matthew Baigell, and Milly Heyd, eds.

American Art

John Haberle

The seminal text on a nineteenth-century American master of trompe l’oeil painting
Sill, Gertrude Grace and Douglas K. S. Hyland


John Lewis Krimmel

The life and work of America's first genre painter
Harding, Anneliese

Art / Sculpture

John Storrs

Storrs’s modernist sculptures inspired by modern skyscrapers
Balken, Debra Bricker

Art History / Art / Archaeology

Juniper Fuse

A commanding meditation on the development of early human imagination.
Eshleman, Clayton

Jewish Studies

Kabbalah and Art

Bronstein, Léo

Dance / Modern Art / American Art / Kinesthetics

The Living Line

The role of body movement in the formation of American modernism
Veder, Robin

Music / Essays / Art


Mainly mesostics inspired by music, mushrooms, Marcel Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Marshall McCluhan, etc. and includes "Mureau"-composed from the writings of Henry David Thoreau.
Cage, John

American Art / Maine / New England History

Maine in America

A lavish selection of nearly 250 works from the Farnsworth Museum's permanent collection.
Belanger, Pamela J. Christopher B. Crosman, fwd. William H. Gerdts, essay.

American Art / New England

Marsden Hartley

A provocative new reading of the great American avant-garde arist Marsden Hartley's late work.
Cassidy, Donna M.

American Art

Mary Cassatt

A never-before-seen set of works on paper by the impressionist Mary Cassatt.
Mathews, Nancy Mowll, Bertalan, Sarah; Rosen, Marc intro.

Art History

Men of Fire

The first scholarly foray into the artistic relationship between the Mexican muralist and the American abstract expressionist
Hood Museum of Art

Dance / Art History

Modern Gestures

Watercolors by a modernist master capture the beginnings of modern dance
Albright, Ann Cooper

Art / Modern Art

Monet’s Water Lilies

An overview of Monet’s late obsession with the water lily subject
Zafran, Eric M. , James H. Rubin and Susan L. Talbott, fwd.

Art / Asian Studies


A fascinating study of some of the most remarkable of all albums ever created
Wright, Elaine

Music / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Art


The entire range of John Cage's work and thought, explored in three wide-ranging dialogues, which constitute his last unified statement on his art.
Cage, John, in Conversation with Joan Retallack.

American Art / Collection Catalog

Native American Art at Dartmouth

Fourth in a series of publications presenting the Hood’s extensive and varied collections
Horse Capture, George P., Joe Horse Capture, Joseph M. Sanchez, Colin G. Calloway, and Karen S. Miller

American Art / Connecticut

New Haven’s Sentinels

The innovations in art and geology inspired by two classic Connecticut landmarks
Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle and John Wareham

Poetry / American Art / New England

Night Train

Asher, Elise

Art / Performing Art

No Innocent Bystanders

The changing role of the spectator in contemporary performance art
Ward, Frazer

American Art / New England

Norman Rockwell

The definitive Rockwell source in a two volume boxed set, depicting and documenting every known illustration done by the artist in a career spanning six decades.
Moffatt, Laurie Norton, text and catalogue. David H. Wood, introd.

American Art / Art - Single Artist

Otis Kaye

The definitive text on artist Otis Kaye, considered a master of trompe l’oeil painting and allegory
Banks, Geraldine, James Bradburne, and Mark D. Mitchell

American Art / Museum Catalog / Art Conservation & Preservation

The Painters' Panorama

The incredible story of a lost treasure rediscovered and preserved for a new generation
Routhier, Jessica Skwire, and Kevin J. Avery and Thomas Hardiman Jr.

Art / American Art / Jewish Studies

Painting a People

Analyzes the life, work, and reception of a founding father of modern Jewish art in Eastern Europe.
Mendelsohn, Ezra

Biography - Artists / Art

Picasso and the Chess Player

The dramatic story of art in the twentieth century
Witham, Larry

American Art / Biography / Women's Studies

Pictures of People

An intimate look at the breadth of Neel’s oeuvre
Allara, Pamela

Art History / Asian Art

Picturing Enlightenment

Introduces the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Tibetan hanging scroll paintings (tangkas) in the collection of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College
Rhie, Marylin M.

American Art / Connecticut

Picturing Victorian America

A landmark reference on 19th-century American lithographic production
Finlay, Nancy

Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Piero della Francesca

A major work by the most important Italian art historian of this century
Longhi, Roberto. David Tabbat, trans.; Keith Christiansen, introd.

Art / Art History

Please Touch

Exploring the notion of tactility in dada and surrealism
Mileaf, Janine

Art / Art History / Contemporary Art

Re-Inventing Tokyo

A groundbreaking examination of artists’ portrayals of Tokyo from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.
Morse, Samuel C.

Art / Biography - Artists

Robert Kipniss

A successful working artist relates his passion for life and art
Kipniss, Robert

American Art

Sean Scully

A career retrospective centered on the signature stripe motif of one of the most esteemed abstract painters working today
Kennedy, Brian

American Art

A Sense of Place

A meticulously researched analysis of a previously unknown New England art colony
Leard-Coolidge, Lindsay

Art / Art History

Shock and the Senseless in Dada and Fluxus

A groundbreaking analysis of two movements of the historical avant-garde
Brill, Dorothée

Music / Literary Criticism / Art


Silence, A Year from Monday, M, Empty Words and X (in this order) form the five parts of a series of books in which Cage tries, as he says, "to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them." Often these writings include mesostics and essays created by subjecting the work of other writers to chance procedures using the I Ching (what Cage called "writing through").
Cage, John

Music / Literary Criticism / Art


Special edition of the book that revolutionized our understanding of how we make and experience art
Cage, John and Kyle Gann, fwd.


So Much Trouble in the World

Artist Fred Wilson offers eye-opening histories and refreshingly critical views on art and museums.
Wilson, Fred. Essays by Barbara Thompson, Mary Coffey, and Jessica Hagedorn.

Art / New England

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

The stunning guide to an extraordinary American cultural treasure in northeast Vermont
Mitchell, Mark D.

Photography / Art / China

Stairway to Heaven

Contemporary Chinese photographers confront urban space in a changing China
Bessire, Mark H. C.

Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Three Studies
Trans. from the Italian

A new English version of the third edition (1963) of Longhi's seminal work on the Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca.
Longhi, Roberto

Art / Philosophy

Toward Wholeness

A fascinating study about a uniquely artistic individual.
Richards, Mary Caroline

Art / Visual Culture

A Violent Embrace

An urgent defense of aesthetics and the power of art
hoogland, renée c.

Art / Poetry / Literary Criticism - American

The Visionary Gleam

Well known as a painter, there is no American painter who is as good a poet and no American poet who is as good a painter as Elise Asher.
Asher, Elise

Art History / Film, TV, Visual Culture / Cultural Studies

Visual Culture

Fifteen key art historians and cultural critics redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on visual culture—a history of representation seen as something different from a history of art.
Bryson, Norman, Michael Ann Holly, and Keith Moxey, eds.

Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Textiles

Wearing Wealth and Styling Identity

Discover the cultural iconography of these extraordinary textiles and how tapis garments exemplify the social station and clan identity of the women of South Sumatra
Totton, Mary-Louise

Art History / American Art

The Weir Family, 1820–1920

The first major study to examine the artistic output of Robert Walter Weir and his two sons, John Ferguson Weir and Julian Alden Weir
Wardle, Marian, ed.

Theater & Performing Arts / Art

William the Wonder Kid

Silk, Dennis

American Art / Connecticut / Women's Studies

With Needle and Brush

First book to explore schoolgirl needlework of the Connecticut River Valley
Huber, Carol and Stephen, Susan P. Schoelwer, and Amy Kurtz Lansing

American Art / Collection Catalog

Women Artists @ New Britain Museum

A thematic investigation of the history and concerns of modern and contemporary American women artists
Buckberrough, Sherry and Nancy Noble

American Art / Sculpture

The Work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
New edition.

Updated catalogue raisonné of one of the most important figures in American sculpture.
Dryfhout, John H.

American Art / Art History

Wyeth Vertigo

Extreme manipulations of perspective unify the visual worlds of three of the most influential American painters of the twentieth century
Denenberg, Thomas Andrew, Joyce Hill Stoner, and Alexander Nemerov

Music / Literary Criticism / Art


One of a series of experimental texts in which Cage tries “to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them,” he attempts in X to create looser structures in both life and art, to free “my writing from my intentions.”
Cage, John

Music / Essays / Art

A Year from Monday

Includes lectures, essays, diaries and other writings, including "How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)" and "Juilliard Lecture."
Cage, John

Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - American / Art History

Your Body Figured

In Your Body Figured, Douglas A. Martin presents the reader with three prose pieces, each focused on an artist: the painter Balthus, the poet Hart Crane, and finally the Irish painter Francis Bacon as seen through his relationship with model and muse, George Dyer
Martin, Douglas A.

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