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Fine Art, Design & Architecture
(by title)
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Literary Criticism - American / Art History

Abandoned New England

An examination of artists and poets and the New England landscape that inspired their work.
Paton, Priscilla

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Theater & Performing Arts / Dance / Art / Performance Studies

Acting on the Past

Leading scholars redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on historical performance.
Franko, Mark and Annette Richards, eds.

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Early Christianity / Jewish Literary Criticism / Art History

Aesthetic Theology and Its Enemies

The role of Judaism in the formation of Western aesthetics
Nirenberg, David

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Film & Video / Contemporary Art / Media Studies

Against Immediacy

The participatory vision of early video art
Kaizen, William

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Albert Duvall Quigley

Quigley, Albert D

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The Alumni Show II

A fortieth anniversary celebration of Wesleyan alumni artists
Ravenal, John B., editor

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Civil War / Cultural Studies / American Studies

America Goes to War

A fascinating study of the first modern war and its effect on American Culture.
Catton, Bruce

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American Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

American Art at Dartmouth

First in a series of publications presenting the Hood’s extensive and varied collections
MacAdam, Barbara J.

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American Art / Portraits / Art History

American Faces

A sweeping exploration of why and how we look at ourselves through art
Saunders, Richard H.

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Ethnic Studies / Cultural Studies / American Studies

The American Kaleidoscope

A leading authority's panoramic history compares the experiences of immigrant-ethnic groups, African-Americans, and Native Americans to each other and in relation to the national political culture.
Fuchs, Lawrence H. With a 1995 introd.

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Music / Ethnomusicology / Film & Video

American Music Documentary

A critical companion to the most celebrated music documentaries of the twentieth century
Harbert, Benjamin J.

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Landscape Architecture / Education

American Playgrounds

A compelling history, a manifesto, and a manual for change.
Solomon, Susan

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An American Proceeding

The story of the man who built his own Frank Lloyd Wright House
Reilly, Donna Grant

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American Art

American Reflections

A scholarly exploration of a private collection of American Impressionist, Hudson River School, and contemporary artwork from Connecticut and the Northeast
Noelle, Alexander J., ed.

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New England Cooking / Interior Design / New England History

America’s Kitchens

History buffs, designers, and cooks of all ages will enjoy seeing what Americans have considered ideal for kitchen design over our 200-plus year history
Carlisle, Nancy

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Music / Essays / Art


A major American thinker of the 20th century muses on anarchism.
Cage, John

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Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Antiques & Collectibles

Anni Albers

The only source in print of the key essays of a pioneer of modernist design.
Albers, Anni. Brenda Dalinowitz, ed. and introd.; Nicholas Fox Weber, fwd.

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Architectural Improvisation

Documents a small but seminal architectural movement that sought to create a radical, new architecture characterized by organic forms, improvisational processes, hands-on methods, and use of natural materials
Cohen, Janie, editor; Sagan, Danny; Dann, Kevin, essayists

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Architecture and Academe

The unique and influential architecture of sixteen New England colleges
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

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Regional Architecture / New England Travel

Architecture in Salem

Long-awaited reprint of an essential guide to the architectural heritage of Salem, Massachusetts.
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

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Entomology / Insects & Spiders / Plans & Animal Photography

Art and Architecture of Insects

Discover the hidden beauty of insect anatomy
Phillips, David M.

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Digital Art / Contemporary Art / Art History

Art at the Dawning of the Electronic Era

Eighteen Generative Systems artists share their experimental electronic images, made at the dawn of the electronic era
Sheridan, Sonia Landy

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New England Travel / American Art

Art Museums PLUS

An engaging guide to over 150 art museums and more throughout New England
Marshall, Traute M.

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Art History

The Art of Devotion

Generously illustrated exhibition catalogue explores the demand for and production of devotional works in early fifteenth-century Italy
Abbott, Katherine Smith, Wendy Watson, Andrea Rothe and Jeanne Rothe

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Art / History - 20th Century / History & Theory

The Art of Evolution

A timely and stimulating collection of essays about the impact of Darwin's ideas on visual culture
Larson, Barbara, Fae Brauer, eds.

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The Art of Sonia Landy Sheridan

A retrospective look at the work and the unique creativity of this pioneering new-media artist
Kirkpatrick, Diane

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Art Study & Teaching / Higher Education / Literary Criticism - 19th Century

Art Schooled

One year in the life of the students, teachers, and artists at one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious art colleges
Witham, Larry

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Modern Architecture to 1945 / Regional Architecture / New England History

Arts and Crafts Architecture

The first study of the origins and multiple expressions of New England’s Arts and Crafts architecture
Meister, Maureen

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American Art

As We See It

An intimate look at an art-collecting partnership
Dion, Arthur

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Art / Ancient Art

Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

An insider’s look at the iconography and history of Assyrian reliefs and the West’s fascination with these ancient monuments
Cohen, Ada and Kangas, Steven E., editors

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Art History / American Art

At Home and Abroad

This study reevaluates Christopher Pearse Cranch’s career as a Hudson River School artist and considers his landscape paintings within the larger context of American culture
Stula, Nancy and David M. Robinson, foreword by Barbara Novak

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Exhibition Catalog / Sculpture


Stunning turned wood art and sculptural creations by contemporary, international artists
Lahikainen, Dean

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Fiction & Literature / Art

Back in No Time

First anthology of writings of a brilliant avant-garde figure
Weiss, Jason, ed., and Brion Gysin

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Regional Photography

Barns of Connecticut

A testament to the beauty of the central structure of the Connecticut farm
Starr, Markham

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Architecture / New England History

Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn
20th Anniversary Edition

The twentieth anniversary edition of the classic architectural study of the development of the connected farm buildings made by 19th-century New Englanders, which offers insight into the people who made them.
Hubka, Thomas C.

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Memoir / World War II / Art Criticism & Theory

Bird in Flight

In Bird in Flight: Memoir of a Survivor and Scholar, Professor of Art History Edith Balas recounts her life from Transylvania, to Auschwitz, to respected art historian.
Balas, Edith

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Military Pictorial History / Military Biography / Photoessays & Documentaries

Birth of a Warrior

Follow an Army company through basic training, the core experience at the heart of becoming a soldier
Jones, Raymond McCrea

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Textiles / Design - Textiles / Ancient History

The Book of Looms

A definitive work now in its fortieth year
Broudy, Eric

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Art / History

The Boston Athenaeum

A rich collection of essays celebrates the bicentennial of the Boston Athenaeum
Wendorf, Richard

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Art / Architecture

Boston Beheld

Boston seen anew through historical paintings
Simons, D. Brenton

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Art Criticism & Theory / Folkart / Romania

Brancusi & Romanian Folk Traditions

An examination on the artist Brancusi and Romanian Folk Traditions by art historian Edith Balas.
Balas, Edith

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Art Criticism & Theory / Art - Single Artist

Brancusi and His World

An examination of artist Constantin Brancusi by art historian Edith Balas.
Balas, Edith

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Modern Architecture to 1945 / Regional Architecture

Breaking Ground

The life and work of an important regional modern architect
Giese, Lucretia Hoover and Henry B. Hoover, Jr.

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Art / Film, TV, Visual Culture

The Brillo Box Archive

A study of the iconic Brillo box through the theories of design, aesthetics, and art
Golec, Michael J.

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Regional Architecture / Maine

A Building History of Northern New England

The first and only full-scale technical and stylistic analysis of 200 years of architectural evolution in northern New England
Garvin, James L.

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Historical Photography / Maritime History & Piracy / New England History

The Camera’s Coast

Page-by-page panorama of New England coastal activity from the late-nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from leisure and recreation to hard work
Bunting, W. H.

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Biography - Artists

Carrying the Torch

The biography of a leading light of the Newport art and cultural scene

Grinnell, Nancy Whipple

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Regional Photography

Carved in Stone

Evocative photographs and essay illuminate early American gravestones
Gilson, Thomas E. and William Gilson

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Art / Philosophy

Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person

A flowing collection of poetry that is also a guide for life.
Richards, Mary Caroline

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Art - Ceramics / Ceramics / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Ceramics in America 2017

A diverse range of essays, new discoveries, and book reviews on the latest research of interest to ceramics scholars
Hunter, Robert and Angelika R. Kuettner, eds.

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Ceramics / Art - Ceramics / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Ceramics in America 2018

A diverse range of essays, new discoveries, and book reviews on the latest research of interest to ceramics scholars
Hunter, Robert

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American Art

Charles Ethan Porter

The first study of the artistry of a noted African-American painter
Cummings, Hildegard

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Essays / Books on Books

A Child’s Delight

An appealing guide to 33 neglected gems in children's literature by the author of A Reader's Delight.
Perrin, Noel

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Art - Romantic Period / Architectural History- Romanticism / History - Italy

City of the Soul

Romantic Rome—the Eternal City in word and image, from Goethe and Byron to James, from etching and watercolor to photograph
Pinto, John A.

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American Art

Coastline to Skyline

California-style watercolors are examined within the artistic and cultural context of their day
MacAdam, Barbara J.

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Architecture / Landscape Architecture / Essays

The Collected Writings of Beatrix Farrand

Landscape gardener Beatrix Farrand’s written work, in print for the first time
Farrand, Beatrix; Carmen Pearson, ed.

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Museum Catalog / Museum Studies

Collecting and Sharing

A compelling collection for teaching and learning about the art of museum curation
Hart, Katherine, Michael R. Taylor, John O’Reilly, James Tellin, and Trevor Fairbrother and John T. Kirk, contributors

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Color Theory / Philosophy / Architecture / Literary Criticism

Color Codes

A multidisciplinary look at the role of color in contemporary aesthetics.
Riley, Charles A. II.

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Architecture / Regional Architecture / Historic Preservation

Connecticut Architecture

The first comprehensive illustrated history of Connecticut architecture
Wigren, Christopher; Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

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American Art / Women's Studies / Women's History

Connecticut Needlework

Masterworks from the extraordinary needlework collections of the Connecticut Historical Society
Schoelwer, Susan P.

Cover image

The Connecticut River

Breathtaking photographs of one of America’s most picturesque and historic rivers
Braden, Al

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Art / Philosophy

The Crossing Point

A stunning example of poetic questioning.
Richards, Mary Caroline

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Comparative Literature / Fashion / Social History

Crossings in Text and Textile

A broad interdisciplinary collection highlighting the central place of clothing and textile in literature
Joslin, Katherine and Daneen Wardrop (eds.)

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American Art / Art - Landscapes / Art - Romantic Period

The Cultured Canvas

A state-of-the-field collection opening new vistas in the study of nineteenth-century American landscapes
Siegel, Nancy, ed.

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Fashion / Women's Studies

Cultures of Femininity in Modern Fashion

An interdisciplinary collection illuminating how fashion shaped concepts and practices of femininity and modernity
Parkins, Ilya and Elizabeth M. Sheehan, eds.

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Dance / Photography

The Dancer Within

Intimate portraits of some of the most beloved dancers in America
Eichenbaum, Rose, Aron Hirt-Manheimer, ed.

Cover image
Art History / Design

Denman Ross and American Design Theory

The life and thought of one of the founders of twentieth-century American design
Frank, Marie

Cover image
Art / Women's Studies

Devouring Frida

The first full-length feminist analysis of Frida Kahlo and the myths surrounding her.
Lindauer, Margaret A.

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Literary Criticism - American / Photography / Architecture / Biography & Letters

The Dickinsons of Amherst

A master photographer and three distinguished scholars document the physical world of Emily Dickinson.
Liebling, Jerome, Photographs. Christopher Benfey, Polly Longsworth, and Barton Levi St. Armand, eds.

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Art History / Ancient History

The Divine Spark of Syracuse

A study of place and creative inspiration
Rowland, Ingrid D.

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Contemporary Art / Art - Mixed Media

Dor Guez

Ankori, Gannit and Dabney Hailey

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American Art

Double Lives

A compelling catalogue documenting the work of American illustrators and painters who practiced painting as an art unto itself and as a means to tell a story
Boyle, Richard

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Architecture / Building Archtecture / New England History

Drawing Toward Home

A truly majestic home will last generations
O’Gorman, James F.

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Poetry / Art

Dream Prints

A collection of poems by Loretta Anawalt and Landscapes by Robert Helm.
Anawalt, Loretta

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Fashion / History - 19th Century / Social History

Dressed as in a Painting

The impact of the Aesthetic movement on women and women’s fashion
Wahl, Kimberly

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Popular Culture / Historic Preservation

Dwelling in Possibility

A search for the ordinary qualities that make some houses a home, and some public places welcoming.
Mansfield, Howard

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Photography / Architectural & Industrial Photography

E Block

Stunning images of a once somber place
Perrott, Mark

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Art Criticism & Theory / Aesthetics / Contemporary Art

Ecological Aesthetics

“Ecological Aesthetics is a plea for us to continuously think- and act-with the world and its inhabitants, both human and nonhuman; to orient ourselves in ways that we might find and express what our environments, and what they are made of, want; and then to decisively help and continue those thoughts, wants, and actions toward novel aims and adventures.”

Stern, Nathaniel

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Literary Criticism / Fashion

Edith Wharton and the Making of Fashion

The origins of the modern fashion industry as seen through the works of Edith Wharton
Joslin, Katherine

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American Art / Individual Artists / 20th Century Art

Edward Hopper in Vermont

A delightful account of Edward Hopper’s sojourns in Vermont with his wife, Jo, illustrated by the watercolors and drawings that he made there
Clause, Bonnie Tocher

Cover image
American Art / Collection Catalog

Embracing Elegance, 1885-1920

Outstanding American impressionist and realist works, including landscapes, street scenes, still lifes, and, especially, images of elegant women in repose, all dating from a period of dramatic cultural and artistic change
MacAdam, Barbara J., ed.

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Literary Criticism / Fashion

Emily Dickinson and the Labor of Clothing

A history of nineteenth-century fashion through the works of Emily Dickinson
Wardrop, Daneen

Cover image

Emily Mason
Second Edition

The paintings of contemporary artist Emily Mason
Ebony, David

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Artists’ Books / American Art / Contemporary Art

Emily Mason

A comprehensive presentation of Emily Mason’s painting and prints
Ebony, David and Christina Weyl

Cover image
Music / Art

Empty Words

Writings through James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, Norman O. Brown, and "The Future of Music."
Cage, John

Cover image

End of the Line

Striking photographs of the final days of the Stinson Seafood sardine cannery in Maine
Starr, Markham

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Contemporary Art / Design / Art

Esmé Thompson

A monograph of the recent work of artist Esmé Thompson
Quackenbush, Liz, and Majorie Woods, Brian P. Kennedy, Katherine Hart

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Contemporary Art / American Art / Art - Single Artist

Félix de la Concha

Documents the artist’s innovative 2009 Dartmouth portrait commission
Hood Museum of Art

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Architecture / New England History / New England Travel

Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings

A generously illustrated handbook for identifying and understanding structures that symbolize the region’s unique cultural and historical landscape
Visser, Thomas Durant

Cover image
Media Studies / Digital Art / Technology - Social Aspects

Finding Augusta

Addresses the effect of mobile communications technologies on individuals’ habits and how they are regulated
Cooley, Heidi Rae

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Contemporary Art / Photography - Criticism

Framed Spaces

A study of the relationship between photography and installation art
McTighe, Monica E.

Cover image
Modern Art

Free as Gods

A lively, wide-ranging look at the connections inside the core group of avant-garde artists in Jazz Age Paris
Riley, Charles A. II

Cover image
Regional Architecture / New England History / Paper Ephemera

From Guiding Lights to Beacons for Business

Explores the lives and legends of the iconic Maine lighthouses
Cheek, Richard

Cover image
Art History / Digital Art / Art Criticism & Theory

From Point to Pixel

A timely reconsideration of digital aesthetics
Hoy, Meredith

Cover image
Art / Biography

Georgia O’Keeffe

A highly acclaimed biography of Georgia O'Keeffe that emphasizes her ongoing struggle for autonomy.
Robinson, Roxana

Cover image

Gertrude Beals Bourne

Lavishly illustrated with color reproductions of Bourne’s beautiful Impressionist watercolors of still life, seascapes, and paintings of flowers and gardens, this book chronicles the artist’s life, times, and artistic style
Howlett, D. Roger; Hills, Patricia, foreword

Cover image
Architecture / American History - 19th Century

Gervase Wheeler

The American career of an influential English architect
Tribert, Renée and James F. O’Gorman

Cover image
Regional Photography / Photography/Photoessays & Docu


Ghana showcases the growth and diversity of this nation, on the 50th anniversary of their independence, as seen through the eyes of six talented photographers, Peter E. Randall, Nancy Grace Horton, Gary Samson, Barbara Bickford, Charter Weeks and Tim Gaudreau
Randall, Peter E.

Cover image
Art History / Digital Art / Media Studies

Girlhood and the Plastic Image

A study of the mutual plasticity of girls and digital images
Warren-Crow, Heather

Cover image
New England History / Art / Art History

Global Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New England

The impact of global trade on early American visual and material culture
Johnston, Patricia and Caroline Frank (eds.)

Cover image
Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Grandeur on the Appoquinimink

This classic in American architectural history documents the building of colonial Delaware’s finest Georgian mansion by Quaker tanner William Corbit, and locates the man, his house, and his architect in the context of their world.
Sweeney, John A. H.

Cover image
Photography / Fiction & Literature

Granite and Cedar

An unusual collaboration between a documentary photographer and a writer of fiction to produce a haunting portrait of the people and the land of Vermont's most rural area, often referred to as the "Northeast Kingdom."
Miller, John M. Howard Frank Mosher, short fiction.

Cover image
Art - Single Artist

Gustave Doré's London

Gustave Dorês unforgettable images of Victorian London portray in stark contrast of the affluent world and the raw poverty of the slums
Coolidge, John

Cover image
Ceramics / Biography - Artists / Garden Furnishings

Guy Wolff

An intimate journey into Wolff’s world of craftsmanship and the joy of creating and using finely made objects
Staubach, Suzanne

Cover image
Architecture / History

Henry Austin

A colorful introduction to one of New England’s most productive and imaginative architects
O’Gorman, James F.

Cover image
Exhibition Catalog / American Art

Highlights of the New Britain Museum of American Art

A comprehensive overview of highlights from the New Britain Museum of American Art’s Sanford B. D. Low Illustration Collection
Schiller, Joyce

Cover image
Architecture / American History

A History of American Architecture

A richly illustrated history of American architecture that explains why particular architectural ideas occurred when and where they did.
Gelernter, Mark

Cover image
Early Christianity / Painting / Christianity

The History of the Church through 100 Masterpieces

Duquesne, Jacques, Lebrette, Francois, M. Cristina Borges

Cover image
Art History

Horace Vernet and the Thresholds of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture

A fresh look at a pivotal nineteenth-century painter
Harkett, Daniel, and Katie Hornstein, Editors

Cover image
American Art / Murals

The Hovey Murals at Dartmouth College

A collection of scholarly perspectives on a controversial mural at an Ivy League school
Kennedy, Brian P., ed., Colin G. Calloway, Mary Coffey, Rayna Green, Robert McGrath, and Melanie Benson Taylor

Cover image
Regional Architecture / History

Hudson Valley Ruins

An elegant homage to the many deserted buildings along the Hudson River—and a plea for their preservation.
Rinaldi, Thomas E. and Yasinsac, Robert J.

Cover image
American Art

Immanence and Revelation

Offers the most comprehensive scholarly examination of Ben Frank Moss’s artistic inspirations and achievements to date
Hood Museum of Art. Chuang, Joshua, essayist

Cover image
Regional Photography / New England History

In History’s Wake

Evocative photographs and first person accounts of contemporary fishing life
Starr, Markham

Cover image
Interior Design / Cooking - Chefs & Restaurants

In Julia's Kitchen

An award-winning architect and Julia Child’s staff photographer show us how to bring into our homes Julia’s commitment to the life-changing magic of eating together
Heyne, Pamela and Scherer, Jim

Cover image
Contemporary Art / Arts in Education / Museum Catalog

In Residence

A retrospective of Dartmouth’s celebrated Artist-in-Residence Program
Taylor, Michael R. and Gerald Auten editors

Cover image
Nature / Contemporary Art

In Season

In words and pictures, two naturalists show that close attention to nature reveals constant change
Estrin, Nona Bell, field illustrations and notes; Charles W. Johnson, essays

Cover image
American Art

In Sight

Sabra Field’s latest prints presented in a dazzling new look at her bold, signature creative process
Field, Sabra

Cover image
Art / Jewish Studies / Contemporary Art

In the Grand Tradition

Retrospective of versatile sculptor Elbert Weinberg
Finlay, Nancy; Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library

Cover image
Art History / History of Ancient Art

Inside an Ancient Assyrian Palace

A detailed exploration of Layard’s famous lithograph of the interior of an Assyrian palace
Cohen, Ada, and Steven E. Kangas

Cover image
Dance / Photography / Portrait Photography

Inside the Dancer’s Art

Elegant photographs of the mysterious and complex world of dance
Eichenbaum, Rose

Cover image
Landscape Architecture / Ecology & Environmental Studies / New England Gardening

Integrated Landscaping

A new way of thinking about landscaping home grounds and public spaces, Revised and Expanded
Chase-Rowell, Lauren, Mary Tebo Davis, Katherine Hartnett, and Marilyn Wyzga

Cover image
Gardening & Horticulture / Architecture

Jacob Weidenmann

The first full biography of a groundbreaking landscape architect
Favretti, Rudy J.

Cover image
Art History / Cultural Studies

Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture

A fascinating look at key aspects of visual culture in modern Jewish history
Long, Rose-Carol Washton, Matthew Baigell, and Milly Heyd, eds.

Cover image
Portrait Photography / Biography - Artists

John Cage Was

Intimate portraits and remembrances of one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century
Klosty, James

Cover image
American Art

John Haberle

The seminal text on a nineteenth-century American master of trompe l’oeil painting
Sill, Gertrude Grace and Douglas K. S. Hyland

Cover image

John Lewis Krimmel

The life and work of America's first genre painter
Harding, Anneliese

Cover image
Art / Sculpture

John Storrs

Storrs’s modernist sculptures inspired by modern skyscrapers
Balken, Debra Bricker

Cover image
Art / Sculpture / Art - Single Artist

John Udvardy

A comprehensive review of the life and artistry of contemporary sculptor and painter John Udvardy, with reflections by colleagues and over 450 photographs
Udvardy, John

Cover image
American Art / Art - Single Artist / Biography - Artists

Joseph Glasco

The life and work of one of the most original American artists who was included, with Rothko and Pollock, in MoMA’s 1952 Fifteen Americans exhibition—but he refused
Raeburn, Michael

Cover image
Art History / Art / Archaeology

Juniper Fuse

A commanding meditation on the development of early human imagination.
Eshleman, Clayton

Cover image
Jewish Studies

Kabbalah and Art

Bronstein, Léo

Cover image
Jewelry / Exhibition Catalog

Keepsakes and Treasures

Open New England's jewelry box and hear stories of love tokens, party bling, and cherished heirlooms from 1700 to the present
Johnson, Laura E.

Cover image
Colonial History / Religion / American Studies

The Last American Puritan

A critically acclaimed and accessible biography of one of the towering figures of New England's colonial period; winner of The Conference on Christianity and Literature's Book Award.
Hall, Michael G.

Cover image
Conservation / Photography / Nature/Environment/Conservatio

Light Fading

The first book of its kind dedicated to the Florida Everglades, stunning full color photos!
Curzon, Joel

Cover image
Christianity / Painting / Religious Art

The Lives of the Saints through 100 Masterpieces

Duquesne, Jacques, Lebrette, Francois, M. Cristina Borges

Cover image
Dance / Modern Art / American Art / Kinesthetics

The Living Line

The role of body movement in the formation of American modernism
Veder, Robin

Cover image
Conservation / Sculpture / Nature - Birds

The Lost Bird Project

A sculptor creates memorials to five extinct North American bird species
McGrain, Todd

Cover image
Jewish Studies / Architecture / Social Science

Louis I. Kahn’s Jewish Architecture

The evolution of the postwar American synagogue illuminated through the plans for Louis Kahn’s unbuilt Mikveh Israel
Solomon, Susan G.

Cover image
Music / Essays / Art


Mainly mesostics inspired by music, mushrooms, Marcel Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Marshall McCluhan, etc. and includes "Mureau"-composed from the writings of Henry David Thoreau.
Cage, John

Cover image
American Art / New England History

Maine in America

A lavish selection of nearly 250 works from the Farnsworth Museum's permanent collection.
Belanger, Pamela J. Christopher B. Crosman, fwd. William H. Gerdts, essay.

Cover image
American Art

Marsden Hartley

A provocative new reading of the great American avant-garde arist Marsden Hartley's late work.
Cassidy, Donna M.

Cover image
American Art

Mary Cassatt

A never-before-seen set of works on paper by the impressionist Mary Cassatt.
Mathews, Nancy Mowll, Bertalan, Sarah; Rosen, Marc intro.

Cover image
American Art / Art - Single Artist / Philosophy

Mel Bochner

How can a visual image illustrate an abstract philosophical idea?
Wartenberg, Thomas E.

Cover image
Biography / American Art

Memories Touched by Fancy

A guide to Vermont artist Bessie Drennan's work, her style, and charm
Beck, Jane C.

Cover image
Art History

Men of Fire

The first scholarly foray into the artistic relationship between the Mexican muralist and the American abstract expressionist
Hood Museum of Art

Cover image

Messages from a Small Town

A powerful and personal portrait of the residents of Pawlet, Vermont, from the 1970s through the 1990s
Rappaport, Susanne

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory

Michelangelo's Double Self-Portraits

An examination of Michelangelo’s work by art historian Edith Balas.
Balas, Edith

Cover image
Dance / Art History

Modern Gestures

Watercolors by a modernist master capture the beginnings of modern dance
Albright, Ann Cooper

Cover image
Art / Modern Art

Monet’s Water Lilies

An overview of Monet’s late obsession with the water lily subject
Zafran, Eric M. , James H. Rubin and Susan L. Talbott, fwd.

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Renaissance History / Italy

The Mother Goddess in Italian Renaissance Art

An examination of the Mother Goddess in Italian Renaissance art by art historian Edith Balas.
Balas, Edith

Cover image
Art / Art History

The Mountains in Art History

The first English-language study of mountains as subject matter and inspiration for the visual arts
Mark, Peter, ed. with Helman, Peter and Snyder, Penny

Cover image
Art / Asian Studies


A fascinating study of some of the most remarkable of all albums ever created
Wright, Elaine

Cover image
Music / Reference & Bibliography / Books on Books

Music History from Primary Sources

An amply-illustrated book on the Moldenhauer Archives, spanning the history of Western classical music, with essays by noted experts.
Newsom, Jon, and Alfred Mann, eds. The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial

Cover image
Music / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Art


The entire range of John Cage's work and thought, explored in three wide-ranging dialogues, which constitute his last unified statement on his art.
Cage, John, in Conversation with Joan Retallack.

Cover image
Museum Catalog / Modern Art / Human Figure in Art

Naked Truth

An inquiry into conceptions of the human body in Austria and Germany before and after the First World War
Garrison, Eliza, Bettina Matthias, and James A. van Dyke

Cover image
New England Travel / Regional Architecture / Historic Preservation

New England’s Covered Bridges

A complete guide to more than 200 covered bridges in the six New England states.
Evans, Benjamin D.; Evans, June R.

Cover image
Regional Photography / New England Travel

New Hampshire

Spectacular, large-format book by one of New Hampshire's leading photographers
Randall, Peter E., panoramic photographs. Ronald Jager; essay; Stephen H. Taylor, fwd.

Cover image

New Hampshire Architecture

An illustrated popular guide to the Granite State’s rich architectural heritage
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr. with Carolyn K. Tolles

Cover image
Regional Photography

New Hampshire Then & Now

A collection of historical New Hampshire photographs matched with contemporary images
Randall, Peter E.

Cover image
Agriculture & Food Production / New England Gardening / Regional Photography

New Hampshire Women Farmers

Beautifully illustrated book showcasing the efforts of New Hampshire’s farm women to revitalize farming in the twenty-first century
Brody, Helen and Leslie Tuttle, Photographer

Cover image
American Art

New Haven’s Sentinels

The innovations in art and geology inspired by two classic Connecticut landmarks
Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle and John Wareham

Cover image
Regional Architecture / Historic Preservation

Newport Through Its Architecture

A comprehensive architectural history of America’s greatest living architectural laboratory.
Yarnall, James L.

Cover image
Poetry / American Art

Night Train

Asher, Elise

Cover image
Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts / Dance / African-American Studies

Night's Dancer

The biography of the first African-American prima ballerina
Lewin, Yaël Tamar

Cover image
Illustration / Political Cartoons, Pitt Post-

No Cartoon Left Behind

A collection of political cartoons by Rob Rogers.
Rogers, Rob

Cover image
Art - Performance / Art Criticism & Theory / Contemporary Art / Performing Art

No Innocent Bystanders

The changing role of the spectator in contemporary performance art
Ward, Frazer

Cover image
Art & Popular Culture / Art & Politics / Literary Criticism - Comics & Graphic Novels

No Laughing Matter

The role of race and ethnicity in global humor
Rosenthal, Angela, with David Bindman and Adrian W. B. Randolph

Cover image
American Art

Norman Rockwell

The definitive Rockwell source in a two volume boxed set, depicting and documenting every known illustration done by the artist in a career spanning six decades.
Moffatt, Laurie Norton, text and catalogue. David H. Wood, introd.

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Literary Criticism

Not a Day Without a Line

Emphasizing the visual arts, including performance art, this book focuses on artists’ writings that challenge our understanding of them as a text or an instance of reflection
De Preester, Helena

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Biography / Biography - Artists / Memoir

Now the Day Is Over

A noted painter looks back on his formative years
Matthews, Paul

Cover image
Landscape Architecture / Historic Preservation

The Olmsted National Historic Site and the Growth of Historic Landscape Preservation

A contextual history of Massachusetts’ Olmsted National Historic Site
Allen, David Grayson

Cover image
Historical Photography / Americana / 20th Century U.S. History

Once Upon a Playground

A nostalgic look at a world of play almost forgotten
Biondo, Brenda

Cover image
Biography / Art - Single Artist / Illustration / Women Artists

Orra White Hitchcock

This new book explores the life and work of the most prolific female scientific illustrator in America in the first half of the nineteenth century
Herbert, Robert L. and Daria D'Arienzo

Cover image
American Art / Art - Single Artist

Otis Kaye

The definitive text on artist Otis Kaye, considered a master of trompe l’oeil painting and allegory
Banks, Geraldine, James Bradburne, and Mark D. Mitchell

Cover image
American Art / Museum Catalog / Art Conservation & Preservation

The Painters' Panorama

The incredible story of a lost treasure rediscovered and preserved for a new generation
Routhier, Jessica Skwire, and Kevin J. Avery and Thomas Hardiman Jr.

Cover image
Art - Single Artist / Museum Catalog / Sculpture

Parviz Tanavoli

The first U.S. publication on the “father of modern Iranian sculpture” in nearly forty years, accompanying his 2015 retrospective exhibition at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College
Fischman, Lisa and Shiva Balaghi

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Architecture / Architecture/Criticism

People & Places

John and Margaret Myers' backgrounds in architecture and child psychology, respectively, inform their groundbreaking treatise on the effects of place on individuals and society.
Myer, John; Myer, Margaret

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Anthropology / Photography / Jewish Studies

Photographing the Jewish Nation

Over 170 amazing photographs of Jewish life in the Pale of Settlement, from S. An-sky’s ethnographic expeditions
Avrutin, Eugene M., Valerii Dymshits, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Lvov, Harriet Murav, and Alla Sokolova, editors

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Photography - Criticism / Media Studies

Photography, History, Difference

Thinking differently about photography and its histories
Sheehan, Tanya (ed.)

Cover image
Biography - Artists / Modern Art

Picasso and the Chess Player

The dramatic story of art in the twentieth century
Witham, Larry

Cover image
American Art / Biography - Artists / Women's Studies

Pictures of People

An intimate look at the breadth of Neel’s oeuvre
Allara, Pamela

Cover image
Art History / Asian Art

Picturing Enlightenment

Introduces the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Tibetan hanging scroll paintings (tangkas) in the collection of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College
Rhie, Marylin M.

Cover image
American Art

Picturing Victorian America

A landmark reference on 19th-century American lithographic production
Finlay, Nancy

Cover image
Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Piero della Francesca

A major work by the most important Italian art historian of this century
Longhi, Roberto. David Tabbat, trans.; Keith Christiansen, introd.

Cover image
Individual Artists / Art & Popular Culture / Modern Art

Playing with Earth and Sky

The influence of astronomy and geography on the great Dadaist
Housefield, James

Cover image
Art / Art History

Please Touch

Exploring the notion of tactility in dada and surrealism
Mileaf, Janine

Cover image
Architecture / History

Porches of North America

A complete architectural guide to this well-loved building feature
Visser, Thomas Durant

Cover image
Modern Art / Collectable Posters / Graphic Arts & Advertising

The Poster

A landmark study of posters as art, design, and advertising in the nineteenth century
Iskin, Ruth E.

Cover image
Contemporary Art / Asian Art / Graphic Arts & Advertising

Postmodern Advertising in Japan

A major study of postmodern developments in Japanese advertising and art
Bartal, Ory

Cover image
Historic Preservation / Architecture - Study & Teaching / Teaching Methods & Materials

Preservation Education

Examining pedagogical issues in historic preservation education
Stiefel, Barry L. and Jeremy C. Wells (EDs)

Cover image
American Art / Modern Art / Individual Artists

Rare Light

Chronicling the artist’s life in Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner”
Dawson, Anne E., Editor

Cover image
Creative Writing

A Reader’s Delight

One of America’s finest essayists writes about 40 literary masterpieces that have been wrongfully forgotten or were ignored in the first place.
Perrin, Noel

Cover image
Architecture / Cultural Studies

Remodeling the Nation

A rich analysis of how post Revolutionary Americans conceptualized the early Republic through metaphors of home building
Faherty, Duncan

Cover image
Architecture / Travel & Tourism

Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks

An architectural study of the large Adirondack hotels that focuses on the cultural history of travel and tourism.
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

Cover image
Photography / Poetry

Robert Frost’s New England

Inspired by the writings of Robert Frost, professional photographers Betsy and Tom Melvin present beautiful, and sometimes poignant, scenes of the New England landscape
Melvin, Betsy and Tom. Jay Parini, fwd.

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Art / Biography - Artists

Robert Kipniss

A successful working artist relates his passion for life and art
Kipniss, Robert

Cover image

Ruins as Architecture

A fascinating demonstration of the rich and complex architectural ideas and philosophies of centuries gone by
McCormick, Thomas J.

Cover image
Contemporary Art

Sabra Field
2nd Edition, with 12 Additional Images

The first collection of Sabra Field’s landmark prints, with commentary by the artist, now in a second edition with thirteen additional images
Slayton, Tom

Cover image

Saint Sophia at Constantinople

Clearly written and thoroughly researched, students & scholars will find it invaluable
Kleinbauer, W. Eugene

Cover image
Art / American Art

Sargent to Basquiat

This exhibition catalogue presents selections of modern and contemporary art from exceptional collections built by University of Vermont alumni/ae, with essays and short contributions by UVM alumni and associates in the academic, nonprofit, and commercial art worlds
Grudin, Anthony E.

Cover image
Theater & Performing Arts / Design

The Scenography of Josef Svoboda

Burian, Jarka.

Cover image
American Art

Sean Scully

A career retrospective centered on the signature stripe motif of one of the most esteemed abstract painters working today
Kennedy, Brian

Cover image
Media Studies / African-American Studies / Photography

The Self in Black and White

A study of race and authenticity in the photography of the civil rights era and beyond
Duganne, Erina

Cover image
American Art

A Sense of Place

A meticulously researched analysis of a previously unknown New England art colony
Leard-Coolidge, Lindsay

Cover image
Architecture / Social History / Historical Photography


A small tour, near and far
Mansfield, Howard

Cover image
Art / Art History

Shock and the Senseless in Dada and Fluxus

A groundbreaking analysis of two movements of the historical avant-garde
Brill, Dorothée

Cover image
Music / Literary Criticism / Art


Silence, A Year from Monday, M, Empty Words and X (in this order) form the five parts of a series of books in which Cage tries, as he says, "to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them." Often these writings include mesostics and essays created by subjecting the work of other writers to chance procedures using the I Ching (what Cage called "writing through").
Cage, John

Cover image
Music / Literary Criticism / Art


Special edition of the book that revolutionized our understanding of how we make and experience art
Cage, John and Kyle Gann, fwd.

Cover image
Poetry / Poetry - LGBT / Artists’ Books

Silk Poems

Silk Poems takes silk as subject and form, exploring its cultural, scientific, and linguistic complexities
Bervin, Jen

Cover image

So Much Trouble in the World

Artist Fred Wilson offers eye-opening histories and refreshingly critical views on art and museums.
Wilson, Fred. Essays by Barbara Thompson, Mary Coffey, and Jessica Hagedorn.

Cover image

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

The stunning guide to an extraordinary American cultural treasure in northeast Vermont
Mitchell, Mark D.

Cover image
Museum Catalog / Modern Art / Art - Single Artist

Staring Back

Twenty-first-century views on a Modernist icon
Blereau, Laura, Janie Cohen, and Beth Gersh-Ne i

Cover image
Restoration Techniques / Sustainability & Green Design / Sustainable Living


The story of transforming a worn-down Gilded Age relic into a sustainable and handsome family home
Clement, Peter W.

Cover image
Modern Architecture to 1945 / Jewish Studies / Modern Art

Style and Seduction

Explores the central role of Jewish patrons as shapers of Viennese modernism
Shapira, Elana

Cover image
Architecture / New England History

Summer by the Seaside

A sweeping, richly illustrated architectural study of the large, historic New England coastal resort hotels
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

Cover image
Theater & Performing Arts / Design / Opera

Svoboda: Wagner

Burian, Jarka

Cover image
Sculpture / Art - Performance

Ten Huts

Site-specific art installations create structures and performance spaces from cast-off objects
Sigman, Jill. Foreword by Pamela Tatge

Cover image
Theater & Performing Arts / Art Criticism & Theory

This Body Is in Danger!

New media technologies and their relationship with the body
Stojni , Aneta

Cover image
Contemporary Art / Individual Artists / Sculpture

Thomas Hirschhorn

The first study in English on the work and theory of a major installation artist
Braun, Christina

Cover image
Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Three Studies
Trans. from the Italian

A new English version of the third edition (1963) of Longhi's seminal work on the Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca.
Longhi, Roberto

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Digital Media / Computers - Social Aspect

Time and the Digital

An original consideration of the temporal in digital art and aesthetics
Barker, Timothy Scott

Cover image
Art / Philosophy

Toward Wholeness

A fascinating study about a uniquely artistic individual.
Richards, Mary Caroline

Cover image
Nature - Regional / Regional Photography / New England Travel

The Traprock Landscapes of New England

Lavishly illustrated natural history of the distinctive lava highlands in the Connecticut Valley

LeTourneau, Peter M. and Robert Pagini

Cover image
Media Studies / Film & Video History & Criticism / Art Criticism & Theory / Criticism

Travels in Intermediality

The cooperation and collaboration between media, art forms, and cultural studies
Herzogenrath, Bernd, ed.

Cover image
Dance / Dance Notation / Individual Artists

Trisha Brown

First in-depth study of the ground-breaking work of artist/choreographer Trisha Brown
Rosenberg, Susan

Cover image
Regional Photography / New England History

Uncle John

Evocative black-and-white photographs of a lifelong Connecticut farmer who adhered to traditions even as the world changed around him
Sheron, Georgia

Cover image
Regional Photography / 9/11, Western Pennsylvania

An Uncommon Field

A book of prose and photography of the 9/11 temporary memorial created in Shanksville, PA, crash site of United Airlines Flight 93.
Snodgrass, Richard

Cover image
Photography / Regional Photography

Under the Dark Sky

Photographs tell the story of contemporary rural life in eastern Connecticut and southern Massachusetts
Smith, Steven G., Foreword by Steve Grant

Cover image
Nature / Photography

Untamed Vermont

A fresh and innovative look at the remote and remarkable wild areas in one tiny New England state.
Gardner, A. Blake

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Art History / Aesthetics / Visual Culture

A Violent Embrace

An urgent defense of aesthetics and the power of art
hoogland, renée c.

Cover image
Art / Poetry / Literary Criticism - American

The Visionary Gleam

Well known as a painter, there is no American painter who is as good a poet and no American poet who is as good a painter as Elise Asher.
Asher, Elise

Cover image
Art History / Film, TV, Visual Culture / Cultural Studies

Visual Culture

Fifteen key art historians and cultural critics redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on visual culture—a history of representation seen as something different from a history of art.
Bryson, Norman, Michael Ann Holly, and Keith Moxey, eds.

Cover image
Medieval Art

The Voice of the Åland Churches

Fills in many details about the art and architecture of the medieval Åland churches
Ringbom, Åsa

Cover image
Art / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Textiles

Wearing Wealth and Styling Identity

Discover the cultural iconography of these extraordinary textiles and how tapis garments exemplify the social station and clan identity of the women of South Sumatra
Totton, Mary-Louise

Cover image
Museum Studies / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Weavings of War

Catalog for the 2005-2007 national traveling exhibit, Weavings of War: Fabrics of Memory
Cooke, Ariel Zeltin and Marsha MacDowell

Cover image
Art History / American Art

The Weir Family, 1820–1920

The first major study to examine the artistic output of Robert Walter Weir and his two sons, John Ferguson Weir and Julian Alden Weir
Wardle, Marian, ed.

Cover image

Wild Acadia

An inspiring photographic journey to New England’s oldest and most visited national park
Monkman, Jerry and Marcy, Images; Text by Jerry Monkman

Cover image
Theater & Performing Arts / Art

William the Wonder Kid

Silk, Dennis

Cover image
Decorative Arts & Material Culture / New England History / Regional Architecture

Windows on the Past
Centennial Edition

Nylander, Jane C., Diane L. Viera

Cover image
Graphic Arts / Illustration

Winter Carnival

A celebration of posters from Dartmouth’s famed Winter Carnival
Satterfield, Jay, ed.

Cover image
New England History / Museum Studies

With Éclat

A detailed history of the Boston Athenæum’s historic role in the founding of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hirayama, Hina

Cover image
American Art / Women's Studies

With Needle and Brush

First book to explore schoolgirl needlework of the Connecticut River Valley
Huber, Carol and Stephen, Susan P. Schoelwer, and Amy Kurtz Lansing

Cover image
American Art / Collection Catalog

Women Artists @ New Britain Museum

A thematic investigation of the history and concerns of modern and contemporary American women artists
Buckberrough, Sherry and Nancy Noble

Cover image
Asian Art

The Women of Shin Hanga

Tradition confronts modernity in early-twentieth-century Japanese woodblock print depictions of women
Hockley, Allen, editor

Cover image
Social History / Women's History / Historical Photography

Women's Views

Lavishly illustrated study of historical narrative stereography and the story it tells about women and gender roles
Davis, Melody

Cover image
American Art / Sculpture

The Work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
New edition.

Updated catalogue raisonné of one of the most important figures in American sculpture.
Dryfhout, John H.

Cover image
Architecture - History / Railroad Transportation History / Historic Preservation

The World the Trains Made

A richly illustrated guide to railroad architecture, in all its surprising variety
Dilts, James D.

Cover image
Music / Literary Criticism / Art


One of a series of experimental texts in which Cage tries “to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them,” he attempts in X to create looser structures in both life and art, to free “my writing from my intentions.”
Cage, John

Cover image
Music / Essays / Art

A Year from Monday

Includes lectures, essays, diaries and other writings, including "How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)" and "Juilliard Lecture."
Cage, John

Cover image
Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - American / Art History

Your Body Figured

In Your Body Figured, Douglas A. Martin presents the reader with three prose pieces, each focused on an artist: the painter Balthus, the poet Hart Crane, and finally the Irish painter Francis Bacon as seen through his relationship with model and muse, George Dyer
Martin, Douglas A.

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