Mideast & Asian Studies
(by title)

Music / Arab Studies

The Arab Avant-Garde

The first in-depth study of diverse and radical innovation in Arab music
Burkhalter, Thomas, Kay Dickinson, and Benjamin J. Harbert, eds.

Asian-American Studies / New England / Social Science

Asian Americans in New England

The first interdisciplinary contribution to studies about Asian Americans in New England
Chiu, Monica, ed.

Dance / Asian Studies

At Home in the World

The compelling story of a beautiful and versatile South Indian dance form
O'Shea, Janet

Poetry / History of Israel & Palestine


Back, Rachel Tzvia

Biography / Dance / Asian Studies


An intimate portrait of one of the great performing artists of the twentieth century
Knight, Douglas M., Jr.

Jewish Studies / Jewish History / History of Israel & Palestine

Becoming Israeli

A fresh and lively assessment of the pleasures and hardships of daily life in Israel during the 1950s
Helman, Anat

History of Israel & Palestine

The Best School in Jerusalem

Recounts the remarkable tenure of Annie Landau as principal of the Evelina de Rothschild School in Jerusalem
Schor, Laura S.

History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

Between Jew and Arab

An exploration of the fascinating Jewish thinker Simon Rawidowicz and his provocative views on Arab refugees and the fate of Israel
Myers, David N.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Literary Criticism

The Boom in Contemporary Israeli Fiction

Five essays explore facets of what Mintz calls the complexity of cultural reverberations in Israeli fiction of the past two decades.
Mintz, Alan, ed.

Poetry / Indian sub-continent

The Cat Under the Stairs

A collection of poems by Sarat Kumar Mukhopadhyay, translated from the original Bengali with Robert McNamara.
Mukhopdahyay, Sarat Kumar, Robert McNamara, tr.

Jewish Studies / Biography / History of Israel & Palestine

Chaim Weizmann

Reinharz, Jehuda

Jewish Studies / Biography / History of Israel & Palestine

Chaim Weizmann

Reinharz, Jehuda

Dance / Asian-American Studies

Choreographing Asian America

A critical study of Asian American performance and creative process
Wong, Yutian

Poetry / Literature & Language - Chinese

The Clouds Float North
Bilingual Chinese-English ed.

Yu Xuanji. David Young and Jiann I. Lin, trans.

Poetry / Asian-American Studies

Crazy Melon and Chinese Apple

Two previously unpublished collections by an important Chinese American poet depict daily life inside New York's Chinatown and across the Chinese diaspora during the 1960s and 70s
Chung, Frances. comp. and afterword by Walter Lew

Memoir / World War II / Japan

Dear Gloria

Dear Gloria is the diary of Japanese teenager Toneko Kimura, who grew up in America and returned to Japan during World War II.
Hirai, Toneko Kimura and Taro Kimura. Edited by Gregg Ramshaw

Poetry / Literary Criticism - Arabic

Desert Tracings
Trans. from the Arabic

A skillful translation of six classical odes of pre-Islamic Arabia.
Sells, Michael A., trans. and introd.

Poetry / Literary Criticism - American / Asian-American Studies


The 10th anniversary edition of this classic of Asian America and experimental poetry features a Preface by Juliana Spahr and an Afterword by Stephen Hong Sohn.
Kim, Myung Mi

Poetry / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

The Early Books of Yehuda Amichai

The Early Books of Yehuda Amichai collects for the first time in a single volume the three works -- Songs of Jerusalem and Myself, Poems and Time -- that established Amichai as Israel's greatest contemporary poet and one of the major poets of our time.
Amichai, Yehuda

Chinese History / Chinese Philosophy / Asian Studies / Chinese Classical Period

The Emergence of China

A survey of classical Chinese history and thought
Brooks, E. Bruce and Brooks, A. Taeko

Literary Criticism / Asian Studies

Encounters with Chinese Writers

Bizarre encounters between Chinese and American writers
Dillard, Annie

Jewish Fiction / Israel


A classic of modern Israeli literature in English for the first time.
Be’er, Haim

Asian Studies

Gandhi in India

The life and times of Mahatma Gandhi from 1920 to 1948, told through a selection of his autobiographical writings.
Gandhi, Mahatma. Martin Green, ed.

Poetry / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

Great Tranquillity
Trans. from the Hebrew

Amichai, Yehuda. Glenda Abramson and Tudor Parfitt, trans.

Boston / Urban Studies / Asian Studies

The Hub

"In The Hub, [O'Connor] synthesizes standard references on the city's development, from its 1630 founding through the 1960s desegregation battles and today's redevelopment." Publishers Weekly
O'Connor, Thomas H.

World History / History of Israel & Palestine


A history of Israel in the context of the modern Jewish experience and the history of the Middle East
Shapira, Anita

History of Israel & Palestine / Middle East Studies

Israel in the Middle East
2nd ed.

An anthology of the most important documents on the domestic and foreign policy of the modern state of Israel, in relation to the rest of the Middle East
Rabinovich, Itamar and Reinharz, Jehuda, eds.

History of Israel & Palestine / Sociology of Religion / Demography

Israeli Society in the Twenty-First Century

A data-based analysis of social life and social problems in contemporary Israel that draws a vivid portrait of a dynamic and rapidly changing society
Goldscheider, Calvin

History of Israel & Palestine / Women's Studies

Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel

A critical look at the history and culture of women of the Yishuv and a call for a new national discourse
Kark, Ruth, Shilo, Margalit; Hasan-Rokem, Galit;
Reinharz, Shulamit fwd.

Sociology / Israeli Studies

Jews in Israel

Offers a complete sociological perspective of Jews and Jewish life in Israel from 1948 to the present.
Rebhun, Uzi and Waxman, Chaim I., eds

Dance / Cultural Studies / Asian Studies

Kazuo Ohno's World

Photographs and words illuminate Butoh dance.
Ohno, Kazuo; Ohno, Yoshito; Barrett, John , trans.; Mizohata, Toshio, pref.

History of Israel & Palestine

Land and Desire in Early Zionism

A provocative look at the centrality of desire for “the Land” among early settlers in pre-state Israel
Neumann, Boaz

Poetry / Asian Studies

Laughing Lost in the Mountains
Trans. from the Chinese

Fine contemporary translations of one of the great poets of the T'ang dynasty.
Wang Wei. Tony Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, and Xu Haixin, trans.; Willis Barnstone and Tony Barnstone, critical introd.

Music / Asian-American Studies

Locating East Asia in Western Art Music

How does a piece of music embody the sound of a different culture?
Everett, Yayoi Uno and Frederick Lau, eds.

Poetry / History of Israel & Palestine

Love & Selected Poems

Aharon Shabtai, now in his late fifties, is the most important Israeli poet of his generation. This is his first book to be published in English.
Shabtai, Aharon. trans. from the Hebrew by Peter Cole.

Ceramics / CHINA TRADE

Made in China

Fuchs, Ronald W. , II in collaboration with David S. Howard

History of Israel & Palestine / Women's Studies

Marriage and Divorce in the Jewish State

A comprehensive look at how rabbinical courts control Israeli marriage and divorce
Weiss, Susan M. and Netty C. Gross-Horowitz

Art / Asian Studies


A fascinating study of some of the most remarkable of all albums ever created
Wright, Elaine

History of Israel & Palestine / Middle East Studies

Palestine between Politics and Terror, 1945–1947

A fascinating look at the end of British rule in Palestine, through the eyes of its final high commissioner
Golani, Motti

Asian Studies / Asia / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Parts of Asia

Innovative essays by contemporary scholars and writers addressing Portuguese-Asian connections in Goa, Macao, East Timor, and other “parts of Asia”
Bastos, Cristiana, ed.

Dance / Asian Studies

Perspectives on Korean Dance

The first comprehensive English language study of Korean dance.
Van Zile, Judy

History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

The Plough Woman

An updated reprint of the classic text on the pioneer women of pre-state Israel.
Raider, Mark A., and Miriam B. Raider-Roth, eds. and annot.

Poetry / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

Poems of Jerusalem and Love Poems
Bilingual Hebrew-English ed.

Amichai, Yehuda

Literary Criticism / History of Israel & Palestine

A Poetics of Trauma

Astute analysis of the work of a great Israeli poet through the lens of psychoanalysis, gender, nationalism, and trauma theory
Szobel, Ilana

Theater & Performing Arts / Asian Studies / Performance Studies

The Politics of Cultural Practice

Explores the social and political dynamics of emergent cultural practices in the intersections of contemporary theatre and the world.
Bharucha, Rustom

Fiction & Literature / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

The Pure Element of Time
Trans. from the Hebrew

A rich autobiographical novel of the sentimental education of one of modern Israel’s foremost literary talents
Be’er, Haim. Barbara Harshav, trans.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Literary Criticism

Reading Hebrew Literature

Six classic texts of modern Hebrew literature viewed from a variety of critical perspectives.
Mintz, Alan, ed.

Religion / Chinese History / History - 20th Century

Religion in China and Its Modern Fate

Katz, Paul R.

History of Israel & Palestine

The Rise of the Individual in 1950s Israel

A provocative history of Israeli society in the 1950s that demonstrates how a voluntarist collectivism gave way to an individualist ethos
Rozin, Orit

Poetry / Asian-American Studies


Tseng, Sandy

Music / Dance / Asian Studies

Sensational Knowledge
Includes DVD.

A compelling ethnography of traditional dance and bodily knowledge
Hahn, Tomie

Poetry / Japanese-American Culture

Shadow Mountain

Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Claire

Fiction & Literature / Israeli Studies / Jewish Studies

Small Change
Trans. from the Hebrew

A haunting and impressionistic short story cycle from contemporary Israel.
Hendel, Yehudit. Dalya Bilu, Barbara Harshav, and Marsha Pomerantz, trans.

Film, TV, Visual Culture / Asian Studies

The South Korean Film Renaissance

How a homegrown cinema took on Hollywood and dazzled Cannes
Choi, Jinhee

Immigration / Asian-American Studies / New England

Southeast Asian Refugees and Immigrants in the Mill City

Original, interdisciplinary essays highlight the pain, struggles, and victories of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in a mid-sized New England city
Pho, Tuyet-Lan, Jeffrey N. Gerson, and Sylvia Cowan, eds.

Photography / Art / China

Stairway to Heaven

Contemporary Chinese photographers confront urban space in a changing China
Bessire, Mark H. C.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies

State of Israel, Diaspora, and Jewish Continuity

Philosophically rich and wide-ranging essays on Jewish history and culture.
Rawidowicz, Simon. Benjamin C. I. Ravid, ed.; Michael A. Meyer, fwd

Poetry / Asian Studies

Summers of Vietnam and Other Poems

Kinzie, Mary

Theater & Performing Arts / Asian Studies / Cultural Studies

Theatre and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary Singapore

Explores the vibrant relationships between theatre, cultural politics and social attitudes in a country whose history has many lessons for Western scholars.
Peterson, William

Poetry / Asian Studies

The Theory and Function of Mangoes

Winner of the Intro Prize
Kalamaras, George

World History / Indian sub-continent / Middle East

Three Ways to Be Alien

A study of individual trajectories in an early modern global context
Subrahmanyam, Sanjay

Poetry / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

Bilingual Hebrew-English ed.

Amichai, Yehuda. trans. from the Hebrew by Ruth Nevo

Poetry / Asian-American Studies


The long-awaited first collection of Lew’s poems and intermedia pieces.
Lew, Walter K.

Chinese History / Chinese Literature / Historiography / Chinese Classical Period

Warring States Papers v1 (2010)

Articles on major classical Chinese texts

Chinese History / Chinese Literature / Historiography / Chinese Classical Period

Warring States Papers v2 (2011)

Articles on major classical Chinese texts

World War II / Korean War / Military Biography

West Point ’41

The inspiring true story of the West Point class of ’41, which graduated into combat leadership in World War II and went on to shape policy in Korea, during the Cold War, and in Vietnam
Kazel-Wilcox, Anne and PJ Wilcox with Lt. Gen. Edward L. Rowny (Ret.)

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Women's Studies

What Makes Women Sick?

An eye-opening look at Israeli women's life expectancy and health.
Sered, Susan.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Biography

With My Own Eyes

A noted social historian views the first three quarters of the century through the lens of his own life.
Katz, Jacob. Ann Brenner and Ziporah Brody, trans.

History of Israel & Palestine / History - 20th Century / Jewish History

Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1929

Cohen, Hillel

History of Israel & Palestine

Young Tel Aviv

Fascinating revisionist history of Jewish life in Tel Aviv in the Mandate era
Helman, Anat

Poetry / Asian Studies

The Yüan Chen Variations

Prince, F. T.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Religion / Political Science & Government

Zionism and Religion

Scholars from Israel and the US examine from various perspectives the relationship between nationalism and religion.
Almog, Shmuel, Jehuda Reinharz and Anita Shapira, eds.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies

Zionism and the Creation of a New Society

Two experts trace the development of the Zionist idea from its earliest expressions up to the birth of the State of Israel.
Halpern, Ben, and Reinharz, Jehuda

Jewish Studies / History of Israel & Palestine

The Zionist Ideology

The definitive study of the origins and evolution of Jewish nationalist ideology.
Shimoni, Gideon

Jewish Literary Criticism / Jewish History / History of Israel & Palestine

The Zionist Paradox

A comprehensive reinterpretation of the development of Hebrew and Israeli literature against the backdrop of the Zionist ideal
Schwartz, Yigal

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