Biography & Memoir
(by title)


The Adventures of M. James

A rare and direct account of the Pacific War told through the eyes of a sensitive enlisted man-a pacifist
James, Michael

Literary Criticism - American / Cultural Studies / Biography / American Studies

After Franklin

An analysis of the foundations of autobiography in America
Arch, Stephen Carl


Albums of a Life

Kauffmann, Stanley


Another City upon a Hill

A searching portrait of a city battered by the collapse of the textile industry woven into a spirited coming of age story
Conforti, Joseph A.

Jewish Studies / Biography / Holocaust Studies

The Architect of Genocide

How Heinrich Himmler turned Hitler’s Nazi policy toward the Jews into horrific reality.
Breitman, Richard

Economics & Business / Memoir

The Art of the Turnaround

Practical advice (supported by extensive case studies) for fixing troubled arts organizations
Kaiser, Michael M.

Memoir / Jewish Studies / Holocaust Studies


"A taut, terse Holocaust narrative that is all the more powerful for its ironic reserve." -- Kirkus Reviews
Adelsberger, Lucie; Lipstadt, Deborah E., foreword.; Ray, Susan H., trans.

Memoir / British & European History / Women's Studies

Autobiography of a Generation
Trans. from the Italian

A rich interweaving of personal and historical accounts of a social movement that explores the way memory reconstructs our view of the past.
Passerini, Luisa. Lisa Erdberg, trans.; Joan Wallach Scott, fwd.

Opera / British & European History / Biography

The Autumn of Italian Opera

The first full-length study of the last great era of Italian opera
Mallach, Alan

Biography - Writers / Biography

Available Light

Braham, Jeanne

Memoir / Women's Studies / Humor

Babes in Boyland

A humorous and provocative account of being a female undergraduate at Dartmouth College in its turbulent first years of co-education
Barreca, Gina

Biography / Dance / Asian Studies


An intimate portrait of one of the great performing artists of the twentieth century
Knight, Douglas M., Jr.

Dance / Memoir / Gay Studies

Barton Mumaw, Dancer

An intimate portrait of American modern dance and gay life in the 1930s.
Sherman, Jane, and Barton Mumaw. David Gere, new fwd.

Biography / American History

Becoming Tom Thumb

The definitive biography of an iconic American entertainer
Lehman, Eric D.

Biography / Women's Studies / American History

Belle Moskowitz

Now available in a new edition, this well-crafted feminist biography restores to history the career of a pioneering activist who achieved unprecedented influence in American politics.
Perry, Elisabeth Israels

Jewish Studies / Biography / Jewish History

The Besht

Now available in English, a provocative new biography of the founder of Hasidism
Etkes, Immanuel

Biography / Political Science & Government

Best of Times, Worst of Times

A memoir by a prominent and highly respected historian and political commentator
Laqueur, Walter

Biography / Women's Studies / New England History / Portsmouth New Hampshire

Beyond the Garden Gate

The first new biography in twenty years of a beloved New England writer.
Mandel, Norma H.

Memoir / World War II / Art Criticism & Theory

Bird in Flight

In Bird in Flight: Memoir of a Survivor and Scholar, Professor of Art History Edith Balas recounts her life from Transylvania, to Auschwitz, to respected art historian.
Balas, Edith

Jewish Studies / Biography / Holocaust Studies

Breaking the Silence

A remarkable story of the German industrialist who first warned the West of Nazi plans for the mass murder of Jews
Laqueur, Walter and Breitman, Richard.

Biography / Poetry / Poetry Criticism

A Celebration for Stanley Kunitz On His Eightieth Birthday

Kunitz, Stanley

Jewish Studies / Biography / History of Israel & Palestine

Chaim Weizmann

Reinharz, Jehuda

Jewish Studies / Biography / History of Israel & Palestine

Chaim Weizmann

Reinharz, Jehuda

Memoir / Opera


A powerful pioneer in opera and music recounts her struggles and triumphs
Caldwell, Sarah with Rebecca Matlock

Biography / Intellectual History

Charles Eliot Norton

An impassioned reassessment of a major nineteenth-century public intellectual
Dowling, Linda

Biography / Poetry Criticism

Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff

A remarkable series of letters between Black Mountain poet Charles Olson and his most ardent reader.
Olson, Charles, and Frances Boldereff. Ralph Maud and Sharon Thesen, eds.


Claremont Boy

A memoir of a full life, told two or three pages at a time
Steinfield, Joseph D.


Cleveland Amory

The definitive biography of prominent social historian, television critic, and animal-rights activist Cleveland Amory
Greenwald, Marilyn

Memoir / African-American Studies

Come home Charley Patton

A moving and imaginative memoir documenting the Civil Rights Era, contemporary southern culture, and Lemon’s private and public art practice
Lemon, Ralph

Philosophy / Biography / Memoir / French Literature & Language

The Confessions and Correspondence, Including the Letters to Malesherbes
Trans. from the French

A new English translation, the first to be based on the definitive French Pléiade edition.
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Christopher Kelly, trans.; Christopher Kelly, Roger D. Masters, and Peter G. Stillman, eds.

Memoir / Prose

Confessions of Joan the Tall

Freedom and awakening of an adolescent, Bronx bred, Irish Catholic girl
Handler, Joan Cusack

Biography / Collected Letters

The Correspondence of Paul Celan and Ilana Shmueli

An extraordinary dialogue that illuminates the work of the greatest German-language poet since Rilke
Celan, Paul and Ilana Shmueli, Norman Manea, intr.

Biography / Connecticut / Politics

Crowbar Governor

First biography of one of Connecticut’s most colorful and notorious statesmen
Murphy, Kevin

Biography / Ballet

Dancing on Water

The pageantry and drama of a life in dance
Tchernichova, Elena with Joel Lobenthal with an Afterword by Joseph Brodsky

American History / Biography / Political Science & Government

Daniel Webster, “The Completest Man”

Shewmaker, Kenneth E., ed. Charles M. Wiltse, Editor-in-Chief. William H. Rehnquist, fwd.; Irving H. Bartlett, Maurice G. Baxter, Richard N. Current, and Howard Jones, essays

Jewish Studies / Biography

The Darker Side of Genius

Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism considered in the context of his time, place, and aspirations rather than in relation to his later appropriation by the Nazis.
Katz, Jacob.

Memoir / World War II / Japan

Dear Gloria

Dear Gloria is the diary of Japanese teenager Toneko Kimura, who grew up in America and returned to Japan during World War II.
Hirai, Toneko Kimura and Taro Kimura. Edited by Gregg Ramshaw

Literary Criticism - American / Memoir / Women's Studies

The Diary Of Alice James

The unknown sister of novelist Henry James, Jr. shows herself to be a formidable individual in her own right.
James, Alice; Edel, Leon, ed.; Simon, Linda, intro.

Memoir / Poetry / Criminal Justice

Disguised As A Poem

This honest, unbiased account of how one woman artist came to share purpose and inspiration with the prisoners at San Quentin demonstrates the power of human bonds and the power of poetry and other art forms as a means of self-expression and communication within and beyond locked cells.
Tannenbaum, Judith

Medicine & Public Health / Memoir

Double Vision

A mother’s extraordinary search for healing among the medical practices of East and West.
Todd, Alexandra Dundas

Biography / Women's Studies / History

Doves of War

This beautifully written biographical work depicts the lives of four extraordinary women to paint a vivid, dramatic, and poignant portrait of the ideologies, horrific realities, and long-lasting emotional costs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
Preston, Paul

Nature / Memoir / Connecticut

Dune Boy

Teale, Edwin Way

Memoir / New England

The Education Of A Yankee

The re-issue with a new introduction of Jud Hale’s captivating and moving memoir of his larger-than-life American family
Hale, Judson D.

Biography / Women's Studies

Eighty Years And More

Elizabeth Cady Stanton recalls the discontent that led her to launch the woman suffrage movement at Seneca Falls in 1848 and the frustration of having no voice in her own government after a half century of hard work.
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; DuBois, Ellen Carol, intro.; Gordon, Ann, afterward

Biography / Politics

Ella Grasso

Intimate portrait of Connecticut’s first female governor
Purmont, Jon E.

Literary Criticism - American / Poetry Criticism / Biography / New England

Emily Dickinson and Her Contemporaries

An interdisciplinary examination of the poet, her milieu, and the ways she and her contemporaries freed their work from cultural limitations.
Petrino, Elizabeth A.

Memoir / Sociology / Parenting / Family Studies

The Family Nobody Wanted
New edition.

The remarkable and inspiring true story of a couple who adopted twelve children, ten of them considered "unadoptable" because of mixed racial parentage.
Doss, Helen; Battenfeld, Mary, intro.

Civil War / Biography

Fanny & Joshua

The intimate history of Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his wife, Frances Caroline Adams
Smith, Diane Monroe

Memoir / Healthy Living / Personal Growth & Self-Esteem

A Fat Girl's Manifesto

Through humor, health, and one thin book, Daniel will leave you laughing and inspire you to trade in your scale for a healthy serving of happy
Daniel, Cyr V.

Medicine & Public Health / Memoir

A Feather in My Wig—Ovarian Cancer

The courageous story of one woman's successful battle against ovarian cancer.
Van Billiard, Barbara R. Theodore C. Barton, M.D., fwd.

Biography - Musicians & Composers / Memoir / Opera

55 Years In Five Acts

One of the world's greatest Wagnerian sopranos talks about an illustrious career that flourished for over five decades
Varnay, Astrid; Arthur, Donald


Finding Pete

A woman explores the mystery of her brother's death in Vietnam, where he was a civilian volunteer
Hunting, Jill

Self-Help/Motivational / Memoir / Children with Special Needs

From Blue Ribbons to Code Blue

Jennifer delivers her message of hope and determination for anyone who has lost strength and will, and reinforces those ideals for everyone.
Field, Jennifer Miller

Biography / Disability Studies

Gaby Brimmer

The remarkable autobiography of Mexican-Jewish disability rights activist and writer Gabriela Brimmer
Brimmer, Gaby and Elena Poniatowska

Art / Biography

Georgia O’Keeffe

A highly acclaimed biography of Georgia O'Keeffe that emphasizes her ongoing struggle for autonomy.
Robinson, Roxana

Biography / Jewish Studies

Germany’s Prophet

A provocative and disquieting portrait of Bible scholar and founder of modern German antisemitism Paul de Lagarde
Sieg, Ulrich

Biography / Biography / History / Women's Studies

“A Good Poor Man’s Wife”

The dramatic saga of a remarkable woman who was deeply involved in the political culture of her time.
Bushman, Claudia L.

Biography / New Hampshire / Colonial History / Portsmouth

Governor John Wentworth and the American Revolution

The story of the last royal governor of New Hampshire.
Wilderson, Paul W.

Biography / Women's Studies

Granny D’s American Century

The life of Doris Haddock, known to millions as “Granny D,” from her young adulthood in Boston during the Great Depression to her last decade as a galvanizing figure of populist politics
Haddock, Doris and Dennis Michael Burke

Memoir / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Opera

Hans Hotter
Trans. from the German

An expanded and updated translation of the memoirs of the great German bass-baritone
Hotter, Hans; Donald Arthur, trans. and ed.; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Zubin Mehta, fwds.

Memoir / Delaware / Maryland

Harbor of Refuge

Tales of a very green Coast Guardsman's lighthouse duty on a tower in Delaware Bay.
Jones, Stephen. Richard Brown, illus.

Biography / Science Fiction

H.G. Wells

A look inside one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.
Wagar, W. Warren

Law / Biography / Political Science & Government

Holmes and Frankfurter

The first publication of an extensive correspondence between two of the century's greatest American jurists.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, and Felix Frankfurter. Robert M. Mennel and Christine L. Compston, eds

Memoir / True Crime / Urban Studies / Police

Hot Shots and Heavy Hits

A riveting first-hand account of life as an undercover drug agent
Doyle, Paul E.

African-American Studies / Memoir

The Hottest Water in Chicago

An illuminating cultural journey through black and white America.
Pemberton, Gayle

Memoir / / Laos

I Little Slave

A memoir by Bounsang Khamkeo.
Khamkeo, Bounsang

Medicine & Public Health / Biography / Education History / College History

Improve, Perfect, & Perpetuate

Hayward, Oliver S., M.D., and Constance E. Putnam. C. Everett Koop, fwd. Philip Cash, introd.

Dance / Memoir

In Balanchine’s Company

Intimate recollections of a wondrous time and place.
Fisher, Barbara Milberg


Intermittent Bliss

A beloved essayist turns his thoughts and his pen to the timeless topic of relationships
Lange, Willem

Memoir / Interview

Interviews and Encounters

Romanian Sapphos
Cassian, Nina and Carmen Firan

Biography / Poetry Criticism / Literary Criticism - American

Interviews and Encounters with Stanley Kunitz

Kunitz, Stanley. Stanley Moss, ed.

Memoir / Hiking

It's Not About the Hike

A meditative journey through life while ingesting the beauty of the mountains
Sporborg, Nancy

Jewish Studies / Biography / Economics & Business / New York City

Jacob H. Schiff

The first full-scale biography of a major Jewish leader and financier.
Cohen, Naomi W.

Biography / Education History

John William Ward

The rise and fall of the man and the educational and democratic ideals he represented
Townsend, Kim

Biography - Musicians & Composers / Memoir / Opera

Jon Vickers

The first biography of a legendary tenor
Williams, Jeannie; Nilsson, Birgit, foreword

Dance / Biography

José Limón

A captivating illustrated autobiography of the early years of a major American choreographer.
Limón, José. Lynn Garafola, ed.; Deborah Jowitt, introd.; Carla Maxwell, fwd.; Norton Owen, afterwd.

Memoir / Politics

Journeys to War and Peace

A fascinating memoir by a key player in international affairs during the Carter, Reagan, and G. H. W. Bush administrations
Solarz, Stephen J., and Norman Ornstein, fwd.

Film, TV, Visual Culture / Biography

Kazan Revisited

Top critics and scholars reconsider the cinematic legacy of Elia Kazan
Dombrowski, Lisa, ed.

Memoir / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Opera / Women's Studies

La Nilsson
Trans. from the Swedish

The long-awaited English translation of the autobiography of opera legend Birgit Nilsson
Nilsson, Birgit and Popper, Doris Jung and Solti, Georg and Tuller, Peggy

American History / Biography

Lamy of Santa Fe

The extraordinary biography of a pioneer hero of the frontier Southwest.
Horgan, Paul

Memoir / Jewish Studies

Lavish Absence

An intimate portrait of one of France’s most important writers by his translator.
Waldrop, Rosmarie; Stamelman, Richard, foreword

Jewish Studies / Memoir / Women's Studies / Cold War Studies

Leaving Leningrad

A nostalgic and humorous memoir of life under communism and capitalism.
Shtern, Ludmila

Memoir / Prose

Letters from a Distant Shore

Fiala, Marie Lawson

Literary Criticism / Memoir / Cultural Studies

Letters from London

James, C. L. R.

Poetry / Essays / Biography

Like a Bird Flying Home

Keen observations on life and place from a poet and father
Clark, Walter

Biography / Literary Criticism - American / Women's Studies

Louisa May Alcott

Stern, Madeline B.

Biography / Literary Criticism - American / Women's Studies

Louisa May Alcott

First published in 1950, this biography of Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) remains the standard work on the beloved American writer.
Stern, Madeleine B.

Memoir / Politics

Making the News, Taking the News

Veteran reporter and Washington insider reflects on personal experiences and public events in the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s
Nessen, Ron

Biography / Women's Studies / Labor Studies

Making Time

This first biography of the nurturing mom made famous in the popular book and film Cheaper by the Dozen, who met the challenges of combining marriage and motherhood with a high-profile career.
Lancaster, Jane

Jewish Studies / Biography

Marie Syrkin

The life and times of Marie Syrkin, polemicist of pragmatic idealism
Kessner, Carole S.

Biography / Dance

Martha Hill and the Making of American Dance

A lively and intimate portrait of an unsung heroine in American dance
Soares, Janet Mansfield

Football / Sport Biography / Memoir

Meeting Tom Brady

King, Richard J.

Memoir / Philosophy

Trans. from the German

A fascinating memoir by a major philosopher of the 20th century
Jonas, Hans, Wiese, Christian, ed. & annot.; Winston, Krishna, trans.

American History / Political Science & Government / Biography / Law & Policy Studies

The Mind of the Founder

An authentic and responsible selection of Madison’s writings.
Madison, James. Marvin Meyers, ed.

Shakers / Biography / Women's Studies

Mother Ann Lee

Originally published in 1976 as Anne the Word, this is a popular biography of colorful and controversial Shaker founder Ann Lee
Campion, Nardi Reeder and June Sprigg, fwd.

Memoir / Prose

Motherhood Exaggerated

When eight-year-old Nadia cracks her jaw on a piece of Halloween candy unmasking a rare bone cancer, mother and daughter are launched on a revelatory journey of treatment, recovery and survival
Hannan, Judith, Alan M. Dershowitz, fwd. and Leonard Wexler, M.D., med. intr.


Music Hiding in the Air

A portrait of the artist and musician Rory McEwen, by his niece, the writer Christian McEwen.
McEwen, Christian

Memoir / Women's Studies

My Mother’s Funeral

Life in Colombia with an exceptional mother: uncanny and sad yet sharply alive with humor
Páramo, Adriana


N by E

A classic tale of seafaring, shipwreck, and survival, reprinted from Wesleyan University Press's 1978 facsimile of the original.
Kent, Rockwell. Edward Hoagland, fwd.

Books & Reading / Essays / Memoir

The Nearest Thing to Life

On the meaning of fiction
Wood, James

Biography / New England History / Women's Studies

A New England Girlhood

The engaging diary of a working girl in Victorian times.
Larcom, Lucy; Cott, Nancy F., foreword

New England History / New Hampshire / Biography

The New Hampshire Century

An illustrated account of 20th-century New Hampshire, told through the lives of those who made it.
Belman, Felice, and Mike Pride, eds.

Education / Memoir / Vermont

No Place But Here

A Christopher Award-winning story of Keizer's experiences teaching in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
Keizer, Garret


A Northern Christmas

How a father and son find the spirit of Christmas in the Alaskan wilderness.
Kent, Rockwell. Doug Capra, introd.

Biography / Poetry Criticism

The Notebooks of David Ignatow

Ignatow, David. Ralph J. Mills, Jr., ed. and introd.


Notes from Old Lyme

Williams, Sydney

Science-General / Intellectual History

Oliver Wendell Holmes in Paris

An innovative study that links the themes of Holmes’s best-known literary works to his medical training in nineteenth-century Paris.
Dowling, William C.

Memoir / African-American Studies / Vermont

On My Own (DVD)

At 102, Daisy Turner recalls her childhood in Vermont and stories of her parents told to her about life during the Civil War era
Turner, Daisy

Memoir / New Hampshire / New England

One Man’s Family

... an unconventional life in an unconventional place, but during a conventional time
Williams, Sydney M.

Biography / Art - Single Artist / Illustration / Women Artists

Orra White Hitchcock

This new book explores the life and work of the most prolific female scientific illustrator in America in the first half of the nineteenth century
Herbert, Robert L. and Daria D'Arienzo

Biography / Humor

Overweight Sensation

A groundbreaking biography of the song parodist and Jewish humorist
Cohen, Mark

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Harold D. Moser, assoc. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Harold D. Moser, assoc. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; David G. Allen, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse and Harold D. Moser, eds.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Harold D. Moser, ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Kenneth E. Shewmaker, ed.; Kenneth R. Stevens and Anita McGurn, asst. eds.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Wendy B. Tilghman, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse and Michael J. Birkner, eds.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Alan R. Berolzheimer, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Kenneth E. Shewmaker and Kenneth R. Stevens, eds.; Alan R. Berolzheimer, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Alan R. Berolzheimer, asst. ed.

American History / Reference & Bibliography / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

The culminating volume in a widely acclaimed 14-volume series.
Webster, Daniel. Alan R. Berolzheimer, ed.

Biography / Poetry Criticism

Paul Celan, Nelly Sachs

Here are the letters between Nelly Sachs (1891–1970), recipient of the 1966 Nobel Prize for Literature, and the great German-speaking poet Paul Celan (1920–1970). Their correspondence lasted from 1954 until Celan's death by suicide. Sachs died the day Celan was buried.
Celan, Paul, and Nelly Sachs. John Felstiner, intr.; Christopher Clark, trans.; Barbara Wiedemann, ed.

Women's Studies / American History / Biography / American History / Nautical

Petticoat Whalers

First US Edition -- The first comprehensive book on whaling wives at sea written for a general audience.
Druett, Joan. Ron Druett, original illus.

American Art / Biography / Women's Studies

Pictures of People

An intimate look at the breadth of Neel’s oeuvre
Allara, Pamela

Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Piero della Francesca

A major work by the most important Italian art historian of this century
Longhi, Roberto. David Tabbat, trans.; Keith Christiansen, introd.

Poetry Criticism / Gay Studies / Biography

Poet Be Like God

The first biography of poet Jack Spicer (1925-1965), a key figure in San Francisco’s gay cultural scene and in the development of American avant garde poetries.
Ellingham, Lewis, and Kevin Killian

Biography / Poetry Criticism / Women's Studies / Portsmouth New Hampshire

Poet on Demand

The first extensive literary biography of one of the most popular late 19th-century American women poets.
Vallier, Jane E.

Memoir / African-American Studies / Women's Studies

Primary Lessons

A rebellious young woman in the segregated South
White, Sarah Bracey

Jewish Studies

Prisoner of Hope

Israel's leading medical educator recounts his odyssey from tragedy to triumph.
Prywes, Moshe. As told to Haim Chertok. Elie Wiesel, fwd.

Biography / American History / SOCIAL HISTORY

Recollections Of The Early Republic

Colorful memoirs from a wide range of Americans just after the nation's birth.
Appleby, Joyce, ed.

Biography / American History / Women's Studies

The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley

A biography as distinctive as the celebrated woman scholar it depicts
Goodwin, Joan W.

Memoir / Poetry

The Republic of Burma Shave

A memoir by poet Richard Katrovas.
Katrovas, Richard

Philosophy / Biography / Memoir / French Literature & Language

The Reveries of the Solitary Walker, Botanical Writings, and Letter to Franquières
Trans. from the French

Rousseau’s major works, available for the first time in a uniform English edition, continue with translations of three works from his final decade
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Christopher Kelly, ed. Charles E. Butterworth, Alexandra Cook, and Terence E. Marshall, trans.

Memoir / Nature

The Road Washes Out in Spring

A beautifully written memoir of nature, community, and poetry
Wormser, Baron

Philosophy / Biography / Literary Criticism - French

Rousseau, Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues
Trans. from the French

Rousseau’s complete work, unified in English for the first time, premiers with an original translation of his Dialogues
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Judith R. Bush, Christopher Kelly, and Roger D. Masters, trans.

Memoir / Iraq War (2003-2011)

Saber’s Edge

A combat medic reconciles his roles as a soldier, healer, and man of faith in a time of war
Middleton, Thomas A.

Memoir / Sailing / Maritime

Sailing the Dream

Perham, Mike

Memoir / Arctic Studies


New edition. Vivid depictions of a now-vanished Greenland and its people.
Kent, Rockwell, and Scott Ferris, fwd.

Nature / Memoir / Cape Cod / New England

The Salt House

A woman writer's lyrical memoir of a summer with her artist husband in a remote Cape Cod dune shack
Huntington, Cynthia

Economics & Business / Biography / Jewish Studies / Business History

Samuel Bronfman

The irascible son of a Jewish pioneer from Czarist Russia whose business acumen built an international company renowned for the quality of its products.
Marrus, Michael R.

Biography / African-American Studies / Autobio /African American Hist

The Seeking

Now back in print, the groundbreaking memoir of one of the first black families in Vermont
Thomas, Will; Introduction by Dorothy Canfield Fisher; Edited, and with an Introduction and Afterword to the New Edition, by Mark J. Madigan and Dan Gediman

Nature / Memoir

Sick of Nature

Essays that trace the making of a reluctant nature writer.
Gessner, David

Women's Studies / New Hampshire

Sisters of Fortune

Uses more than 350 letters to reconstruct the lives of a trio of sister whose father, a U.S. Congressman from New Hampshire, left them in 1850 for the Gold Rush.
Heffernan, Nancy Coffey, and Ann Page Stecker

Essays / Biography


A collection of autobiographical essays
Rhett, Kathryn

Memoir / Immigration / Jewish History

The Strangers We Became

Shamash, Cynthia Kaplan

Jewish Studies / Biography / Ethnic Studies

Suddenly Jewish

Dramatic personal stories of the unexpected discovery of a Jewish heritage.
Kessel, Barbara

Poetry / Biography / Memoir

Things Come On

National and family disasters converge in this radically new kind of memoir
Harrington, Joseph

Memoir / Essays / Vermont

3:14 and Out

Now collected in one lively, entertaining volume, these commentaries are as delightful to read as they were to hear; readers can now experience Mares’ voice on the page instead of through their radios
Mares, Bill

Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Three Studies
Trans. from the Italian

A new English version of the third edition (1963) of Longhi's seminal work on the Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca.
Longhi, Roberto

Biography / Immigration

Through a Portagee Gate

An autobiography and biography that is a remarkably honest self-portrait and an endearing tribute to the author’s father, a Portuguese immigrant cobbler who came to America in 1915.
Felix, Charles Reis

Comparative Linguistics / Memoir / Cape Cod

To the Life of the Silver Harbor

The Cape as evoked and experienced by a legendary literary couple
Wilson, Reuel K.

Poetry / Memoir

Toward Babel

In a single, bilingual volume Shmueli’s poetry, prose, and an important early memoir
Shmueli, Ilana, and Susan Gillespie, trs.

Biography / Anthropology

Travelling Passions

The new biography of Iceland’s famed explorer and anthropologist.
Pálsson, Gísli

Biography / Politics

An Uncommon Man

The only biography of Claiborne Pell, the six-term senator from Rhode Island best known as the sponsor of the educational Pell Grants
Miller, G. Wayne

Memoir / Criminal Justice

Undoing Time

In their own words, a look inside the silent and hidden world of the men and women incarcerated in America's penitentiaries.
Evans, Jeff, ed.; Baca, Jimmy Santiago, foreword; Haney, Craig W., afterward


[1924] 75th anniv. ptg.

The 75th anniversary printing of the captivating story of Kent's journey to Tierra del Fuego.
Kent, Rockwell

Memoir / Pet Dogs / Maine

Waltzing with Bracey

A love letter to the glories of the Maine Coast and to the human/animal bonds that can so enrich a life
Gilchrist, Brenda

Memoir / Jewish Studies

Wedding Song

An unflinching personal story of family, religion, and community that shows the horror of growing up in the shadow of religious fundamentalism.
Goldin, Farideh

Memoir / Environmentalist & Naturalist Biography

Where Have All the Animals Gone?

Peterson, Dale

Essays / Memoir / Biography - Writers

Why I Don't Write Children's Literature

The beloved writer returns to entertain in a fresh collection of essays
Soto, Gary



A new paperback edition of Kent's first book, often referred to as "Alaska's Walden."
Kent, Rockwell. Doug Capra, fwd.

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Biography

With My Own Eyes

A noted social historian views the first three quarters of the century through the lens of his own life.
Katz, Jacob. Ann Brenner and Ziporah Brody, trans.

Memoir / Biography - Writers

With Robert Lowell and His Circle

A memoir of a famous poetry circle
Spivack, Kathleen

American History / Biography / Memoir / Political Science & Government

Witness to the Young Republic

One of the great diaries by a Washington insider personally acquainted with 12 presidents brings to life four tumultuous decades in the nation’s capital.
French, Benjamin Brown. Donald B. Cole and John J. McDonough, eds.

Women's Studies / Biography

The Woman's Bible

“Every once in a while as we turn the pages of [this] impressive book, there is the temptation to sigh and shout an enthusiastic ‘Amen!’” -- Oakland Press
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; Fitzgerald, Maureen, intro.

Memoir / Poetry / Maine

The Words I Chose

A memoir by Maine Poet Laureate Wesley McNair.
McNair, Wesley

Memoir / Self-Help/Motivational

World Enough & Time

Christian McEwen gives her readers beautiful insight of how slowness can open doors to sustained creativity
McEwen, Christian

Memoir / World War II

World War II Remembered

An exceptional human document of proud men and women who know what it meant to serve
Kendal at Hanover Residents Association

Memoir / Maine

Writing on Stone
Published in association with Island Institute, Rockland, Maine

A moving personal account of how the life of an island, past and present, shapes and transforms the unexpected loss of a son
Gillis, Christina Marsden, Ralston, Peter, photography

Memoir / Poetry

The Years of Smashing Bricks

A memoir by poet Richard Katrovas.
Katrovas, Richard

Jewish Studies / Biography / Literary Criticism

Yehuda Amichai

An astonishing revision of the prevailing critical analysis of the poetry of Yehuda Amichai, based on newly discovered materials
Gold, Nili Scharf

Biography / Music

Yip Harburg

A new interview-based biography of The Wizard of Oz lyricist

Alonso, Harriet Hyman

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