Creative Writing
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Creative Writing / Science Fiction / Writing Craft

About Writing

Essential reading for the creative writer.
Delany, Samuel R.

Creative Writing / Writing Craft

The Art of the Author Interview

A practical guide to one of the most rewarding forms of literary journalism.
Johnson, Sarah Anne

Poetry Anthologies / Literary Collections / Creative Writing

BAX 2015
BAX series

Abramson, Seth, editor. Also edited by Damiani, Jesse and Kearney, Douglas

Creative Writing / Writing Craft

The Book of Dialogue

This is a book about dialogue for writers: how to get characters talking in a way that vividly reveals who they are, what they are doing, and what’s coming next in your story.
Turco, Lewis

Creative Writing / Reference & Bibliography

The Book of Literary Terms

An expert's indispensable guide to English letters and the writing arts.
Turco, Lewis

Creative Writing / Language Style Manuals / Language Reference

Danger on the Page

How to master the specific, day-to-day challenges of fiction writing
Shawver, Brian

Creative Writing

The Language of Fiction

This is not your grandfather’s style guide
Shawver, Brian

Creative Writing / Writing Craft

Motivate Your Writing!

Energize and organize your writing life by tapping your fundamental motivators.
Kelner, Stephen P., Jr.

Teaching Arts & Humanities / Creative Writing / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Pocket Book of Prompts

Seligman, Leaf

Creative Writing / Higher Education / Language Study & Teaching

The Power of Writing

Why writing matters in higher education
Donahue, Christiane, and Kelly Blewett, editors

Teaching Arts & Humanities / Creative Writing / Language Study & Teaching


Collected teachings on prosody from the Pulitzer Prize-winning master
Justice, Donald

Creative Writing

A Reader’s Delight

One of America’s finest essayists writes about 40 literary masterpieces that have been wrongfully forgotten or were ignored in the first place.
Perrin, Noel

Creative Writing

A Summer Life

Richly poetic, Gary Soto’s “sudden fiction” entertains with tales of growing Chicano in California’s Central Valley
Soto, Gary

Creative Writing

Toxic Feedback

How writers can make the best of even the worst criticism
Cole, Joni B.

Teaching Arts & Humanities / Creative Writing / Language Study & Teaching

Workbook for Prosody by Donald Justice

Supplementary material and guiding exercises
Koehn, David and Alan Soldofsky

Creative Writing / Writing Craft

The Writing Habit

How turning writing into a habit is the best tool an author can possess.
Huddle, David

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