Dance, Theatre, Opera, and Performance
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Theater & Performing Arts / Theater Criticism

About the Theater

“Stanley Kauffmann is a national treasure.” – Susan Sontag
Kauffmann, Stanley and Gordon Rogoff, intro.

Theater & Performing Arts / Dance / Art / Performance Studies

Acting on the Past

Leading scholars redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on historical performance.
Franko, Mark and Annette Richards, eds.

Theater & Performing Arts

The Actor Within

Intimate portraits of some of the most beloved actors in America
Eichenbaum, Rose, and Aron Hirt-Manheimer, ed.

Dance / Music / Gender Studies / Latin American Studies

Angora Matta
Bilingual Spanish-English ed.

Operatic, ethnographic thriller tests the boundaries between art and scholarship.
Savigliano, Marta Elena

Dance / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Women's Studies

Antonia Mercé, “LaArgentina”

The first major study of the Spanish choreographer who invented the modernist Flamenco ballet form.
Bennahum, Ninotchka Devorah

Theater & Performing Arts / Dramaturgy

Arthur Giron's Edith Stein

A dramaturgical sourcebook of Arthur Giron's Edith Stein, edited by Donald Marinelli.
Marinelli, Donald

Dance / Asian Studies

At Home in the World

The compelling story of a beautiful and versatile South Indian dance form
O'Shea, Janet

Opera / British & European History / Biography

The Autumn of Italian Opera

The first full-length study of the last great era of Italian opera
Mallach, Alan

Biography / Dance / Asian Studies


An intimate portrait of one of the great performing artists of the twentieth century
Knight, Douglas M., Jr.

Dance / Memoir / Gay Studies

Barton Mumaw, Dancer

An intimate portrait of American modern dance and gay life in the 1930s.
Sherman, Jane, and Barton Mumaw. David Gere, new fwd.

Ecology & Environmental Studies / Dance / Health & Fitness / New Age

Body and Earth

An inspired synthesis of scientific detail and creative perception offers new insights into the relationship between body and earth.
Olsen, Andrea: Bill McKibben, fwd.

Health & Fitness / Dance / Bodywork


An innovative guide to anatomy that uses techniques from yoga and dance to increase awareness of the body.
Olsen, Andrea in collaboration with Caryn McHose

Dance / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Butting Out

First major study of two important contemporary female dancers.
Chatterjea, Ananya

Opera / Biography - Musicians & Composers

Can't Help Singing

The long-anticipated memoir of one of the greatest and most celebrated American singers of the twentieth century
Farrell, Eileen; Kellow, Brian

Dance / Cultural Studies

Carmen, a Gypsy Geography

Encounters with the Gypsy female flamenco dancer throughout history
Bennahum, Ninotchka Devorah

Memoir / Opera


A powerful pioneer in opera and music recounts her struggles and triumphs
Caldwell, Sarah with Rebecca Matlock


Choreographic Politics

The first in-depth analysis of state-sponsored, professional dance ensembles.
Shay, Anthony

Dance / Asian-American Studies

Choreographing Asian America

A critical study of Asian American performance and creative process
Wong, Yutian

Dance / Women's Studies / Cultural Studies

Choreographing Difference

Feminist theory illuminates the radical cultural work of contemporary dance.
Albright, Ann Cooper


Composers On Music

Sam Morgenstern's classic anthology, now thoroughly updated with new selections and commentary reflecting recent music scholarship
Fisk, Josiah, ed.; Nichols, Jeff, ed.


Converging Movements

A groundbreaking study of the 92nd Street Y and its major influence on 20th-century American culture.
Jackson, Naomi M

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies / Performance Studies

Critical Gestures

Collects the far-reaching and influential work of an eminent dance critic and scholar.
Daly, Ann

Dance / Political Science & Government

Dance for Export

A little-known episode in the history of dance that illuminates the broader subject of cultural policy during the Cold War era.
Prevots, Naima. Eric Foner, introd.

Dance / Photography

The Dancer Within

Intimate portraits of some of the most beloved dancers in America
Eichenbaum, Rose, Aron Hirt-Manheimer, ed.

Dance / Cultural Studies

Dances that Describe Themselves

An inquiry into improvisation as practiced by Richard Bull and his contemporaries.
Foster, Susan Leigh

Theater & Performing Arts

The Director Within

Intimate portraits of famous directors of stage and screen
Eichenbaum, Rose

Dance / Cultural Studies / American Studies

Done into Dance

The larger-than-life story of an American dance icon.
Daly, Ann

Dance / Performance

Engaging Bodies

Critical and performative writings from a well-known dance scholar
Albright, Ann Cooper


Excursion for Miracles

How extraordinary everyday relationships shape dance.
Franko, Mark

Biography - Musicians & Composers / Memoir / Opera

55 Years In Five Acts

One of the world's greatest Wagnerian sopranos talks about an illustrious career that flourished for over five decades
Varnay, Astrid; Arthur, Donald

Poetry / Literary Criticism - Spanish & Portuguese / Theater & Performing Arts

Four Puppet Plays

Lorca, Federico García. Edwin Honig, trans.

Dance / Cultural Studies / Sociology / American Studies

A Game for Dancers

The first in-depth study of the modern dance world of the 1940s and 1950s
Morris, Gay

Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies / Gay Studies

Geographies of Learning

Maps the divisions that stall the production of knowledge in theatre and performance studies, queer studies, and women's studies.
Dolan, Jill

Poetry / Theater & Performing Arts


The first dramatic adaptation of Gilgamesh
Komunyakaa, Yusef and Chad Garcia

Dance / Popular Culture

Glamour Addiction

Behind the scenes of DanceSport.
McMains, Juliet

Memoir / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Opera

Hans Hotter
Trans. from the German

An expanded and updated translation of the memoirs of the great German bass-baritone
Hotter, Hans; Donald Arthur, trans. and ed.; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Zubin Mehta, fwds.

Theater & Performing Arts

Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts

A dramaturgical sourcebook for Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts, edited by Donald Marinelli.
Marinelli, Donald


Hiking the Horizontal

Award-winning choreographer shares insights and methods for making real art in the real world
Lerman, Liz


Hiking the Horizontal

Award-winning choreographer shares insights and methods for making real art in the real world
Lerman, Liz


How To Do Things with Dance

How American modern dance contributed to aesthetic and social change in the 1950s
Kowal, Rebekah J.

Theater & Performing Arts

I Love You Terribly

A collection of six plays by Claudia Barnett.
Barnett, Claudia

Gay Studies / Cultural Studies / Theater & Performing Arts / Performance Studies

Impossible Dance

An ethnographic account of gay, lesbian and queer club culture in the 1990s New York City.
Buckland, Fiona

Dance / Memoir

In Balanchine’s Company

Intimate recollections of a wondrous time and place.
Fisher, Barbara Milberg

Theater & Performing Arts

Inside the Minstrel Mask

A sourcebook of contemporary and historical commentary on America's first popular mass entertainment.
Bean, Annemarie, James V. Hatch, and Brooks McNamara, eds. Mel Watkins, fwd.

Theater & Performing Arts

The Inspector General

A new adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's comedy, The Inspector General, by Michael M. Chemers for performers.
Chemers, Michael M.

Dance / Biography

José Limón

A captivating illustrated autobiography of the early years of a major American choreographer.
Limón, José. Lynn Garafola, ed.; Deborah Jowitt, introd.; Carla Maxwell, fwd.; Norton Owen, afterwd.

Dance / Cultural Studies / Asian Studies

Kazuo Ohno's World

Photographs and words illuminate Butoh dance.
Ohno, Kazuo; Ohno, Yoshito; Barrett, John , trans.; Mizohata, Toshio, pref.

Memoir / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Opera / Women's Studies

La Nilsson
Trans. from the Swedish

The long-awaited English translation of the autobiography of opera legend Birgit Nilsson
Nilsson, Birgit and Popper, Doris Jung and Solti, Georg and Tuller, Peggy


Legacies of Twentieth-Century Dance

Selected writings illuminate a century of international dance.
Garafola, Lynn

Poetry / Dance

A Lily Lilies

Landscape and kinetic expression meet in this collection of poetry, dance choreography, and photographs
Foo, Josey and Leah Stein

Dance / Modern Art / American Art / Kinesthetics

The Living Line

The role of body movement in the formation of American modernism
Veder, Robin

Biography - Musicians & Composers / Opera / Music

Lotfi Mansouri

A lively and engaging memoir of one of opera’s driving forces
Mansouri, Lotfi with Donald Arthur

Theater & Performing Arts


A new adaptation of Aristophanes' Lysistrata for performance and study by J. A. Ball and Michael Chemers.
Ball, J. A. and Michael M. Chemers

Biography / Dance

Martha Hill and the Making of American Dance

A lively and intimate portrait of an unsung heroine in American dance
Soares, Janet Mansfield


Mirrors and Scrims

How ballet repertory adapts, evolves, and reflects contemporary culture
Siegel, Marcia B.


The Modern Dance

Seven Statements of Belief: José Limón, Anna Sokolow, Erick Hawkins, Donald McKayle, Alwin Nikolais, Pauline Koner, Paul Taylor
Cohen, Selma Jeanne, ed. and intr. Erick Hawkins, Pauline Koner, José Limón, Donald McKayle, Alwin Nikolais, Anna Sokolow, and Paul Taylor, contribs.

Dance / Art History

Modern Gestures

Watercolors by a modernist master capture the beginnings of modern dance
Albright, Ann Cooper

Opera / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Music

Montserrat Caballe

The first full-length authorized biography of one of the twentieth century's greatest operatic sopranos
Pullen, Robert; Taylor, Stephen

Dance / Cultural Studies / American Studies

Movable Pillars

How six professional dance organizations transformed the landscape of modern dance scholarship
Kolcio, Katja


Moving History/Dancing Cultures

A comprehensive and multifaceted anthology of dance history -- ideal for the classroom.
Dils, Ann, and Ann Cooper Albright, eds.

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Performance Studies

Moving Toward Life

The collected writings of one of the most influential luminaries of American dance.
Halprin, Anna. Rachel Kaplan, ed.

Theater & Performing Arts

Musical Design in Aeschylean Theater

Essential for those who want to see ancient plays produced—either physically in the theater or imaginatively in their own minds.
Scott, William C.

Theater & Performing Arts / Music / Ancient History

Musical Design in Sophoclean Theater

A new way to interpret the musical design underlying the music and choreography of Sophoclean theater.
Scott, William C.


My Body, The Buddhist

A premiere choreographer's compelling argument for the agency of the body in creative processes.
Hay, Deborah. Susan Foster, introd.


Next Week, Swan Lake

An important book of essays on “dance and ideas about dance”
Cohen, Selma Jeanne

Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts / Dance / African-American Studies

Night's Dancer

The biography of the first African-American prima ballerina
Lewin, Yaël Tamar

Theater & Performing Arts

No Beauty for Me There Where Human Life is Rare

This book is the first collection of critical essays to appear about Needcompany, a prominent, Brussels-based international theater company.
Stalpaert, Christel; Le Roy, Frederik; Bousset, Sigrid, eds.

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Performance Studies

Of the Presence of the Body

Writing at the dynamic intersection of dance and performance studies.
Lepecki, André, ed.

Theater & Performing Arts / Dance / Performance Studies

On Edge
Rev. ed.

The state of performance art in the 80s and 90s, documented by the form’s leading critic.
Carr, C.

Theater & Performing Arts / Popular Culture / Musicals

Our Musicals, Ourselves

The first comprehensive social history of the American musical theater
Jones, John Bush

Theater & Performing Arts / Film, TV, Visual Culture

Performing Arts in the Austrian 18th Century

The contributors to this volume address theater’s role as the mirror of a perfect society and its strikingly international orientation in the Austrian 18th century.
Van Schoor, Jaak; Stalpaert, Christel; Van Oostveldt, Bram, eds.

Dance / Asian Studies

Perspectives on Korean Dance

The first comprehensive English language study of Korean dance.
Van Zile, Judy

Theater & Performing Arts / Film, TV, Visual Culture

Peter Greenaway's Prospero's Books

The critical essays collected in this volume reflect Greenaway’s relocation of The Tempest along the fundamentally unstable boundaries between different discursive formations.
Stalpaert, Christel, ed.

Dance / Somatics

The Place of Dance

An essential guide to embodied awareness
Olsen, Andrea with Caryn McHose

Theater & Performing Arts / Asian Studies / Performance Studies

The Politics of Cultural Practice

Explores the social and political dynamics of emergent cultural practices in the intersections of contemporary theatre and the world.
Bharucha, Rustom

Women's Studies / Theater & Performing Arts / Popular Culture

Posing a Threat

A lively look at the ways in which American women in the 1920s transformed their lives through performance and fashion.
Latham, Angela J.


Rethinking the Sylph

A revisionist look at romanticism in ballet.
Garafola, Lynn, ed.

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Performance Studies

The Returns of Alwin Nikolais

Long overdue reflections on a visionary choreographer
Gitelman, Claudia and Randy Martin, editors

Musicals / Theater & Performing Arts / American History

The Rise and Fall of the Broadway Musical

A highly original, incisive, and spirited examination of the rise, heyday, and decline of American musical theatre
Grant, Mark N.

Music / Dance / Asian Studies

Sensational Knowledge
Includes DVD.

A compelling ethnography of traditional dance and bodily knowledge
Hahn, Tomie

Theater & Performing Arts / Musicals

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and Musicals

An endlessly entertaining and informative look at how musicals have both reflected and adapted to America’s changing mores
Miller, Scott

Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies

Signs of Life

A stunning collection of Schenkar’s unsettling and unnervingly funny plays available for the first time.
Schenkar, Joan M. Vivian Patraka, ed. and introd.

Music / Opera

Singing Archaeology

Illuminates the aesthetics of a major American composer.
Richardson, John

Music / Ethnic Studies / Dance

Solkattu Manual
Includes links for online video.

The first hands-on introduction to South Indian spoken rhythm
Nelson, David P.

Theater & Performing Arts

Staging Whiteness

How whiteness is portrayed in contemporary drama and enacted in everyday life.
Brewer, Mary F.

Music / Theater & Performing Arts / Folklore / Performance Studies


How we find and make meaning through music and performance
Berger, Harris M.


Taken by Surprise

First comprehensive overview of improvisation in dance.
Albright, Ann Cooper, and David Gere, eds.


Terpsichore in Sneakers

A dance critic’s essays on post-modern dance.
Banes, Sally

Theater & Performing Arts

The Theater of the Bauhaus

Classic essays about theater design from Bauhaus masters
Gropius, Walter and Wensinger, Arthur S., eds.; Arthur S. Wensinger, trans.; Oskar Schlemmer, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Farkas Molnár, contribs.

Theater & Performing Arts / Asian Studies / Cultural Studies

Theatre and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary Singapore

Explores the vibrant relationships between theatre, cultural politics and social attitudes in a country whose history has many lessons for Western scholars.
Peterson, William

Theater & Performing Arts / Film, TV, Visual Culture

The Théâtre de la Monnaie and Theatre Life in the 18th-Century Austrian Netherlands

This book offers the first extensive study of the influence of the Brussels’ Monnaie Theatre on theatrical life in the Dutch speaking part of the Austrian Netherlands
Van Oostveldt, Bram, ed.


Through the Eyes of a Dancer

A compilation of the writings of dance critic and editor Wendy Perron, from the 1960s to the present.
Perron, Wendy

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies / Performance Studies

Traces of Light

The first major English-language study of a legendary dancer
Albright, Ann Cooper

Dance / Cultural Studies / Theater & Performing Arts / Performance Studies


Acclaimed choreographer explores the idea of intercultural performance.
Lemon, Ralph

Theater & Performing Arts / Art

William the Wonder Kid

Silk, Dennis

Dance / Cultural Studies / American Studies

The Work of Dance

Explores the complex relationship between dance, work and labor in the 1930s.
Franko, Mark

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts

Writing Dancing in the Age of Postmodernism

A leading critic traces three decades of contemporary dance from Balanchine to breakdancing
Banes, Sally

Dance / Philosophy / Essays

Writing in Motion

A treasure trove of writings by America’s only dancing philosopher.
King, Kenneth

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