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Landscape Architecture / Education

American Playgrounds

A compelling history, a manifesto, and a manual for change.
Solomon, Susan

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Art Study & Teaching / Higher Education / Literary Criticism - 19th Century

Art Schooled

One year in the life of the students, teachers, and artists at one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious art colleges
Witham, Larry

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Jewish Studies / Education History

The Benderly Boys and American Jewish Education

The first full-scale history of the creation, growth, and ultimate decline of the dominant twentieth-century model for American Jewish education
Krasner, Jonathan B.

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History of Israel & Palestine / Education History

The Best School in Jerusalem

Recounts the remarkable tenure of Annie Landau as principal of the Evelina de Rothschild School in Jerusalem
Schor, Laura S.

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Medicine & Public Health / Education

Continuing Medical Education

The only full-scale history of continuing medical education and its future
Wentz, Dennis K., ed.

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Education History

A Dartmouth Reader

A blend of “the light and the serious, the enlightening and the entertaining” that have formed part of the Dartmouth story since Eleazar Wheelock went into the wilderness.
Brown, Francis, ed.

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Education History / Music

Dartmouth Song Book

Zeller, Paul R.

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Women's Studies / Education History

Defining Women’s Scientific Enterprise

An important new look at how gender, religion, pedagogy, and geography help shape women’s scientific work.
Levin, Miriam R.

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Disrupt This!

Questioning the cult of the new in higher education
Head, Karen J.

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Religious Education / Jewish Studies / Comparative Education

Educating in the Divine Image

An incisive look at gender inequities in Jewish day school education
Gorsetman, Chaya Rosenfeld and Elana Maryles Sztokman

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Philosophy / Education

Trans. from the French. Includes Emile and Sophie, or the Solitaires

The definitive translation of Emile
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques; Christopher Kelly and Allan Bloom, trans.; Christopher Kelly, ed.

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Education / History

An Entrepreneurial University

A history of Tufts University and American higher education through the eyes of the longest serving provost in its history
Gittleman, Sol

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Medical Education / Discrimination & Race / Higher Education

Faculty of Color in the Health Professions

Based on personal stories, a critical assessment of the multiple challenges that confront minority faculty members in the health professions
Hassouneh, Dena

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Leadership Education / Speeches / Higher Education

Forever New

The collected speeches of Dartmouth’s sixteenth president
Wright, James

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Leadership Education

From Command to Community

Diverse essays create a new definition of leadership education based in colleges and universities
Longo, Nicholas V. and Cynthia M. Gibson, eds.

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Nature / Education

Hands-On Nature

"A gold mine of ideas for exploring nature with children, and “a must for those teaching natural science in any setting.”—Science and Children
Lingelbach, Jenepher, and Lisa Purcell, eds. Susan Sawyer, illus.

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Medical Education / Philosophy of Education

The Hidden Curriculum in Health Professional Education

The first full-length book to examine the history, theory, methodology and application of hidden curriculum theory to health professional education
Hafferty, Frederic W., and Joseph F. O'Donnell

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Education History

A History of The Eclectic Society of Phi Nu Theta, 1837–1970

The history of a unique New England fraternity
Moody, William B. B.

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Medicine & Public Health / Biography / Education History / College History

Improve, Perfect, & Perpetuate

This is the first full-scale biography of Nathan Smith -- medical pioneer, founder of Dartmouth Medical School and cofounder of three other medical schools (Yale, Vermont, and Bowdoin), and progenitor of a long line of physicians.
Hayward, Oliver S., M.D., and Constance E. Putnam. C. Everett Koop, fwd. Philip Cash, introd.

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Contemporary Art / Arts in Education / Museum Catalog

In Residence

A retrospective of Dartmouth’s celebrated Artist-in-Residence Program
Taylor, Michael R. and Gerald Auten editors

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Education / Carnegie Mellon University

The Innovative University

A collection of essays about Carnegie Mellon University.
Resnick, Daniel and Dana Scott, eds.

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Sports & Recreation Essays / Higher Education

Ivy League Athletes

Ten profiles that show what sets Ivy League student athletes apart

Maiorana, Sal with a Foreword by Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Jewish Studies / Education History

Jews at Williams

A study of anti-Semitism, assimilation, and class—the forces that governed Jewish participation in elite higher education for the first two-thirds of the twentieth century
Wurgaft, Benjamin Aldes

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Biography / Education History

John William Ward

The rise and fall of the man and the educational and democratic ideals he represented
Townsend, Kim

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Education / Jewish Studies

Learning and Community

Rich ethnographies of Jewish supplementary schools drawn from every region in the U.S.
Wertheimer, Jack

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Biography / Education History / Disability Studies

The Life and Times of T. H. Gallaudet

A look into the complex life of an icon of deaf education
Sayers, Edna Edith

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Education / History / Carnegie Mellon University

The Maggie Murphs 1906-73

A history of the Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, now part of Carnegie Mellon University, by Edwin Fenton.
Fenten, Edwin

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Criminal Justice / True Crime / Education History

Murder at Mount Hermon

This suspenseful account solves a longtime New England murder mystery: the shotgun killing of Elliott Speer, the charismatic young headmaster of the Mount Hermon School for Boys in Northfield, Massachusetts.
Walley, Craig

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Jewish Studies / Leadership Education

The New Jewish Leaders

A riveting study of a generational transition with major implications for American Jewish life
Wertheimer, Jack, ed.

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Education / Memoir

No Place But Here

A Christopher Award-winning story of Keizer's experiences teaching in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
Keizer, Garret

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LGBT Studies / Education History / Education - Policy & Reform

No Sanctuary

The struggle to protect LGBT youth in school
Lane, Stephen

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Music / Education

On Playing the Flute
2nd edition.

Originally published in 1752, this is a new paperback edition of the classic treatise on 18th-century musical thought, performance practice, and style
Quantz, Johann Joachim; Reilly, Edward R.

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Sociology / Criminology / Students & Student Life

Party School

Examines the culture of the “party school” and the criminal behaviors that result from it
Weiss, Karen G.

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Teaching Arts & Humanities / Creative Writing / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Pocket Book of Prompts

A pocketful of opportunities to jumpstart the writing process, make meaning, and reflect in fun and imaginative ways
Seligman, Leaf

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Creative Writing / Higher Education / Language Study & Teaching

The Power of Writing

Why writing matters in higher education
Donahue, Christiane, and Kelly Blewett, editors

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Historic Preservation / Architecture - Study & Teaching / Teaching Methods & Materials

Preservation Education

Examining pedagogical issues in historic preservation education
Stiefel, Barry L. and Jeremy C. Wells (EDs)

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Driver Education / Automotive Transportation

The Proactive Driver

Taking defensive driving to the next level in the hope of saving lives
Botzow, Hermann S., Jr.

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Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / Education History

Professional Learning in Education

On teacher educators’ professionalism and (student) teachers’ practices and professional development
De Wever, Bram

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Sports & Recreation / Education / Ecology & Environmental Studies


A guide to creating treasure hunts that teach and share the special places in your community
Clark, Delia; Glazer, Steven

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Physical Education / Child Developmental / Children's Health

The Science of Play

Links ways children thrive to the design of playgrounds
Solomon, Susan G.

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Education / Nature

Small Wonders

A fresh and practical guide to exploring the environment with young children, from the creators of Hands-on Nature
Garrett, Linda and Hannah Thomas

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Education / Travel & Tourism

The Story of Elderhostel

A firsthand account of the Elderhostel movement, capturing both the flavor and the experience and enthusiasm of the participants.
Mills, Eugene S. Rosalynn Carter, fwd.

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Education / Essays

The Three-Legged Woman and Other Excursions in Teaching

The personal reflections and insights of one professor and writer on the experience of teaching at the “poorest college in America”
Klose, Robert

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Education History / College History

Welcome to Wesleyan

A photograph book of the Wesleyan campus, with historical notes
Starr, Leslie

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Education History / College History

Wesleyan University, 1831–1910

A lively narrative connecting Wesleyan University’s early history to economic, religious, urban, and educational developments in 19th-century America.
Potts, David B.

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Education History / Higher Education

Wesleyan University, 1910–1970

A lively and probing analysis of the development of twentieth-century liberal education
Potts, David B.

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Education / Women's Studies

Deluxe slipcased edition has same ISBN.

A century of girls’ education in the history of an extraordinary school
Lisle, Laurie

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Education / College Guides

What Are the Arts and Sciences?

An invaluable introduction to the arts and sciences for students, parents, and anyone curious about the nature of a liberal education
Rockmore, Dan, ed.

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Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Education History

The Women Who Reconstructed American Jewish Education, 1910-1965

The first volume to examine the contributions of women who brought the forces of American progressivism and Jewish nationalism to formal and informal Jewish education
Ingall, Carol K., ed.

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