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Fiction & Literature / Fiction/General


There has never been a novel like this, a love story set in the subterranean world of modern folk music.
Alarik, Scott

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / Portsmouth

The Story of a Bad Boy

The timeless boyhood adventures of a mischievous lad in 19th-century New England, in a new edition for today's readers.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. A. B. Frost, illus.; David Watters, introd.

Poetry / Literary Collections - American / Fiction & Literature

The Four Way Reader #2

Arnett, Carlen , Jane Brox, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Martha Rhodes, editors

Fiction & Literature / Middle East

On Freedom Street

A novel by Yesho Atil.
Atil, Yesho

Fiction & Literature

Land of Milk and Money

A Portuguese immigrant family falls apart when the matriarch’s death leaves their dairy-farm legacy up for grabs
Barcellos, Anthony

Fiction & Literature / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies

The Pure Element of Time
Trans. from the Hebrew

A rich autobiographical novel of the sentimental education of one of modern Israel’s foremost literary talents
Be’er, Haim. Barbara Harshav, trans.

Fiction & Literature / Massachusetts / New England / Art

The Adventures of Allegra Fullerton

A picaresque novel of the remarkable life of a liberated 19th-century woman.
Begiebing, Robert J.

Fiction & Literature

The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin

Begiebing, Robert J.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Rebecca Wentworth’s Distraction

A novel of art and obsession in eighteenth-century New England.
Begiebing, Robert J.

Fiction & Literature / Vermont / New England

Water Witches

An engaging novel of human dilemmas that find unusual solutions.
Bohjalian, Chris

Fiction & Literature

Century of Clouds

Boone, Bruce

Fiction & Literature / Mystery / Hardboiled

The Magician's Wife

A novel by James M. Cain.
Cain, James M.

Fiction & Literature

The Quilt & Other Stories

Chughtai, Ismat. Anita Desai, pref.; Tahira Naqvi and Syeda S. Hameed, trans.

Fiction & Literature

Clay Center

The debut novel by Phil Condon.
Condon, Phil

Fiction & Literature

Bad Lie

Pro golfer Jack Austin returns in a mystery that hits close to home.
Corrigan, John R.

Fiction & Literature

Out of Bounds

Jack Austin investigates the possible use of steroids in professional golf
Corrigan, John R.

Fiction & Literature / Fabulist Fiction


This novel tells of a young man’s attraction and ultimate addiction to skunk musk, and the social difficulties he encounters as a result.
Courter, Justin

Fiction & Literature

The Only Happy Ending for a Love Story Is an Accident

J. P. Cuenca is a surprising transnational voice in Brazilian literature whose central theme of cultural otherness urges his audience to rethink globalization in more carefully defined, more humanistic terms
Cuenca, J. P.

Fiction & Literature

What the Shadow Told Me

A novel by Kurtis Davidson.
Davidson, Kurtis

Fiction & Literature / Gay Studies


A race for the stolen phallus of a nameless god
Delany, Samuel R., edited by Robert F. Reid-Pharr

Fiction & Literature


A riveting autobiographical novel about Tony Alfama's boyhood adventures growing up in the industrial city of Gaw (New Bedford)
Felix, Charles Reis

Fiction & Literature / Mass Fiction /Political Fictio

Da Gama, Cary Grant, and the Election of 1934

A comedic portrait of Portuguese American life during the Great Depression
Felix, Charles Reis and George Monteiro, prf.

Fiction & Literature

The Lucifer Cypher

A harrowing novel of power and suspense from one of the eminent voices of American historical fiction
Fender, J. E.

Fiction & Literature / Vermont / New England

Understood Betsy

A well-loved classic is once again available
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Fiction & Literature / Short Stories - Single Author

Winning the Game and Other Stories
Trans. from the Portuguese

With an unflinching, unsentimental eye and a soupçon of black humor, Fonseca chronicles the foibles, manias, and obsessions of the people of Brazil’s metropolises
Fonseca, Rubem, trans. Clifford E. Landers

Fiction & Literature / Science Fiction

The Time Ship

Globe-trotting scientists pursue immortality and love in the world’s first time machine
Gaspar, Enrique, Yolanda Molina-Galiván and Andrea L. Bell, intro. & trs.

Fiction & Literature / Cape Cod / New England / Portuguese Literature

Leaving Pico

Set in the vibrant Portuguese community of Cape Cod, a compelling story of a young man’s coming-of-age
Gaspar, Frank X.

British & European History / Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - French

The Life of a Simple Man
Trans. from the French

A classic in France, this moving first-person story can be read as a fictional account, as well as the best kind of material for historians of 19th-century French peasant life.
Guillaumin, Emile. Eugen Weber, ed. and introd.; Margaret Crosland, rev. trans.

Fiction & Literature / Mystery / Hardboiled

You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up

A hard-boiled fiction novel by Richard Hallas.
Hallas, Richard

Fiction & Literature / Maine / New England

Exile in the Kingdom

A haunting novel of alienation and youth in a culture bred on casual violence.
Harnum, Robert

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

The Dogs of March

The first novel in Hebert’s acclaimed Darby Chronicles
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Howard Elman's Farewell

Suppose all a man has left is his imagination. Then what?
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

A Little More Than Kin

Ollie Jordan: “Everybody’s got an idiot chained to him, only difference is, mine’s here to see”
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Live Free or Die

Long drop, no net, when the trash man’s son and the squire’s daughter fall in love
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies / New England

The Old American

A long-awaited new novel set in the period of the French and Indian Wars brings a new dimension to the region’s history
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

The Passion of Estelle Jordan

Maybe the way to save yourself is to save someone else
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature


Ernest Hebert returns to Darby for a new novel in his “splendidly imagined cycle” (New York Times Book Review).
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Whisper My Name

The stakes are high when a company proposes to build a regional shopping mall in Darby
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / Israeli Studies / Jewish Studies

Small Change
Trans. from the Hebrew

A haunting and impressionistic short story cycle from contemporary Israel.
Hendel, Yehudit. Dalya Bilu, Barbara Harshav, and Marsha Pomerantz, trans.

Fiction & Literature / Erotic Fiction

Letters from a Seducer

The first English-language translation of the second volume in Hilda Hilst’s dynamic and unnerving erotic-pornographic trilogy
Hilst, Hilda

Fiction & Literature

The Obscene Madame D

The English-language debut of one of Brazil’s leading writers of the twentieth century
Hilst, Hilda

Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - American

Radical Love

Radical Love gathers five of Fanny Howe's novels: Nod, The Deep North, Famous Questions, Saving History, and Indivisible, previously out-of-print and hard to find classics whose characters wrestle with serious political and metaphysical questions against the backdrop of urban, suburban, and rural America.
Howe, Fanny

Fiction & Literature / Maine / New England / Women's Studies

The Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories
A Dunnet Shepherdess (1900), The Foreigner (1900), The Queen’s Twin (1899), William’s Wedding (1910).

A centennial edition of a classic New England novel.
Jewett, Sarah Orne. Sarah Way Sherman, ed. and introd.

Fiction & Literature / Short Stories - Single Author

The Conjurer and Other Azorean Tales

Inspired by the beauty and magic of the Azorean archipelago, this collection transports readers from the natural to the supernatural
Kastin, Darrell

Fiction & Literature / Fiction Anthologies / Fabulist Fiction


This anthology focuses on New Wave Fabulist writers.
Keegan, Ken E. & Rusty Morrison, editors

Fiction & Literature

The Meaning of If

The Meaning of If explores what might be, what could have been, and that strange, lovely place in between called reality
Lawler, Patrick

Fiction & Literature / Portuguese American Literature

Home Is an Island

On an island in the Azores, a young Portuguese boy comes of age, discovering love and literature before he departs for America
Lewis, Alfred, and Devin Nunes, fwd.

Fiction & Literature / Portuguse American Literature

Sixty Acres and a Barn

A western, agrarian novel that conjures the world of the small dairy farms of California and the Portuguese immigrants who worked them
Lewis, Alfred, Frank F. Sousa, ed. and Donald Warrin, preface

Poetry / Fiction & Literature / New Media

Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking

A modular, easy-to-read relaxation device
Lin, Tan

Fiction & Literature

Unbuilt Projects

Short—some under a page—stories that explore memory, gay coming-of-age, and the inner life
Lisicky, Paul

Fiction & Literature

The Blind Man and the Beauty and Other Stories

Loria, Arturo

Fiction & Literature

Wrestling with Gabriel

The debut novel by David Lynn.
Lynn, David

Poetry / Fiction & Literature


A daring hybrid work that investigates the relationship between the individual and the institution
Magi, Jill

Fiction & Literature / Humor


America’s beloved archy and mehitabel finally return in these entrancing uncollected stories.
marquis, don. jeff adams, ed. and pref.; ed frascino, illus.

Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - American / Art History

Your Body Figured

In Your Body Figured, Douglas A. Martin presents the reader with three prose pieces, each focused on an artist: the painter Balthus, the poet Hart Crane, and finally the Irish painter Francis Bacon as seen through his relationship with model and muse, George Dyer
Martin, Douglas A.

Fiction & Literature / Europe / Historical, Medieval, Wales


A historical novel of Medieval Wales by Susan Mayse.
Mayse, Susan

Fiction & Literature

Home To Harlem

A novel that gives voice to the alienation and frustration of urban blacks during an era when Harlem was in vogue
McKay, Claude, Cooper, Wayne F., fwd.

Fiction & Literature / Collected Letters

The Memphis Letters

A collection of fictional letters written by Jay Meek.
Meek, Jay

Fiction & Literature

Facts and Fictions of António Lobo Antunes

A collection of provocative and insightful essays by leading scholars on Portugal’s foremost living novelist, António Lobo Antunes
Mendes, Victor K., ed.

Fiction & Literature / Popular Culture / Women's Studies

Peyton Place

A new paperback edition of the infamous novel that shocked the nation
Metalious, Grace; Cameron, Ardis, intro.

Fiction & Literature / Popular Culture / Women's Studies

Return to Peyton Place

The continuing story of Peyton Place is once again available in paperback
Metalious, Grace; Cameron, Ardis, intro.

Photography / Vermont / Fiction & Literature

Granite and Cedar

An unusual collaboration between a documentary photographer and a writer of fiction to produce a haunting portrait of the people and the land of Vermont's most rural area, often referred to as the "Northeast Kingdom."
Miller, John M. Howard Frank Mosher, short fiction.

Fiction & Literature / Nature

The Nature Notebooks

Eco-terrorism comes to the Green Mountain State in a chilling novel of good intentions and tragic consequences.
Mitchell, Don

Fiction & Literature / New England

Marie Blythe

A picaresque saga of a young French-Canadian woman in Vermont, available in a new paperback edition
Mosher, Howard Frank

Fiction & Literature / New England

Where the Rivers Flow North

Available again, six tales of Kingdom County, Vermont
Mosher, Howard Frank

Jewish Studies / Fiction & Literature

Battlefields and Playgrounds

A major Holocaust novel, hailed internationally as 'vast and magnificent' and named Book of the Year by the Financial Times.
Nyiri, János. trans. from the Hungarian by William Brandon and the author.

Fiction & Literature

Given Ground

Short stories explore cultural change and class conflict in contemporary West Virginia.
Pancake, Ann

Fiction & Literature

Conversations with Sheryl Sutton

Pilinszky, János. Peter Jay and Eva Major, trans.

Fiction & Literature

Breaking and Entering

“America is a lot more countries than she thought it was. And even within those countries, there are other, smaller countries…”
Pollack, Eileen

Fiction & Literature / Short Fiction

In the Mouth

Pollack, Eileen

Fiction & Literature / Short Stories - Single Author

Make Me Do Things

This collection of stories from award winning novelist and poet Victoria Redel observes how we wreck and reconcile marriage and parenthood
Redel, Victoria

Fiction & Literature / Science Fiction

The Story Until Now

The best stories from a master of speculative fiction
Reed, Kit

Fiction & Literature

Two Stories of Prague
Trans. from the German

The first English translation of two stories from Rilke’s earliest prose work.
Rilke, Rainer Maria. Angela Esterhammer, introd. and trans.

Fiction & Literature / Maine / Maritime History / Nautical

Boon Island

The complete text of Roberts' last historical novel, presented for the first time with contemporary--and conflicting--accounts of the shipwreck on which the novel was based.
Roberts, Kenneth. Jack Bales and Richard Warner, eds

Fiction & Literature / Maine / New England

Summer Light

A Maine vacation forces a young woman to challenge her own understanding of the world in a sharply insightful first novel
Robinson, Roxana

Fiction & Literature / Fiction/General

Uncertain Journey

Greek American novelist James Rouman writes of the convoluted glory that is America when, Rejep, an illegal Albanian immigrant, leaves his home in search of freedom in Greece and then travels to America to find his true love
Rouman, James

Fiction & Literature / Fiction/Medical

Underwater Dreams

Discover a Modern Greek Tragedy with a classic feel, as you meet the unforgettable characters of this intriguing, critically acclaimed first novel from James Rouman
Rouman, James

Fiction & Literature / Jewish Studies / Short Stories

Promised Lands

An anthology of previously-unpublished stories by leading young Jewish writers that explore the idea of the Promised Land
Rubin, Derek, ed.

Fiction & Literature / Short Stories - Single Author

The Collected Stories of Gladys Schmitt

Beautifully crafted stories that evoke human frailty and strength
Schmitt, Gladys

Fiction & Literature

The Obituary

A haunting new novel from the author of My Paris
Scott, Gail

Fiction & Literature

Distant Music

Silva, Julian

Fiction & Literature / Fiction/ Portuguese Ame Fictio

Move Over, Scopes

Richly-textured narratives of Portuguese-American life, mixing culture politics with arch playfulness.
Silva, Julian

Fiction & Literature / Cultural Heritage Fiction / Folklore / Fabulist Fiction

In a Town Called Mundomuerto

In this novel an old man is telling a boy the same story he has told him hundreds of times before.
Silvis, Randall

Fiction & Literature / Portuguese-American Literature

Almost Gone

Alternately gritty, suspenseful, and illuminating, Brian Sousa’s debut collection of interlocking stories depicts the Portuguese American experience from a new perspective
Sousa, Brian

Fiction & Literature

The Pretty Girl

“Twelve bell towers with twelve clocks with twenty-four spindly hands telling the time.”
Spark, Debra

Fiction & Literature

Lessons in Another Language

Staffel, Megan

Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism / Philosophy

Absence Where As

This new book, from inter-genre, bilingual writer Nathanaël (Nathalie Stephens), investigates the relationship between image and language through a philosophical and poetic meditation on a self-portrait by Surrealist photographer and writer Claude Cahun.
Stephens, Nathalie (Nathanaël)

Fiction & Literature / Disability Studies

The Eternal Son

An extraordinary account of a common human drama—the birth and parenting of a disabled child—investigated profoundly by a father who is a gifted writer
Tezza, Cristovão

Science Fiction / Fiction & Literature

Travel Scholarships

A suspense-filled adventure tale about piracy on the high seas
Verne, Jules; translated by Teri J. Hernández, edited by Arthur B. Evans, introduction by Volker Dehs

Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - Italian

The Tales of Arturo Vivante

Vivante, Arturo. Mary Kinzie, selected and introd by.

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

The Heirs of Columbus

A novel which turns cultural aggression on its head as the Native American heirs of Christopher Columbus, himself descended from early Mayan explorers, create a fantastic tribal nation.
Vizenor, Gerald

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

Hotline Healers

This satirical tour de force teases readers out of a complacent acceptance of romantic stereotypes.
Vizenor, Gerald

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

Landfill Meditation

Fourteen stories by the man N. Scott Momaday has called “the supreme ironist among American Indian writers of the twentieth century.”
Vizenor, Gerald

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

Shadow Distance

A rich selection from the broad range of a prolific Native American writer’s work.
Vizenor, Gerald A.

Fiction & Literature / Art

Back in No Time

First anthology of writings of a brilliant avant-garde figure
Weiss, Jason, ed., and Brion Gysin

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

The Wisest Man in America

Loss, redemption, and the New Hampshire primary tie two men as they search for what's lasting in a world of change.
Wetherell, W. D.

Fiction & Literature

Will the Morning Be Any Kinder Than the Night?

Wexler, Irving

Fiction & Literature / New England / Literary Criticism - American

Wharton’s New England

Tales of betrayal, folly, and moral fervor acted out against a stark New England backdrop.
Wharton, Edith. Barbara A. White, ed.

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