American History
(by title)

Boston / American History / Social History

Always Something Doing

A look at the notorious place that was demolished in 1961 to clear the way for the Government Center urban renewal project.
Kruh, David; O'Connor, Thomas H., foreword

American History / Cultural Studies / Literary Criticism

An American Body | Politic

A reflection on the metaphor of the body politic throughout American history
Herzogenrath, Bernd

American History / Intellectual History

American Dreams and Nazi Nightmares

A unique contribution to America's encounter with Holocaust memory that links the use of Nazi imagery to liberal politics
Fermaglich, Kirsten

Jewish Studies / American History / Jewish History

American Jewish History

A treasure trove of primary source documents on American Jewish history, culture, and life
Zola, Gary Phillip and Marc Dollinger, eds

American History / Reference

American Paper Mills, 1690–1832

A comprehensive account of early papermaking in America
Bidwell, John

Decorative Arts & Material Culture / American History

American Wall Stenciling, 1790–1840

A generously illustrated survey of an important post-revolutionary American decorative art form.
Brown, Ann Eckert

African-American Studies / American History / Cultural Studies / American Studies

The Arrogance of Race

An investigation of the issue of race over a generation of labor
Fredrickson, George M.

Anthropology / Ethnic Studies / American History

Azorean Identity in Brazil and the United States

An intriguing comparison of identity formation among Portuguese immigrants from the Azores Islands and their descendants in Brazil and the U.S.
Leal, João, and Wendy Graca, trans.

American History

The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony

An unparalleled look at America’s Revolutionary War invasion of Canada
Anderson, Mark R.

Biography / American History

Becoming Tom Thumb

The definitive biography of an iconic American entertainer
Lehman, Eric D.

Biography / Women's Studies / American History

Belle Moskowitz

Now available in a new edition, this well-crafted feminist biography restores to history the career of a pioneering activist who achieved unprecedented influence in American politics.
Perry, Elisabeth Israels

African-American Studies / American History

Born a Child of Freedom, Yet a Slave

The diverse strategies employed by Southern slaveholders to keep their slaves under control—and those employed by the slaves to resist
Jones, Norrece T., Jr.

American History / Boston / New England History

Boston's Histories

This collection is both a tribute to the distinguished work of Thomas H. O'Connor, the dean of Boston historians, and a survey of the best and innovative contemporary work on Boston's diverse histories.
O'Toole, James, ed.; Quigley, David, ed.; O'Connor, Thomas H., afterword.

Urban Studies / American History / Boston

Boston’s Back Bay

A fascinating look at the people, politics, and technology behind the massive landfill project that filled Boston’s Back Bay
Newman, William A. and Wilfred E. Holton

American History / Geography & Geology

British Atlantic, American Frontier

A pioneering work in Atlantic studies that emphasizes a transnational approach to the past.
Hornsby, Stephen J.

American History / Military History

The British Raid on Essex

The untold story of the burning of American privateers in Connecticut
Roberts, Jerry

American History / World War II / Washington

The Burning Horse

A look at the history of Japanese-Americans in the Yakima Valley by Thomas H. Heuterman.
Heuterman, Thomas

Jewish Studies

California Jews

The first full-length presentation of Jewish life, history, and culture in California from the Gold Rush to the twenty-first century
Kahn, Ava F. and Marc Dollinger, eds., Moses Rischin, fwd.

American History / Women's Studies / New England / Nautical

The Captain’s Best Mate

The diary of a wife who, with their five-year old daughter, accompanied her husband on a three-and-a-half year whaling voyage.
Lawrence, Mary Chipman. Stanton Garner, ed.

Education / American History / New York City

Charity and Merit

The fascinating, comprehensive history of a preeminent New York independent educational institution
Jacobson, Timothy C.

American History / Women's Studies

Civil War Sisterhood

A study that challenges established scholarship on the history of women's public activism.
Giesberg, Judith Ann

American History

Confederate Bushwhacker

Mark Twain in the watershed year of 1885
Loving, Jerome

Civil War / Connecticut / American History

Connecticut in the American Civil War

A riveting account of Connecticut’s involvement in the Civil War
Warshauer, Matthew

New England History / Urban Studies / Maine

Creating Portland

The only comprehensive study of Portland’s history, culture, and people.
Conforti, Joseph, ed.

Criminal Justice / Law

Crimes Of The Century

The story of five dramatic trials that dazzled the media and captivated the American public.
Geis, Gilbert; Bienen, Leigh B.

American History / Biography / Political Science & Government

Daniel Webster, “The Completest Man”

Shewmaker, Kenneth E., ed. Charles M. Wiltse, Editor-in-Chief. William H. Rehnquist, fwd.; Irving H. Bartlett, Maurice G. Baxter, Richard N. Current, and Howard Jones, essays

American History / Criticism

Dwelling in American

An original critique of the idea of American empire in the twenty-first century
Muthyala, John

Biography / Women's Studies

Eighty Years And More

Elizabeth Cady Stanton recalls the discontent that led her to launch the woman suffrage movement at Seneca Falls in 1848 and the frustration of having no voice in her own government after a half century of hard work.
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; DuBois, Ellen Carol, intro.; Gordon, Ann, afterward

American History / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Empire of Liberty

An original and stimulating critique of American empire
Bogues, Anthony

American History / Boston / Religion

Evangelicals at a Crossroads

The story of Boston revivalism and social reform
Hartley, Benjamin L.

Agriculture & Food / New England / American History

The Fate of Family Farming

A penetrating look at the condition of family farming—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Jager, Ronald

American History / Political Science & Government

The Federalist

The definitive edition of the historic essays by ALEXANDER HAMILTON, JAMES MADISON and JOHN JAY, fully annotated and reproduced from the original text.
Cooke, Jacob E., ed., intr., and notes.

American History / Boston / Women's Studies

Fire and Roses

The shocking story of the night an angry mob burned down a quiet Massachusetts convent -- and the larger story of anti-Papist and anti-feminist sentiment.
Schultz, Nancy Lusignan

American History / Colonial History

First Founders

An introduction to the diverse lives of the Puritan founders by a leading expert
Bremer, Francis J.

New England History / American History / Colonial History / American Studies

Fissures in the Rock

A comprehensive examination of the diversity and unity of New England life in the 17th century.
Archer, Richard

African-American Studies / American History / Connecticut

Five Black Lives

Five ex-slave narratives spanning 150 years in time, from 1729 to 1870, and a geographical area from Africa to Connecticut
Bontemps, Arna, intr.

Literary Criticism / American History

From Gift to Commodity

Fascinating analysis of the significance of the gift, and its increasingly complicated role in an emerging capitalist order, in nineteenth-century American fiction
Hoeller, Hildegard

Music / American History

From Psalm to Symphony

Examines for the first time New England's rich heritage of music making over a span of 350 years
Tawa, Nicholas E.

Shakers / American History / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands

The definitive volume on Shaker commercial ephemera
Miller, M. Stephen

American History / New England / Vermont

The General Store

A sentimental remembering of life in the traditional Vermont general store in the early part of the 20th century
Beck, Jane C.

Antiques & Collectibles / Furniture / American History

Harmony in Wood

An innovative approach to furniture history through the collection of Pennsylvania’s Old Economy Village
Zimmerman, Philip D.

African-American Studies / American History

Harriet Wilson’s New England

This volume, with a foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., advances efforts to correct the historical record about the racial complexity and richness characteristic of rural New England’s past
Boggis, JerriAnne, Eve Allegra Raimon, and Barbara A. White, eds.

Architecture / American History

A History of American Architecture

A richly illustrated history of American architecture that explains why particular architectural ideas occurred when and where they did.
Gelernter, Mark

American History / American History - 19th Century

Homegrown Terror

A new look at the quintessential traitor
Lehman, Eric D.

Jewish Studies / American History

Imagining the American Jewish Community

A lively collection of sixteen essays on the many ways American Jews have imagined and constructed communities
Wertheimer, Jack, editor

Cultural Studies / American History

The Imperialist Imaginary

Tracing the construction of an American Pacific.
Eperjesi, John

American History

Improbable Patriot

The outrageous true story of the French plot to supply arms and ammunition to Washington’s Continental Army, and the bold French spy, inventor, playwright, and rogue behind it all
Unger, Harlow Giles

Civil War / American History

Inside Connecticut and the Civil War

How a small state struggled, survived, and remains connected to its past
Warshauer, Matthew, editor

Jewish Studies / American History

Irreconcilable Differences?

A bold analysis of the creation and dissolution of the American Jewish consensus on Israel.
Rosenthal, Steven T.

American History / Jewish History

The Jewish 1960s

A collection of primary sources about Jewish contributions to and involvement in the tumultuous social transformations of the 1960s.
Staub, Michael E., ed.

American History / Rhode Island / Jewish History

The Jews of Rhode Island

A richly illustrated survey of the history and culture of Rhode Island Jews.
Goodwin, George M. and Ellen Smith, eds.

Connecticut / American History

John Warner Barber’s Views of Connecticut Towns, 1834-36

The earliest known images of many Connecticut towns
Bickford, Christopher P. and J. Bard McNulty, eds.

American History / Biography

Lamy of Santa Fe

The extraordinary biography of a pioneer hero of the frontier Southwest.
Horgan, Paul

Jewish Studies / American History

Let Us Prove Strong

A history of the last 60 years of the American Jewish Committee to commemorate its centennial in 2007
Sanua, Marianne R.

American History / Political Science & Government

The Liberal Mind in a Conservative Age

An excellent study of American intellectuals in the 40’s and 50’s.
Pells, Richard H.

Jewish Studies / American History / Texas

Lone Stars of David

An essay collection of lively written, lavishly illustrated, and well-documented narratives on the history and culture of Texas Jews.
Weiner, Hollace Ava and Roseman, Kenneth D.

African-American Studies / Women's Studies / American History

Louisa May Alcott On Race, Sex, And Slavery

The passionate supporter of abolition and women's rights speaks out on the most controversial issues of the day.
Alcott, Louisa May; Elbert, Sarah, ed.; Elbert, Sarah, intro.

African-American Studies / American History / Women's Studies

Love and Marriage in Early African America

An eye-opening anthology of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century African American primary writings on love, courtship, and family
Foster, Frances Smith, ed.

American History / African-American Studies / New England

Making Freedom

The inspiring story of an 18th-century New England slave who emancipated himself
Saint, Chandler B. and George A. Krimsky

American History / Women's Studies / Literary Criticism - American

Margaret Fuller and Her Circles

Essays on the American Transcendentalist
Bailey, Brigitte, Katheryn P. Viens, and Conrad Edick Wright (eds.)

Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Antiques & Collectibles / American History

Metalwork in Early America

Fennimore, Donald L. George J. Fistrovich, photography.

American History / Political Science & Government / Biography / Law & Policy Studies

The Mind of the Founder

An authentic and responsible selection of Madison’s writings.
Madison, James. Marvin Meyers, ed.

American History / Literary Criticism

A More Conservative Place

An intervention toward understanding the recent dark political and intellectual days
Bové, Paul A.

Gardening & Horticulture / American History

Old Time Gardens

A classic work on historic gardens is available again.
Earle, Alice Morse; introduction by Virginia Lopez Begg

Connecticut / American History / Legal History

Original Discontents
Published in association with the Acorn Club.

Primary documents illuminate the second Hartford Convention
Buel, Richard, Jr. and George J. Willauer, eds.

Conservation / American History / Exxon Valdez

Out of the Channel

An examination of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound by John Keeble.
Keeble, John

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Harold D. Moser, assoc. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Harold D. Moser, assoc. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; David G. Allen, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse and Harold D. Moser, eds.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Harold D. Moser, ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Kenneth E. Shewmaker, ed.; Kenneth R. Stevens and Anita McGurn, asst. eds.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Wendy B. Tilghman, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse and Michael J. Birkner, eds.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Alan R. Berolzheimer, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Kenneth E. Shewmaker and Kenneth R. Stevens, eds.; Alan R. Berolzheimer, asst. ed.

American History / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

Webster, Daniel; Charles M. Wiltse, ed.; Alan R. Berolzheimer, asst. ed.

American History / Reference & Bibliography / Biography

The Papers of Daniel Webster

The culminating volume in a widely acclaimed 14-volume series.
Webster, Daniel. Alan R. Berolzheimer, ed.

American History / Pittsburgh Reg Hist/ Wstrn Pa

The Paris of Appalachia

A history of Pittsburgh by newspaper columnist Brian O'Neill.
O'Neill, Brian

Women's Studies / American History / Biography / American History / Nautical

Petticoat Whalers

First US Edition -- The first comprehensive book on whaling wives at sea written for a general audience.
Druett, Joan. Ron Druett, original illus.

American History / Social History

Puritan Family Life

The diary of a prominent Boston jurist and merchant whose nurturing relationship with his family contradicted the Puritan stereotype.
Graham, Judith S.

Literary Criticism / American History

Questionable Charity

A fascinating reevaluation of U.S. literary realism during the Gilded Age.
Morgan, William M.

Archaeology / American History

Rangers and Redcoats on the Hudson

A lively account of an archeological investigation at a major French and Indian War military encampment.
Starbuck, David R.

American History / American Studies

Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies

What is the state of American studies in the twenty-first century?
Fluck, Winfried, and Donald E. Pease, John Carlos Rowe, eds.

Biography / American History / SOCIAL HISTORY

Recollections Of The Early Republic

Colorful memoirs from a wide range of Americans just after the nation's birth.
Appleby, Joyce, ed.

American History / Religion

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

A balanced and lively look at the role of religion between colonization and the 1840s.
Hutson, James H. Jaroslav Pelikan, fwd.

Biography / American History / Women's Studies

The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley

A biography as distinctive as the celebrated woman scholar it depicts
Goodwin, Joan W.

American History

Remarkable Providences
Rev. ed.

This revised collection of documents provides a large and colorful slice of colonial life between 1608 and 1767, newly augmented with documents on the southern colonies, African Americans, and women.
Demos, John, ed.

American History / Literature

Republic of Words

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Atlantic Monthly became the conscience of the American public and the biggest platform of the nation’s flourishing literature
Goodman, Susan

Musicals / Theater & Performing Arts / American History

The Rise and Fall of the Broadway Musical

A highly original, incisive, and spirited examination of the rise, heyday, and decline of American musical theatre
Grant, Mark N.

American History / Women's Studies / World War II

Rosie's Mom

This book restores to history the lives of American women involved in war work during World War I.
Brown, Carrie

American History / Cultural Studies / Massachusetts


A superb collection of essays on Salem’s rich history and cultural life over the past four centuries—now with a new preface.
Morrison, Dane Anthony, and Nancy Lusignan Schultz, eds.

Literary Criticism / American History / Cultural Studies / American Studies

Schoolroom Poets

A fresh and provocative approach to the popular "schoolroom poets" and the reading public who learned them by heart.
Sorby, Angela

American History / Cultural Studies / American Studies

So Dreadfull a Judgment

A classic selection of materials on Philip’s War.
Slotkin, Richard, and James K. Folsom, eds.

Native American Studies / History - 20th Century / American History

Sold American

A history of the impact of external forces on the lives and lands of Alaska's Native peoples.
Mitchell, Donald Craig

Folklore / New Hampshire / American History

Tales Told in the Shadows of the White Mountains

A spine-tingling collection of real and surreal tales of northern New Hampshire
Jordan, Charles J.

American History / Holidays (secular)


The origins and ever-changing story of America’s favorite holiday
Baker, James W. and Peter J. Gomes, fwd.

American History / Labor Studies

Trolley Wars

A groundbreaking study of public transportation in the Gilded Age and its place in the emerging American city
Molloy, Scott

American History / American Revolutionary War / New England History

The War Of American Independence

Higginbotham, Don

American History

Why the Turkey Didn’t Fly

The stories behind some of our country’s favorite iconic images
Aron, Paul

American History / Biography / Memoir / Political Science & Government

Witness to the Young Republic

One of the great diaries by a Washington insider personally acquainted with 12 presidents brings to life four tumultuous decades in the nation’s capital.
French, Benjamin Brown. Donald B. Cole and John J. McDonough, eds.

Women's Studies / American History / 18TH CENTURY STUDIES

Women's Voices, Women's Lives

Containing a wealth of primary sources, this reader presents the voices of African American, European, and Native American women, the rich and poor, and women in the South, the middle colonies, and New England.
Berkin, Carol, ed.; Horowitz, Leslie, ed.

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