Native American Studies
(by title)

Native American Studies / New England

After King Philip’s War

New perspectives on three centuries of Indian presence in New England
Calloway, Colin G., ed. and introd.

Literary Criticism - American / Literary Criticism / Native American Studies / Native American Studies

Captivity and Sentiment

Examines how traditional dichotomies give way to emergent cultural forms in the literature of captivity.
Burnham, Michelle

Literary Criticism - American / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism / Native American Studies

Coyote Kills John Wayne

A provocative exploration of the intersections between postmodernism, postcolonialism, and the conceptual boundary known as the western frontier.
Smith, Carlton

Native American Studies / Maine / New England / Archaeology

Dawnland Encounters

A true picture of relationships between the Indians of northern New England and the European settlers.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

The Heirs of Columbus

A novel which turns cultural aggression on its head as the Native American heirs of Christopher Columbus, himself descended from early Mayan explorers, create a fantastic tribal nation.
Vizenor, Gerald

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

Hotline Healers

This satirical tour de force teases readers out of a complacent acceptance of romantic stereotypes.
Vizenor, Gerald

Poetry / Native American Studies

In Mad Love and War

Sacred and secular poems of the Creek Tribe.
Harjo, Joy

Native American Studies

The Indian History of an American Institution

A history of the complex relationship between a school and a people
Calloway, Colin G.

Native American Studies / New England / Archaeology

Indian New England Before the Mayflower

A definitive work written for general audiences which describes how New England Indians lived when European settlers first met them
Russell, Howard S.

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

Landfill Meditation

Fourteen stories by the man N. Scott Momaday has called “the supreme ironist among American Indian writers of the twentieth century.”
Vizenor, Gerald

Children's Fiction / Native American Studies

Malian’s Song

A rare Abenaki version of an historic attack, in the first dual Abenaki-English language children's picture book
Bruchac, Marge and William Maughan, illus.

Literary Criticism - American / Literary Criticism / Native American Studies

The National Uncanny

A unique look at Native American ghosts and US literature.
Bergland, Renée L.

Native American Studies / New England / New Hampshire / Vermont

North Country Captives

Eight narratives challenge old stereotypes and provide a clearer understanding of the nature of captive taking. These stories portray captors as individuals with a unique culture, offering glimpses of daily life in frontier communities.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies / New England

The Old American

A long-awaited new novel set in the period of the French and Indian Wars brings a new dimension to the region’s history
Hebert, Ernest

Native American Studies / Vermont / New England / Archaeology

The Original Vermonters
Rev. ed.

“In a thoroughly enjoyable and readable book Haviland and Power effectively shatter the myth that Indians never lived in Vermont.”—Library Journal
Haviland, William A., and Marjory W. Power

Native American Studies / Maine / New England

The Penobscot Dance of Resistance

An intriguing history of the survival of a Native American people.
MacDougall, Pauleena

Native American Studies / Ethnic Studies / New England

Reclaiming the Ancestors

Combining personal history and scientific training with archaeological and paleoecological data, Wiseman provides a new perspective on the 11,000-year history of the Wabanaki of the East Coast.
Wiseman, Frederick Matthew

Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

Shadow Distance

A rich selection from the broad range of a prolific Native American writer’s work.
Vizenor, Gerald A.

Native American Studies / History - 20th Century / American History

Sold American

A history of the impact of external forces on the lives and lands of Alaska's Native peoples.
Mitchell, Donald Craig

Essays / Poetry / Native American Studies

Soul Talk, Song Language

Intimate and illuminating conversations with one of America’s foremost Native artists
Harjo, Joy and Tanaya Winder, Laura Coltelli

Native American Studies / Rhode Island / New England / Anthropology

Spirit of the New England Tribes

Legends, folktales, and traditions of New England Indians reflect historical events and a changing Indian identity over a 365-year period
Simmons, William S.

Native American Studies / Archaeology / New Hampshire

A Time Before New Hampshire

A comprehensive look at the geography, environment, and peoples of the land that became New Hampshire, from ancient times through the colonial era.
Caduto, Michael J.

New England History / Land Use Law / Native American Studies


An exploration of the various systems of land control and the evolution of private property
Mitchell, John Hanson

Native American Studies / Archaeology / New England / Anthropology

The Voice of the Dawn

An experienced Native voice tells the story of Abenaki culture and history.
Wiseman, Frederick Matthew

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