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Children & Young Adult
(by title)
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Juvenile Nonfiction - Alphabet / Juvenile Art History / Juvenile History


Come learn your letters along with me and discover Winterthur from A to Z!
Stoehr, Lois

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Children's Fiction / African-American Studies / Literacy

Alec’s Primer

A rare first-hand account of the power of literacy in a freed slave’s life
Walter, Mildred Pitts and Larry Johnson, illus.

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Juvenile Fiction - Dogs


Milton, Edith

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Children's Fiction- Orphans


Charley, a street-smart city boy, can toss a rat by its tail into the Boston Harbor, but has no clue how to pluck an egg away from an angry chicken, let alone milk a cantankerous cow!
Seim, Donna Marie

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Juvenile History / History - Spain & Portugal

A Children's History of Portugal

This heavily illustrated book narrates the exciting history of Portugal for young readers (ages 8-12) first time in English
Carvalho, Sérgio Luís de

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Children's Fiction / African-American Studies

Daisy and the Doll

Medearis, Michael, Angela Shelf Medearis, and Larry Johnson, illus.

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Juvenile Fiction - Self Esteem / Juvenile Fiction - Dogs / Children's Fiction - Special Issues/Needs

Elle & Buddy

Elle is afraid to ride a Ferris wheel, but after she learns to use a racing wheelchair it gives her the courage to face her fear
Rausin, K. D.

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Children's Fiction / Children's Fiction - Turtles / Children's Fiction - Special Issues/Needs

Every Turtle Counts

One rare sea turtle...One little girl in need of help...A rescue story to touch your heart
Hunter, Sara Hoagland

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Juvenile Fiction - Death & Dying / Juvenile Fiction - Religion & Faith / Juvenile Fiction - Religion


A beautifully illustrated, read-aloud picture book about connection and loss for people of all ages
Sayre, David

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Children's Fiction

The Ghost on the Hearth

Milord, Susan and Lydia Dabcovich, illus.

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Juvenile Fiction - Drugs, Alcohol, Substance Abuse / Juvenile Fiction - Friendship / Juvenile Fiction - Death & Dying

God of Beer

A novel of youthful protest against conformity
Keizer, Garret

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Children's Fiction

John and Tom

Lange, Willem and Bert Dodson, illus.

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Children's Fiction / Children's ages 4-8

The Lighthouse Santa

Announcing the perfect family read-aloud for Christmas Eve! From the award-winning team who brought you The Unbreakable Code, winner of a Smithsonian citation, a Western Writers of America Spur award, and a National Council of Teachers of English award comes The Lighthouse Santa, a tale of wonder, wishes, and friendship inspired by a true hero.
Hunter, Sara Hoagland, and Julia Miner, illus.

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Children's Fiction / Native American Studies

Malian’s Song

A rare Abenaki version of an historic attack, in the first dual Abenaki-English language children's picture book
Bruchac, Marge and William Maughan, illus.

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Literary Criticism / Juvenile Fiction - Fairy Tales & Folklore

Never-ending Stories

This book frames adaptation in children’s literature against a broader socio-cultural background, focussing on the ideological implications of the process
Geerts, Sylvie

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Juvenile History / YA Adventure / YA Prejudice & Racism

North Pole Promise

The untold story of the children left behind by explorers Peary and Henson
Counter, S. Allen

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Historical Fiction / Children's Fiction - Historical / Children's Fiction 19th Century U.S.

Prelude, A Novel & The 1854 Diary of Adeline Elizabeth Hoe

In the spring of 1854 seventeen-year-old Adeline Elizabeth Hoe began to keep a daily diary. . . centuries later, her descendant brought it to life in a novel
Davidson, Helen Taylor

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Children's Fiction

The Scrimshaw Ring

A powerful, true story about a young boy’s encounter with a band of mutineers who, much to the boy’s surprise, leave him a remarkable memento
Jaspersohn, William and Vernon Thornblad, illus.

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Children's Fiction / Birds & Birdwatching


Kids will laugh even as they’re learning when they read Sy Montgomery’s latest, which features a YouTube sensation
Montgomery, Sy

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Children's Fiction / Portsmouth

The Story of a Bad Boy

The timeless boyhood adventures of a mischievous lad in 19th-century New England, in a new edition for today's readers.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. A. B. Frost, illus.; David Watters, introd.

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Children's Fiction

The Two Brothers

Jaspersohn, William and Michael A. Donato, illus.

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Juvenile Earth Science

Under New England

Explores the geology of New England in a colorful and kid-friendly format
Barker, Charles Ferguson

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Children's Fiction

Understood Betsy

A well-loved classic is once again available
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

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Juvenile Fiction - Ducks, Geese, etc. / Nature - Birds / Friendship

Wings in the Wind

Against all odds an orphan Mallard reaches adulthood on the banks of the Merrimack River watched over from a distance by a young girl
Walsh, Julia

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Juvenile Fiction - Money

The Yoyo & the Piggy Bank

A young girl learns about financial goal-setting as she does chores and saves coins in a piggy bank to buy her first yoyo
Thoresen, Susan Werner

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