Medicine & Health
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Women's Studies / Medicine & Public Health / Sociology

The Abortion Myth

A new voice urges feminism to evolve a richer, more nuanced understanding of abortion.
Cannold, Leslie. Rene Denfeld, fwd.

Business Travel / Business & Professional Humor / Humorous Essays

An Accidental Manager

Humorous commentary on the worlds of advertising, marketing, and business travel.
Collis, Roger

Travel - Africa / Medicine & Public Health / Africa


An innovative and indispensable guidebook for people traveling to Africa to work on health or humanitarian projects
Spielberg, Laurel A. and Lisa V. Adams, eds.

Health & Fitness / Sports Medicine / Children's Health

Ahead of the Game

A new look at understanding and preventing sports concussion in children and teens
Moser, Rosemarie Scolaro, PhD.

Health & Fitness / Women's Studies / Gay Studies / Sociology

Baby Steps

Explores the controversial implications of lesbian insemination.
Agigian, Amy

Medicine & Public Health / Medical Ethics

Biomedical Ethics

An anthology of succinct and accessible articles on the most important ethical issues confronting health care and the biological sciences today
Steinberg, David, ed.

Ecology & Environmental Studies / Dance / Health & Fitness / New Age

Body and Earth

An inspired synthesis of scientific detail and creative perception offers new insights into the relationship between body and earth.
Olsen, Andrea: Bill McKibben, fwd.

Health & Fitness / Dance / Bodywork


An innovative guide to anatomy that uses techniques from yoga and dance to increase awareness of the body.
Olsen, Andrea in collaboration with Caryn McHose

Sociology / Vermont / Medical Ethics

Breeding Better Vermonters

The disturbing story of eugenics in Vermont and the dark side of progressive social reform.
Gallagher, Nancy L.

Medicine & Public Health

Building Partnerships in the Americas

A historical, cultural, and medical guide for those planning to do health-related work in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
Krasnoff, Margo J. MD, editor

Medicine & Public Health / Women's Studies

Changing the Culture of Academic Medicine

A penetrating and personal look at a major problem in our nation’s medical schools affecting how doctoring is taught and how medicine is practiced
Pololi, Linda H.

Medicine & Public Health / Education

Continuing Medical Education

The only full-scale history of continuing medical education and its future
Wentz, Dennis K., ed.

Epidemiology / Infectious Diseases / Public Health

Diseases of Poverty

Comprehensive review of diseases of poverty and public health strategies to combat them
Adams, Lisa V. and John R. Butterly

Medicine & Public Health / Memoir

Double Vision

A mother’s extraordinary search for healing among the medical practices of East and West.
Todd, Alexandra Dundas

Medical Ethics

Ethics at the Bedside

Twelve true stories of medical ethical dilemmas reveal how decisions are made in modern hospitals and demonstrate the role of ethics consultants
Culver, Charles M., ed.

Medicine & Public Health / Medical Ethics

Ethics for International Medicine

A handy guide to identifying, analyzing, and resolving ethical issues that arise in international medicine
Wall, Anji E.

Medicine & Public Health / Memoir

A Feather in My Wig—Ovarian Cancer

The courageous story of one woman's successful battle against ovarian cancer.
Van Billiard, Barbara R. Theodore C. Barton, M.D., fwd.

Medical Ethics / Rural Studies

Handbook for Rural Health Care Ethics

A comprehensive guide to the unique nature of rural health care ethics
Nelson, William A., ed.

Medicine & Public Health

Health Economics for Non-Economists

This book has two aims: to improve current perceptions of the role of economics in healthcare, and to explain the methodology of health economic evaluation.
Annemans, Lieven

Medical Education / Philosophy of Education

The Hidden Curriculum in Health Professional Education

The first full-length book to examine the history, theory, methodology and application of hidden curriculum theory to health professional education
Hafferty, Frederic W., and Joseph F. O'Donnell

Addiction / Medical Essays / Nervous System Diseases

Hijacked Brains

Personal narratives and recent studies in brain science illustrate how addiction is a chronic illness
Barnes, Henrietta Robin, MD

Poetry / Medicine & Public Health

HIV, Mon Amour

Dent, Tory

Medicine & Public Health / Global Health


A timely and provocative look at the role political developments and the biology of nutrition play in world famine
Butterly, John R., and Jack Shepherd

Medicine & Public Health / Biography / Education History / College History

Improve, Perfect, & Perpetuate

Hayward, Oliver S., M.D., and Constance E. Putnam. C. Everett Koop, fwd. Philip Cash, introd.

Medicine & Public Health


Dramatically recounts the causes and cascading effects of American insourcing of foreign healthcare workers
Tulenko, Dr. Kate; Laurie Garrett, fwd.

Health & Fitness / New Age

Medicinal Herbal Therapy

A comprehensive and easy-to-use reference, arranged alphabetically by ailment.
Ottariano, Steven G., R.Ph. Marc Levwnson, M.D., fwd.; Joyce Orchard Garamella, illus.

Sociology / Health & Fitness

Meeting the Needs of Children in Substitute Care

This study sets out to scrutinize to what extent the needs of children in four different European regions are similar.
Weyts, Arabella

Reference & Bibliography / Medicine & Public Health

The Mindful Medical Student

The essential primer on surviving the rigors of medical school—and thriving there—through the application of self-knowledge, self-care, and self-control
Spiegel, Jeremy, MD; Bernie Siegel, M.D., intro.

Medicine & Public Health / Pharmacology


The story of Mylan, one of the world’s leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies
Seaman, John and John T. Landry

Science-General / Intellectual History

Oliver Wendell Holmes in Paris

An innovative study that links the themes of Holmes’s best-known literary works to his medical training in nineteenth-century Paris.
Dowling, William C.

Medicine & Public Health / Psychology & Psychiatry

On Suffering

The first book to address issues of suffering as separate from pain that require psychologically and culturally sensitive interventions
Clarke, Beverley M.

World War I / Medicine & Public Health / World History

Radiology in a Trench Coat

A new medical discipline reaching full adulthood during the First World War
Van Tiggelen, René

Medicine & Public Health / History of Medicine

The Science We Have Loved and Taught

Full-scale history of Dartmouth Medical School, a resilient and complex contributor to medical education nationwide.
Putnam, Constance

Biography - Medical / Pregnancy & Childbirth / Physician - Patient Relationship


Literate, moving, and illuminating, Small is an unforgettable look inside the world of a pediatric surgeon
Musemeche, Catherine, MD

Mental Health / Public Health / Sociology of Disease & Health Issues

Trauma and Recovery on War's Border

A guide for mental health workers in regions traumatized by war, human rights violations, and poverty across the globe
Allden, Kathleen, MD, and Nancy Murakami, LCSW, editors

Fiction & Literature / Fiction/Medical

Underwater Dreams

Discover a Modern Greek Tragedy with a classic feel, as you meet the unforgettable characters of this intriguing, critically acclaimed first novel from James Rouman
Rouman, James

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