New Hampshire
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New England History / Maine / New Hampshire / Portsmouth

Among the Isles of Shoals

An enduring classic of New England literature
Thaxter, Celia

New England History / New Hampshire / Economics & Business / American History


How the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company shaped the social, ethnic, and economic existence of Manchester, New Hampshire during America’s rise as a manufacturing power.
Hareven, Tamara K. and Randolph Langenbach.

Archaeology / New Hampshire

The Archeology of New Hampshire

A complete archeological guide to New Hampshire, from prehistoric times to the present
Starbuck, David R.

Nautical Fiction / New Hampshire / New England

Audacity, Privateer Out of Portsmouth

The second volume of the adventures of Geoffrey Frost
Fender, J. E.

Short Stories - Single Author / Humorous Stories / New Hampshire

The Best Revenge

Cold honesty, grudging acceptance, and sweet revenge: facing down the demons in small-town New Hampshire.
Rule, Rebecca

Cycling / New Hampshire / New England Travel / Portsmouth

Bicycling New Hampshire's Seacoast
Revised & updated edition

Recently revised and updated, this is the only biking guide you need to enjoy ocean views and country roads on New Hampshire’s historic, scenic Seacoast and adjacent Maine. Includes maps and directions for 28 rides
Chestney, Linda

Cycling / New Hampshire / New England Travel / Portsmouth

Bicycling Southern New Hampshire
Revised & expanded ed.

This updated and expanded second edition of this book offers the best cycling routes in southern New Hampshire
Chestney, Linda

African-American Studies / New Hampshire / New England History / Portsmouth

Black Portsmouth

A thought-provoking look at New England’s Black heritage
Sammons, Mark J.; Cunningham, Valerie

Regional Architecture / New Hampshire / Vermont / Maine

A Building History of Northern New England

The first and only full-scale technical and stylistic analysis of 200 years of architectural evolution in northern New England
Garvin, James L.

Art History / American Art / New Hampshire

Consuming Views

A lavish new look at a key nineteenth-century tourist region and the art it inspired
Garvin, Donna-Belle, ed.

New England History / New Hampshire / Maine / Portsmouth

Cross-Grained and Wily Waters

This guide to one of the longest-settled and most enchanting estuaries in New England weds historical preservation to ecological stewardship
Bolster, W. Jeffrey, ed.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

The Dogs of March

The first novel in Hebert’s acclaimed Darby Chronicles
Hebert, Ernest

Biography / New Hampshire / Colonial History / Portsmouth

Governor John Wentworth and the American Revolution

The story of the last royal governor of New Hampshire.
Wilderson, Paul W.

New England History / New Hampshire / Portsmouth

Historic Portsmouth

A fascinating collection 19th- and early 20th-century photographs of this “old town by the sea”
Garvin, James L.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Howard Elman's Farewell

Suppose all a man has left is his imagination. Then what?
Hebert, Ernest

True Crime - Murder / New England History / New Hampshire

In the Evil Day

Carey, Richard Adams

New England History / New Hampshire

Indian Stream Republic

A tale of struggle, survival, and independence in a disputed northern New England frontier.
Doan, Daniel. Jere R. Daniell, introd. and afterward; Ruth Doan MacDougall, ed.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

A Little More Than Kin

Ollie Jordan: “Everybody’s got an idiot chained to him, only difference is, mine’s here to see”
Hebert, Ernest

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Live Free or Die

Long drop, no net, when the trash man’s son and the squire’s daughter fall in love
Hebert, Ernest

New England History / New Hampshire

The Meetinghouse Tragedy

The dramatic story of a colonial town’s experience of and response to communal catastrophe.
Clark, Charles E. John W. Hatch, illus.

Civil War / Civil War / New Hampshire

My Brave Boys

A lost New Hampshire story comes to life
Pride, Mike, and Mark Travis. Walter Holden, fwd.

Regional Photography / New Hampshire / New England Travel

New Hampshire

Spectacular, large-format book by one of New Hampshire's leading photographers
Randall, Peter E., panoramic photographs. Ronald Jager; essay; Stephen H. Taylor, fwd.

New England History / New Hampshire

New Hampshire
3rd ed.

A classic history of New Hampshire’s economic and political development, now updated for the twenty-first century.
Heffernan, Nancy Coffey; Stecker, Ann Page

Architecture / New Hampshire

New Hampshire Architecture

An illustrated popular guide to the Granite State’s rich architectural heritage
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr. with Carolyn K. Tolles

New England History / New Hampshire / Biography

The New Hampshire Century

An illustrated account of 20th-century New Hampshire, told through the lives of those who made it.
Belman, Felice, and Mike Pride, eds.

Mountaineering / New Hampshire / New England

The New Hiking the Monadnock Region

Expanded and updated hiking guide to the Monadnock region featuring all new maps for each hike!
Adamowicz, Joe; Virginia Dickinson, maps

Native American Studies / New England / New Hampshire / Vermont

North Country Captives

Eight narratives challenge old stereotypes and provide a clearer understanding of the nature of captive taking. These stories portray captors as individuals with a unique culture, offering glimpses of daily life in frontier communities.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

Nautical Fiction / New Hampshire / New England

On the Spur of Speed

The shaping of a hero and a key battle of the American Revolution
Fender, J. E.

Memoir / New Hampshire / New England

One Man’s Family

... an unconventional life in an unconventional place, but during a conventional time
Williams, Sydney M.

Nautical Fiction / New Hampshire / New England

Our Lives, Our Fortunes

Geoffrey Frost participates in a key battle of the American Revolution in the latest installment of the Frost Saga
Fender, J. E.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

The Passion of Estelle Jordan

Maybe the way to save yourself is to save someone else
Hebert, Ernest

Nautical Fiction / New Hampshire / New England

The Private Revolution of Geoffrey Frost

In the tradition of Patrick O’Brian and C. S. Forester, a novel of naval warfare—set during the American revolution
Fender, J. E.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Rebecca Wentworth’s Distraction

A novel of art and obsession in eighteenth-century New England.
Begiebing, Robert J.

Women's Studies / New Hampshire

Sisters of Fortune

Uses more than 350 letters to reconstruct the lives of a trio of sister whose father, a U.S. Congressman from New Hampshire, left them in 1850 for the Gold Rush.
Heffernan, Nancy Coffey, and Ann Page Stecker

Fiction & Literature


Ernest Hebert returns to Darby for a new novel in his “splendidly imagined cycle” (New York Times Book Review).
Hebert, Ernest

New England History / World War II / New Hampshire

Stark Decency

An evocative history of a World War II German POW camp in New Hampshire, where friendships among prisoners, guards, and villagers overcame the bitter divisions of war
Koop, Allen V. Hartmut Lang, fwd.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / Portsmouth

The Story of a Bad Boy

The timeless boyhood adventures of a mischievous lad in 19th-century New England, in a new edition for today's readers.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. A. B. Frost, illus.; David Watters, introd.

New England History / New Hampshire / Portsmouth

Strawbery Banke

This dramatic story of New Hampshire’s oldest neighborhood and only seaport spans 400 years in 400 pages with over 350 photographs and illustrations
Robinson, J. Dennis

Regional Architecture / New England History / New Hampshire / American Studies

Summer Cottages in the White Mountains

An expert looks at the historic role of summer cottages in New Hampshire’s popular White Mountain region.
Tolles, Bryant F., Jr.

Folklore / New Hampshire / American History

Tales Told in the Shadows of the White Mountains

A spine-tingling collection of real and surreal tales of northern New Hampshire
Jordan, Charles J.

Native American Studies / Archaeology / New Hampshire

A Time Before New Hampshire

A comprehensive look at the geography, environment, and peoples of the land that became New Hampshire, from ancient times through the colonial era.
Caduto, Michael J.

Essays / New Hampshire / New England


A personal and transformative journey into mechanical intricacy and philosophical inquiry.
Jerome, John

Essays / New Hampshire / Vermont

Where the Great River Rises

A lavishly illustrated, comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of the natural and human elements that comprise the Upper Connecticut River watershed
Brown, Rebecca A., ed.

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

Whisper My Name

The stakes are high when a company proposes to build a regional shopping mall in Darby
Hebert, Ernest

Regional Photography / New Hampshire / White Mountains

White Mountain Wilderness

A gorgeous tribute to the White Mountains in pictures and words
Monkman, Jerry and Marcy; Text by Jerry Monkman

Fiction & Literature / New Hampshire / New England

The Wisest Man in America

Loss, redemption, and the New Hampshire primary tie two men as they search for what's lasting in a world of change.
Wetherell, W. D.

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