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Science & Nature
(by title)
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Adirondack Wildlife

The first comprehensive field guide to the habitats and wildlife of the Adirondack State Park
Ryan, James M.

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Agriculture & Food Production / Social History / Ecology & Environmental Studies

America's Founding Fruit

Investigates the history and ecology of the cranberry to assess the effects of climate change on this and other cultivated fruits
Playfair, Susan

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Music / Ethnomusicology / Nature - Birds

Animal Musicalities

How conflicts between science and the humanities have shaped our understanding of the line between art and animal behavior

Mundy, Rachel

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Disability Studies / Pet Dogs

Another Language

A beautiful kaleidoscope of care, courage, and commitment
Braham, Jeanne

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Entomology / Insects & Spiders / Plans & Animal Photography

Art and Architecture of Insects

Discover the hidden beauty of insect anatomy
Phillips, David M.

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Trees / Nature - Regional


What kind of tree is that?
From Maine to New York, you’ll never be stumped again with this handy companion to the trees of the Northeast, either out in the woods or in your own backyard.
Wojtech, Michael

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Nature - Regional / Conservation

Basking with Humpbacks

A lively and often surprising look at eleven of New England’s most threatened marine species
McLeish, Todd

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Birds & Birdwatching / Nature

Birding in Connecticut

A comprehensive site guide to birding in Connecticut
Gallo, Frank

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Birds & Birdwatching

Birding the Hudson Valley

A guide to birds and birdwatching in the Hudson Valley
Schneider, Kathryn J.

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Birds & Birdwatching

Birdwatching in Maine

A guide to finding the best birding sites throughout the great state of Maine
Lovitch, Derek J., editor

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Birds & Birdwatching / Nature - Regional

Birdwatching in New Hampshire

A guide to birding in the Granite State
Masterson, Eric A.

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Birds & Birdwatching / Nature - Birds / Ornithology

Birdwatching in New York City and on Long Island

A detailed insider’s guide to the best places to find birds in all seasons
Rivel, Deborah and Kellye Rosenheim

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Birds & Birdwatching

Birdwatching in Vermont

The definitive how-to guide to watching and enjoying birds in Vermont including a special section for beginners
Murin, Ted, and Bryan Pfeiffer

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Dance / Health & Fitness / New Age

Body and Earth

An inspired synthesis of scientific detail and creative perception offers new insights into the relationship between body and earth.
Olsen, Andrea: Bill McKibben, fwd.

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Nature - Regional / Nature - Reference / Nature - Plants

Bogs & Fens

The definitive guide to the flora of northeastern bogs and fens
Davis, Ronald B.

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Ecology & Environmental Studies

Bogs of the Northeast

The first popular book to deal with bogs in a comprehensive yet authoritative manner
Johnson, Charles W.; Ian Worley, asst.; Meredith Edgcomb Young, illus.

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Music / Nature

The Book of Music and Nature
2nd edition, includes audio web links

A provocative book explores the relationship of music and the natural world.
Rothenberg, David, and Marta Ulvaeus, eds.

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Music / Nature

The Book of Music and Nature
Includes audio supplement

A provocative book with audio explores the relationship of music and the natural world
Rothenberg, David, and Marta Ulvaeus, eds.

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American History / Geography & Geology

British Atlantic, American Frontier

A pioneering work in Atlantic studies that emphasizes a transnational approach to the past.
Hornsby, Stephen J.

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Resource Management

Buying Time

The failure of complex systems, and the future of energy
Makabe, Kaz

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Cape Cod Wildflowers

The essential guide to Cape Cod’s natural botanical heritage
DiGregorio, Mario J. and Jeff Wallner

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Resource Management / Marine Science / Economics & Business / Maine

Capturing the Commons

A case study of the Maine lobster fishery, one of the most successful fisheries in the world.
Acheson, James M.

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Natural History / Native American History / New England History / Natural History

Ceremonial Time

A magical book that turns one modest square mile of exurban land into the most remarkably fascinating place
Mitchell, John Hanson

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Forests / Ecology & Environmental Studies

The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods

The ecology of the ever-changing Maine forest
Barton, Andrew M., with Alan S. White and Charles V. Cogbill

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Political Science & Government / Ecology & Environmental Studies / History / Pittsburgh

Citizen Environmentalists

A telling look at the lives and strategies of women environmental activists in the long 1960s, solidly grounded in a national context
Longhurst, James

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Resource Management / Agriculture & Food Production / Economics & Business

Civic Agriculture

A engaging analysis of food production in the United States emphasizing that sustainable agricultural development is important to community health.
Lyson, Thomas A.

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Ceramics / Social History / Natural History


How a humble substance helped create a modern world
Staubach, Suzanne

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New England History / Nature / Conservation

Clearing the Coastline

A social and ecological history of the rise and demise of Cape Cod’s coastal fisheries in the nineteenth century
McKenzie, Matthew

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The first complete treatment of the U.S. land trust movement as a crucial feature of current efforts to protect the environment.
Brewer, Richard

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Nature Essays / Poetry - Nature


New vocabulary for a world on the brink
Russo, Linda and Marthe Reed, Edited by

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Nature / Science-General / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Nautical

Crab Wars

Scientists, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists collide in a battle over the horseshoe crab and the lucrative biotech industry based on its blood.
Sargent, William

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The Dancing Universe

Available again, with a new preface, a physicist's "exceptionally clear summary of 2,500 years of science and a fascinating account of the ways in which it often does intersect with spiritual beliefs" --Kirkus Reviews
Gleiser, Marcelo

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History / Nature

Defending the Master Race

A historical rediscovery of one of the heroic founders of the conservation movement who was also one of the most infamous racists in American history
Spiro, Jonathan Peter

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Natural Disasters / New England History


Tropical Storm Irene in Vermont, from the perspective of Vermonters who rebuilt their state
Shinn, Peggy

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Natural History

The Devil’s Cormorant

A journey through the history, biology, and culture of the misunderstood cormorant
King, Richard J.

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Nature Essays / Science Essays / Gardening Essays


Thirty-six artists, scientists, and renowned writers go wild about the virtues, pleasure, and importance of dirt!
Richardson, Barbara, editor

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Pet Dogs

Dog Truths

A whimsically serious chapbook about dogs
Reed, Kit. Illustrated by Reed, Joseph

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Dr. Mel’s Connecticut Climate Book

Connecticut’s unique climate and major weather events explained by the state’s best-known meteorologist
Goldstein, Mel

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Political Science & Government / Ecology & Environmental Studies

Eagle Over the Ice

An examination of international governance of the Antarctic continent -- one of the few success stories of international cooperation -- as viewed through the lens of US politics.
Joyner, Christopher C., and Ethel R. Theis

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Mountains / Nature - Regional / Ecology

Eastern Alpine Guide

Explore the wonders of eastern North America’s alpine regions
Jones, Mike and Liz Willey, Editors

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Poetry / Essays / Ecology & Environmental Studies

eco language reader

In this riveting and timely collection of essays, interviews, and photographs, 17 contemporary innovative poets weigh in on pressing environmental concerns
Iijima, Brenda, ed.

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Science - Study & Teaching / History of Science / Media Studies

The Educated Eye

A study of visual culture in the teaching of the life sciences
Anderson, Nancy and Michael R. Dietrich, eds.

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Forests / Ecology

Emerald Labyrinth

The race to explore the Congo’s dwindling biodiversity and unlock its ancient secrets
Greenbaum, Eli

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Urban Studies / Resource Management

Energy in America

Presents a broad, cultural view of America’s energy sector—traditionally the domain of engineers and policy makers—for nonscientists involved in creating sustainable communities
Kelley, Ingrid

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Biology / Philosophy of Science / Buddhist Ritual & Practice

The Enlightened Gene

Are humans inherently good? Where does compassion come from? Is death essential for life? The surprising confluence of Buddhist thought and cutting-edge biology.
Eisen, Arri and Konchok, Yungdrung

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Poetry / Science-General


A chapbook of poems about physics from Rae Armantrout
Armantrout, Rae

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Ecology & Environmental Studies

Environmental Problem Solving

A practical, user-friendly toolbox of skills, solutions, and tips for addressing the “people factor” in environmental challenges.
Hughes, Jeffrey W.

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Birds & Birdwatching

A Field Guide to the Birds of Wesleyan

A humorous and insightful guide to campus birds
James, Oliver

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Nature

A Field Guide to the Familiar

A book for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the natural world
Lawrence, Gale; Adelaide Tyrol, illus.

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Science Essays / Religion & Science / Religious Philosophy

The Flatland Dialogues

Suddenly, evolution is in our hands. Are we alone? Is there more to life? A dialogue on today’s search for intelligent life
Sayre, David

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Agriculture & Food Production / Sustainable Agriculture / Conservation

Food, Farms, and Community

How food systems reflect our values and contribute to our economy, environment, and culture
Chase, Lisa and Vern Grubinger

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Fishing / Fish / Fishing

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

A vividly illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York
Patterson, Matt and David A. Patterson

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Public Policy / Maine

The Future of the Northern Forest

A timely collection presenting the diverse voices involved in the debate over the fate of the Northern forestlands.
Klyza, Christopher McGrory, and Stephen C. Trombulak, eds.

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Nature - Regional / Conservation

Golden Wings & Hairy Toes

A lively and often surprising look at fourteen of New England’s most endangered species
McLeish, Todd

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Zoology / Nature / Marine Science

Good Tidings

Both a history of the New England shellfish industry and a look into the science, economics, and techniques of shellfish aquaculture
Brennessel, Barbara

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Wilderness Ecosystems & Habitats

Granite, Fire, and Fog

The only book that offers both a natural and a cultural history of one of the nation’s favorite parks
Wessels, Tom

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Nature Essays / Religion

The Greening of Faith

Expanded 20th anniversary edition of a classic anthology that emphasizes links between multiple faith traditions and the natural world
Carroll, John E., Paul Brockelman, and Mary Westfall, eds.

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Wildlife / Nature - Regional / Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Wars

An examination of the ongoing debate about how to save the American grizzly bear by David Knibb.
Knibb, David

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Ecology & Environmental Studies / Nature / Education

Hands-On Nature

"A gold mine of ideas for exploring nature with children, and “a must for those teaching natural science in any setting.”—Science and Children
Lingelbach, Jenepher, and Lisa Purcell, eds. Susan Sawyer, illus.

Cover image
Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies

The House on Ipswich Marsh

A richly layered approach to millions of years of geological and cultural history in an unusual New England biosystem.
Sargent, William

Cover image
Marine Science / Agriculture & Food Production / Popular Culture

I, Lobster

A consideration of the lobster in history, myth, art, literature, and cuisine
Frazier, Nancy

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Arctic Studies / Nature / Climate

The Ice Chronicles

An exciting account of revolutionary new discoveries for understanding the earth's climate, and their implications for future scientific research and global environmental policy.
Mayewski, Paul Andrew and Frank White. Lynn Margulis, fwd.

Cover image
Nature / Fish

In Pursuit of Giants

A lyrical and passionate call to arms to save the world’s great fish
Rigney, Matt

Cover image
Nature / Contemporary Art

In Season

In words and pictures, two naturalists show that close attention to nature reveals constant change
Estrin, Nona Bell, field illustrations and notes; Charles W. Johnson, essays

Cover image
Sustainable Development / Resource Management / Conservation

The Infinite Resource

A surprising, convincing, and optimistic argument for meeting the crisis of scarcity with the power of ideas
Naam, Ramez

Cover image
Landscape Architecture / Ecology & Environmental Studies / New England Gardening

Integrated Landscaping

A new way of thinking about landscaping home grounds and public spaces, Revised and Expanded
Chase-Rowell, Lauren, Mary Tebo Davis, Katherine Hartnett, and Marilyn Wyzga

Cover image
Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies

Just Seconds from the Ocean

An accessible analysis of the dangers of living close to the ocean in an era of global warming and megahurricanes
Sargent, William

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Nature / Resource Management / Forestry

Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Habitat

An easy-to-use guide for enhancing wildlife habitat quality, timber values, and the appearance of forest lands.
DeGraaf, Richard M., et al

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Ecology & Environmental Studies

The Landscape of Community

A history of New England's communal forests and their economic, environmental, and cultural impact.
McCullough, Robert.

Cover image
Sustainable Development / Conservation

The Leap

An elegant argument for a bold new economic direction
Turner, Chris

Cover image
Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Arctic Studies

Life in the Cold
4th edition

A revised edition of a classic work on cold climate ecosystems, with a new chapter on climate change
Marchand, Peter J.

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Conservation / Photography / Nature/Environment/Conservatio

Light Fading

The first book of its kind dedicated to the Florida Everglades, stunning full color photos!
Curzon, Joel

Cover image
Biography - Cultural Heritage

The Lives of Dillon Ripley

The true story of the last Renaissance man
Stone, Roger D.

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Nature Essays / Essays / Conservation

Living at the End of Time

Now back in print, Living at the End of Time is the story of a Thoreauvian experiment in simple living undertaken in the midst of the fast-paced electronic age
Mitchell, John Hanson

Cover image
Wildlife / Lakes, Ponds & Swamps / Poetry - Nature

Loon Lore

The elusive loon—here one moment, gone the next—shows the limits of what we can grasp, and the temporary nature of what is
Sullivan, William

Cover image
Conservation / Sculpture / Nature - Birds

The Lost Bird Project

A sculptor creates memorials to five extinct North American bird species
McGrain, Todd

Cover image

Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast

A field guide to mammal tracks with detailed illustrations, concise useful information, and a key for identification
Gibbons, Diane K.

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Geography & Geology

Minerals with Belgian Roots

This volume discusses a group of minerals either discovered and first described in Belgium, or discovered abroad but with names that refer to Belgian scholars
Van Der Meersche, Eddy, De Paepe, Paul, & Stoops, Georges

Cover image
Poetry / Cultural Studies / Sky Observation

Missing the Moon

Scientific elegies of ambition and failure from this esteemed poet
Ramke, Bin

Cover image
Poetry / Nature / Personal Growth

My Crooked House

Painting a raw picture of feeling broken “in some fundamental way,” Carson’s poems sing to how that feeling can be mended
Carson, Teresa

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Sustainable Development

The Myth of Progress
Revised ed.

A provocative critique of Western progress from a scientific perspective
Wessels, Tom

Cover image
Mammals / Polar Regions / Endangered Species


Narwhal tells the story of the whale that has captured the imagination of the world for centuries—it truly reveals an Arctic legend
Fitzhugh, William W. and Martin T. Nweeia

Cover image

Native and Naturalized Trees of New England and Adjacent Canada

A practical field guide to forest trees of the Northeast
DeGraaf, Richard M., and Paul E. Sendak

Cover image

A Natural History of Boston’s North Shore

A beautifully illustrated guide to the flora, fauna, and geology of Boston’s North Shore for readers of all ages
Lindborg, Kristina

Cover image
Conservation / Resource Management

Natural Quiet and Natural Darkness

Recent work on best management practices for sound and light in national parks
Manning, Robert, Peter Newman, Jesse Barber, Christopher Monz, Jeffrey Hallo, and Steven Lawson

Cover image

The Nature of Cape Cod

A field companion to the natural sites of Cape Cod
Schwarzman, Beth; Sandra Hogan McDermott, illus.

Cover image
Nature / Botany

The Nature of Vermont

An up-to-date overview of Vermont’s geological, natural, and land use histories, in the context of past, present, and future human interactions with the landscape
Johnson, Charles W.

Cover image

New England Weather, New England Climate

A comprehensive, accessible guide to a subject near and dear to every New Englander’s heart: the weather
Zielinski, Gregory A. & Barry D. Keim

Cover image
Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies

New England Wildlife

The only comprehensive guide to the natural histories and habitats of all inland New England species
DeGraaf, Richard M., and Mariko Yamasaki

Cover image
Nature Essays

New Wilderness Voices

A literary celebration of the Northeast’s wild places
Woodside, Christine, Ed.

Cover image
Global Warming & Climate Change / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Environmental Policy

A Newer World

An environmentalist’s exploration of how we are bringing ourselves to the beginning of the end of the climate crisis and to the verge of sustainability
Hewitt, William F.

Cover image
Geography & Geology / Atlases & Maps

Norwich's Maps of Africa

Norwich, Oscar I; Kolbe, bibliographical descriptions; Pam; Stone, Jeffrey C., ed.

Cover image
Archaeology / Geography & Geology

Ol' Man River

This volume contains the selected proceedings of a multidisciplinary conference (Ghent, 2006), which stimulated looking at landscape evolution from the times of early human involvement in nature to much more recent historical developments.
De Dapper, Morgan, Vermeulen, Frank; Deprez, Sarah; Taelman, Devi

Cover image
Conservation / American History / Exxon Valdez

Out of the Channel

An examination of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound by John Keeble.
Keeble, John

Cover image
Nature / Conservation / Resource Management

Parks and People

A science-based approach to outdoor recreation management at Maine's Acadia National Park, applicable to parks and conservation areas nationwide
Manning, Robert E., editor

Cover image


A Nobel Laureate’s classic introduction to the study of physics as a liberal art.
Cooper, Leon N.

Cover image
Music / Arctic Studies / Ecology & Environmental Studies

The Place Where You Go to Listen

A personal journey into the music of the Arctic
Adams, John Luther

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Nature

Pond and Brook

A complete guide to the plants and animals of ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands.
Caduto, Michael J. Donella H. Meadows, fwd.; Joan Thomson, illus.

Cover image
Fish / Conservation / Fishing

The Quest for the Golden Trout

A river advocate and environmentalist questions some of the unsound methods of conservation and restoration imposed on North American rivers and streams

Thompson, Douglas M.

Cover image
Sports & Recreation / Education / Ecology & Environmental Studies


A guide to creating treasure hunts that teach and share the special places in your community
Clark, Delia; Glazer, Steven

Cover image
Science-General / Philosophy

Research Ethics

This reader provides a thorough overview of the ethical dilemmas confronting contemporary research scientists.
Elliott, Deni, and Judy E. Stern, eds.

Cover image
Memoir / Nature

The Road Washes Out in Spring

A beautifully written memoir of nature, community, and poetry
Wormser, Baron

Cover image
Nature / Memoir / New England

The Salt House

A woman writer's lyrical memoir of a summer with her artist husband in a remote Cape Cod dune shack
Huntington, Cynthia

Cover image
Science-General / Resource Management

Science and Sustainable Management of the North Sea

This book is the product of a research program that provided the opportunity for natural scientists, socio-economic scientists and lawyers to gather and discuss the North Sea ecosystem.
Calewaert, Jan-Bart & Maes, Frank, eds.

Cover image
Evolution / Philosophy of Science / Evolution

Sex, Genes & Rock ’n’ Roll

An evolutionary biologist looks at diverse environmental and social problems to show how the basic evolutionary imperative of survival and adaptation shapes our world
Brooks, Rob

Cover image
Nature / Memoir

Sick of Nature

Essays that trace the making of a reluctant nature writer.
Gessner, David

Cover image
Philosophy of Science / Nature Essays / Fishing

The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected

A preeminent scientist and writer ponders existence while learning to fly-fish
Gleiser, Marcelo

Cover image
Education / Nature

Small Wonders

A fresh and practical guide to exploring the environment with young children, from the creators of Hands-on Nature
Garrett, Linda and Hannah Thomas

Cover image
Children's Fiction / Birds & Birdwatching


Kids will laugh even as they’re learning when they read Sy Montgomery’s latest, which features a YouTube sensation
Montgomery, Sy

Cover image
Philosophy - Essays / Religion - Philosophy / Philosophy of Science

Something There Is

In letters to his children from wildly diverse settings—the Pentagon, prisons, cathedrals, reservations— Sayre joins his struggles with other scientists seeking a faith that will last
Sayre, David

Cover image
Poetry / Birds & Birdwatching

A Spicing of Birds

The bird poems of a revered American poet paired with classic bird illustrations
Dickinson, Emily, Jo Miles Schuman and Joanna Bailey Hodgman, eds.

Cover image
Marine Science / Marine Biology

Squid Empire

The ancient, mysterious, intelligent, and adaptable creatures who once ruled the oceans
Staaf, Danna

Cover image
Nature / Conservation


An insider’s look at a sanctuary under siege
Borrelli, Peter

Cover image
Geography & Geology / History

Stories in Stone

Exploring the many facets of Connecticut’s unique geology
Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies

Storm Surge

A compelling tale of a natural disaster and its effects on a small New England community, now back in print
Sargent, William

Cover image
Natural History / Ecology & Environmental Studies

The Story of Vermont

The updated edition of a classic contemporary account of Vermont’s environmental history, told through the interaction of natural and human components
Klyza, Christopher McGrory and Stephen C. Trombulak

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Sustainability

The Sustainable Learning Community

Case studies from the University of New Hampshire explore all the dimensions of sustainability in campus life, combining frugality and creativity
Aber, John, Tom Kelly, and Bruce Mallory, eds.

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Conservation / Transportation

Sustainable Transportation in the National Parks

Synthesizes the most important work on transportation in parks and outdoor recreation over the past two decades
Manning, Robert, Steven Lawson, Peter Newman, Jeffrey Hallo, and Christopher Monz, editors

Cover image
Forests / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Wildlife Management

Technical Guide to Forest Wildlife Habitat Management in New England

The authoritative, professional guide to improving and sustaining diverse wildlife habitat conditions in New England.
DeGraaf, Richard M., et al

Cover image
Nature Essays / Wildlife / Forests

Through a Naturalist's Eyes

A journey through the natural world of New England, with an expert guide, and reflections on the relationship between nature and humankind
Caduto, Michael J.

Cover image
Reptile & Amphibians / Ecology & Environmental Studies

Timber Rattlesnakes in Vermont & New York

The fascinating, definitive chronicle of the timber rattlesnake and its fate in the northeast
Furman, Jon

Cover image
Nature / Gardening & Horticulture / Birds & Birdwatching

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Attracting Birds

A new edition of the classic guide to creating a habitat to attract birds
DeGraaf, Richard M.

Cover image
African American History / History of Science / Social Philosophy

The Two Principal Laws of Thermodynamics

van den Berg, J. H.

Cover image
Nature - Plants / Gardening & Horticulture

The Tylenchulidae Of The World

The definitive first and only book on this family of plant parasites

Ghaderi, Reza

Cover image
Nature / Photography

Untamed Vermont

A fresh and innovative look at the remote and remarkable wild areas in one tiny New England state.
Gardner, A. Blake

Cover image
Science-General / Visual Culture

Visual Cultures of Science

A new collection explores the complex role of visual representation in science.
Pauwels, Luc, editor

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Literary Criticism / Literary Criticism - American / Public Policy

Voices in the Wilderness

American nature writers as literary artists and political catalysts.
Payne, Daniel G.

Cover image
Nature - Birds


Perfectly adapted to its place in nature, the vulture retains its bad reputation. But is it deserved?
Fallon, Katie

Cover image
Conservation / Nature Essays / Global Warming & Climate Change

Walking to the Sun

A seasoned travel writer and adventurer journeys on foot through the various landscapes of our energy past and our energy future, from Maine to California
Haines, Tom

Cover image
Nature Essays / New England History / Literary Criticism - American

Walking Towards Walden

On a fifteen-mile bushwhack, exploring the whole idea of place
Mitchell, John Hanson

Cover image
Memoir / Pet Dogs

Waltzing with Bracey

A love letter to the glories of the Maine Coast and to the human/animal bonds that can so enrich a life
Gilchrist, Brenda

Cover image
Nature / Lakes, Ponds & Swamps / Conservation

Watching Great Meadow

The eye-opening chronicle of a wetland and its inhabitants’ fight for survival in a changing climate
Russell, Gordon

Cover image
Resource Management / Ecology & Environmental Studies


The fastest dwindling and most valuable resource in the world today is not oil, it’s water—clean, safe, fresh water
Frérot, Antoine

Cover image
Nature / Essays

The Way to the Salt Marsh

John Hay reveals the ubiquitous but often unnoticed emblems all around us
Hay, John. Christopher Merrill, ed. and introd

Cover image
Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Botany

Wetland, Woodland, Wildland

The first field guide to all of Vermont’s natural communities
Thompson, Elizabeth H., and Eric R. Sorenson. Libby Davidson, Betsy Brigham, and Darien McElwain, illus

Cover image
Maritime History & Piracy / Marine Science / Ecology

The Whale and His Captors; or, The Whaleman's Adventures

An authoritative new edition of a lost source of Melville’s Moby-Dick
Cheever, Henry T.; edited and with an introduction by Robert D. Madison

Cover image

A Wild, Rank Place
Published in cooperation with the Center for American Places.

A young writer confronts life, death, and literary ancestors amid the stark beauty of Cape Cod
Gessner, David

Cover image
Gardening Essays / Travel Essays & Travelogues / Nature Essays

The Wildest Place on Earth

The unlikely story of how formal Italian Renaissance gardens encouraged the preservation of the American wilderness
Mitchell, John Hanson

Cover image
Nature - Regional / Wildlife

The Wildlife of New England

The Essential Guide to Viewing New England Wildlife
Burk, John S.

Cover image
Juvenile Fiction - Ducks, Geese, etc. / Nature - Birds / Friendship

Wings in the Wind

Against all odds an orphan Mallard reaches adulthood on the banks of the Merrimack River watched over from a distance by a young girl
Walsh, Julia

Cover image
Music / Nature / Arctic Studies

Winter Music
Audio CD.

Eminent composer discusses music, culture, and the environment.
Adams, John Luther. Gann, Kyle, fwd.

Cover image
Women's Studies / Ecology & Environmental Studies

Women Pioneers For The Environment

Inspiring stories of more than forty remarkable women from across the globe, each of whom stepped out of her traditional role and dedicated her life to saving the planet.
Breton, Mary Joy

Cover image
Nature Essays / Nature - Regional / Wilderness Ecosystems & Habitats / Essays / Nature / Ecosystem

Words from the Wild

Inspired by New Hampshire Public Television’s award-winning series Windows to the Wild
Lange, Willem

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Nature

Working with Your Woodland

A landowner’s manual for forest management in New England
Beattie, Mollie, Charles Thompson, and Lynn Levine. Carl Reidel, fwds.; Nancy Howe, illus.

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