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Sports & Recreation
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Mid-Atlantic History / Americana / Canoeing

The Adirondack Guideboat

The definitive guide to the history and makers of Adirondack guideboats
Sulavik, Stephen B.

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Children's Health / Sports Health & Safety / Sports Medicine / Children's Health

Ahead of the Game

A new look at understanding and preventing sports concussion in children and teens
Moser, Rosemarie Scolaro, PhD.

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20th Century U.S. History / Gambling & Lotteries / New England History

American Sweepstakes

The dramatic story of the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire Sweepstakes
Flynn, Kevin

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Canoeing / Canadian History / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers

Barren Grounds

A journey to the Barren Lands of Arctic Canada becomes a race against time
Pessl, Skip

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Cycling / New England Travel / Portsmouth

Bicycling New Hampshire's Seacoast
Revised & updated edition

Recently revised and updated, this is the only biking guide you need to enjoy ocean views and country roads on New Hampshire’s historic, scenic Seacoast and adjacent Maine. Includes maps and directions for 28 rides
Chestney, Linda

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Bicycling on Boston’s North Shore

Discover Boston’s scenic and historic North Shore on two wheels
Turner, Roger L.

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Cycling / New England Travel / Portsmouth

Bicycling Southern New Hampshire
Revised & expanded ed.

This updated and expanded second edition of this book offers the best cycling routes in southern New Hampshire
Chestney, Linda

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Sports & Recreation / Travel & Tourism / Bicycling

Bicycling with Kids in DownEast Maine

An onroads bicycling book of 25 rides for children under 10 and an adult in the scenic northern coastal area of Maine.
Turner, Roger L.

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American History / Social History / Equestrian Sports

Circle Around Monadnock

Finding and following two of New Hampshire’s oldest trails into history—on horseback
Clark, Francelia

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Activity Books / Biblical Studies / Early Christianity

Coloring the Biblia Pauperum

A calming coloring experience, rich with the spirituality of the ages
Labriola, Albert C., John W. Smeltz

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Hiking / New England Travel / Hikes & Walks

Connecticut Walk Book

The ultimate guide to Connecticut’s extensive public trails system
Connecticut Forest & Park Association

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Critical Hours

A perilous history of search and rescue in a changing landscape
Stott, Sandy

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Football / New England History

Five Rings

Five rings to rule them all! A history of the modern Patriots as seen through the lens of their Super Bowl games, by the bestselling author of From Darkness to Dynasty
Thornton, Jerry

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Fly Fishing in Connecticut

Provides the essentials to launch a personal journey into the world of fly fishing
Murphy, Kevin

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Fishing / Fish / Fishing

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

A vividly illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York
Patterson, Matt and David A. Patterson

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Sports History / Football / New England History

From Darkness to Dynasty

The wild, zany, forgotten history of the NFL’s premier franchise!

Thornton, Jerry

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Gone Fishin’

A guide to the best fishing spots in all of Massachusetts
Luftglass, Manny, Bowles, Ian A., fwd

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Sports & Recreation

Hot Hands, Draft Hype, and DiMaggio's Streak

Proof that everything you thought you knew about sports is wrong
Hirsch, Sheldon

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In Pursuit of a Powerful Performance

This book on cycling attempts to bridge the gap between coaching and science
Wiggins, Jonathan

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Sports & Recreation Essays / Higher Education

Ivy League Athletes

Ten profiles that show what sets Ivy League student athletes apart

Maiorana, Sal with a Foreword by Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Ice Hockey / Sports History / Sport Biography

Jack Parker's Wiseguys

The story of one of the most outrageous national championship teams of the swashbuckling ’70s
Rappleye, Tim

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Football / Sport Biography / Memoir

Meeting Tom Brady

An everyman’s tale of longing for greatness and love of the game
King, Richard J.

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The New Hiking the Monadnock Region

Expanded and updated hiking guide to the Monadnock region featuring all new maps for each hike!
Adamowicz, Joe; Virginia Dickinson, maps

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Sociology of Sports

No Boston Olympics

A play-by-play account of how No Boston Olympics rallied Massachusetts residents to reject an Olympic bid
Dempsey, Chris and Zimbalist, Andrew

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New England History / White Mountains Mountaineering

Passaconaway’s Realm

A compelling narrative of the journeys of early American explorers into the White Mountain wilderness
Lawson, Russell M.

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Sports & Recreation

Peak Experiences

An anthology of adventure and life-threatening dangers atop the peaks of the Northeast
White, Carol Stone, Editor

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Fish / Conservation / Fishing

The Quest for the Golden Trout

A river advocate and environmentalist questions some of the unsound methods of conservation and restoration imposed on North American rivers and streams

Thompson, Douglas M.

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Sports & Recreation / Education / Ecology & Environmental Studies


A guide to creating treasure hunts that teach and share the special places in your community
Clark, Delia; Glazer, Steven

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Basketball / Sports History


A game-by-game chronicle of one of the most unlikely comebacks in all of sports
Borges, David

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Baseball History

Red Sox Nation Guide to the Players

Short biographies and statistical career summaries for every Boston Americans (Pilgrims) and Boston Red Sox player from 1901 through 2007
McNeil, William F.

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Memoir / Sailing / Maritime

Sailing the Dream

Sailing the Dream tells the story of that amazing voyage, a nine-month odyssey full of technical and navigational challenges that would stump sailors twice the author's age.
Perham, Mike

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Sports History / Basketball

Shock the World

How Jim Calhoun made the University of Connecticut a basketball powerhouse and became the greatest coach of his generation
Burns, Peter F., Jr.

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Philosophy of Science / Nature Essays / Fishing

The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected

A preeminent scientist and writer ponders existence while learning to fly-fish
Gleiser, Marcelo

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Skiing / History

The Story of Modern Skiing

The ultimate history of skiing from a renowned insider
Fry, John

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Baseball / Sports History / Sports & Rec/ Baseball/History

That One Glorious Season

Baseball players with one spectacular year from 1950-1961 are profiled.
Letarte, Richard

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Running & Jogging / New England Travel

Trail Running Western Massachusetts

An up-to-date guide to the 51 best trail running sites in western Massachusetts
Kimball, Ben

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Basketball / Sport Biography / Sociology of Sports

The Whistleblower

A riveting tour of college basketball, guided by an unlikely sports hero: the referee
Katz, Bob

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Sports & Recreation / Women's Studies / Gender Studies

Women and Sports in the United States

The only anthology available documenting 100 years of women in American sports
O’Reilly, Jean and Cahn, Susan K., eds.

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Sociology of Sports / Women's Studies

Women and Sports in the United States

A thoroughly revised and expanded edition of the classic reader about women and sports in the United States
Schultz, Jaime, Jean O'Reilly, and Susan K. Cahn, eds

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Skiing / Olympics

World Class

The importance of teamwork in the success of U.S. women at the world cross-country ski championships
Shinn, Peggy

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