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True Crime
(by title)
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True Crime - Organized Crime / True Crime - Murder


Before Whitey Bulger’s bloody reign, before the Boston FBI was torn apart by indictments and revelations of corruption—there was Joe “The Animal” Barboza
Sherman, Casey

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True Crime - Murder

Bad Blood

The true story of a deadly feud in New England’s north country
Sherman, Casey

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True Crime / New England History

Boston Strong

The story of the Boston Marathon bombing through the eyes of those most intimately affected
Sherman, Casey and Dave Wedge

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True Crime - Serial Killers

Confession of a Serial Killer

Explore the mind and motivations of a serial killer
Ramsland, Katherine, PhD

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True Crime - Murder

Death by Cyanide

A Pittsburgh doctor’s brutal poisoning of his physician wife, and his riveting trial for first-degree murder
Ward, Paula Reed

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True Crime

Escape from Dannemora

The complete story of the prison break and manhunt that kept America spellbound
Benson, Michael

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True Crime - Espionage / World War II / Southwest History

Fetch the Devil

An El Paso sheriff’s investigation of the Nazi spy ring that orchestrated the murder of two California socialites in the Texas desert on the eve of World War II
Richmond, Clint

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True Crime - Organized Crime

Final Confession

A chronicle of the daring, meticulously planned, and ingenious high-stakes heists (including the second Brinks robbery in Boston) pulled off by mastermind thief Phil Cresta, a career criminal who was also a master at outwitting police and the FBI
Wallace, Brian P.; Crowley, Bill; Lehane, Dennis, foreword; Geis, Gilbert, intro.

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True Crime

Finding Amy

A fascinating, first-hand account of a murder investigation in a rural state
Loughlin, Joseph K. and Kate Clark Flora

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True Crime - Mass Murder / Mid-Atlantic History

In Pursuit

The true story of the Washington, DC, snipers, by the cop who took them down
Reichenbaugh, David

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True Crime / 20th Century U.S. History / New England History

In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti

An in-depth reexamination with startling new insights into the controversial case
Tejada, Susan

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True Crime - Murder / New England History

In the Evil Day

A quiet New England town is shattered by violence—and rises above it
Carey, Richard Adams

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True Crime / Essays

Judge Sentences

Tales of a judge’s life on and off the bench
Meagher, Dermot

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True Crime

Killer Show

The definitive book on The Station nightclub fire on the 10th anniversary of the disaster
Barylick, John

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True Crime - Murder

Maximum Harm

The chaos, complicity, and deadly consequences of the Boston Marathon bombing
McPhee, Michele R.

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Criminal Justice / True Crime / Education History

Murder at Mount Hermon

This suspenseful account solves a longtime New England murder mystery: the shotgun killing of Elliott Speer, the charismatic young headmaster of the Mount Hermon School for Boys in Northfield, Massachusetts.
Walley, Craig

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True Crime - Murder

A Murder in Wellesley

Inside one of New England’s most infamous murders
Farmer, Tom, and Marty Foley

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World War II / British History / True Crime - Espionage

Night Flight to Dungavel

High-ranking Nazi leader Rudolf Hess’s secret flight to England remains one of the most extraordinary mysteries of the Second World War
Padfield, Peter

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Criminal Justice

NYPD Battles Crime

An in-depth examination of the New York Police Department and its striking success in fighting crime.
Silverman, Eli B.

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20th Century U.S. History / History - 20th Century / True Crime - Espionage

Operation Whisper

The true story of the master spies who stole the atomic bomb
Carr, Barnes

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True Crime - Murder

Seven Million

Some died, some went to jail—who holds the key to the missing millions?
Craig, Gary

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True Crime - Serial Killers

Shallow Graves

The worst serial killing case in Massachusetts since the Boston Strangler
Boyle, Maureen

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True Crime - Murder / 20th Century U.S. History / New England History

Tommy Gun Winter

A veteran journalist tracks down a family secret and rediscovers the story of Jewish gangsters run amok in 1930s Boston
Gorenstein, Nathan

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