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World History
(by title)
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Cultural Studies / History

Acts of Memory

A theoretically grounded interdisciplinary study of “cultural memory” in sites ranging from Chile, Bolivia, and South Africa to Germany and the US.
Bal, Mieke, Jonathan Crewe, and Leo Spitzer, eds.

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Military Biography / Military Aviation History / World War II

Air Officer Commanding

A new biography of the architect of RAF Fighter Command in the centennial year of the Royal Air Force
LaSaine, John T., Jr.

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Terrorism / 20th Century U.S. History / East African History

Al Qaeda Declares War

The dramatic story of the FBI’s hunt for al Qaeda terrorists in the wake of the African embassy bombings, and of the successful prosecutions that resulted
Hoffman, Tod

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Cultural Studies / World War II / Advertising

All-Out for Victory!

A lively look at magazine ads during World War II and their roles in sustaining morale and promoting home-front support of the war, with lots of illustrations
Jones, John Bush

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Historiography / World History / History - Essays

Altered Pasts

A thought-provoking survey and critique of “what-if?” history
Evans, Richard J.

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Poetry / History / Judaism

Alternatives to History

Ladin, Jay

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British & European History / GENEALOGY

American And British Genealogy And Heraldry

Filby, P. William

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American History / History - Reference / Reference

American Paper Mills, 1690–1832

A comprehensive account of early papermaking in America
Bidwell, John

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Agriculture & Food Production / Social History / Ecology & Environmental Studies

America's Founding Fruit

Investigates the history and ecology of the cranberry to assess the effects of climate change on this and other cultivated fruits
Playfair, Susan

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Music / Middle East Studies

Among the Jasmine Trees

The first ethnographic study of music-making in modern Syria
Shannon, Jonathan Holt

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Dance / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Women's Studies

Antonia Mercé, “LaArgentina”

The first major study of the Spanish choreographer who invented the modernist Flamenco ballet form.
Bennahum, Ninotchka Devorah

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Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Arctic Adaptations
Expanded English ed.

The evolving culture of indigenous communities in Siberia
Krupnik, Igor., Marcia Levenson, trans. and ed.

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Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Arctic Wars, Animal Rights, Endangered Peoples

Lynge, Finn., Marianne Stenbaek, trans.

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Art / History - 20th Century / History & Theory

The Art of Evolution

A timely and stimulating collection of essays about the impact of Darwin's ideas on visual culture
Larson, Barbara, Fae Brauer, eds.

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African Studies / Politics

Artisanal Diamond Mining

This work makes a significant contribution to our progress towards the vision of artisanal alluvial diamond mining communities that are conflict and exploitation free.
Vlassenroot, Koen; Van Bockstael, Steven, eds.

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History - 18th Century / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers / Caribbean & West Indies History / Maritime

At the Point of a Cutlass

The astonishing true story of a young sailor’s ordeal during the golden age of piracy
Flemming, Gregory N.

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Memoir / British & European History / Women's Studies

Autobiography of a Generation
Trans. from the Italian

A rich interweaving of personal and historical accounts of a social movement that explores the way memory reconstructs our view of the past.
Passerini, Luisa. Lisa Erdberg, trans.; Joan Wallach Scott, fwd.

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Opera / British & European History / Biography

The Autumn of Italian Opera

The first full-length study of the last great era of Italian opera
Mallach, Alan

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Music / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Cultural Studies / Anthropology


The first in-depth study of banda, a Mexican and Mexican American musical practice.
Simonett, Helena

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History / Philosophy

Barbed Wire

The history of animals and humans as seen through barbed wire.
Netz, Reviel

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Poetry / Literary Criticism / Military History

The Barons

An epic meditation on contemporary American catastrophe and struggle
Corey, Joshua

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Canoeing / Canadian History / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers

Barren Grounds

A journey to the Barren Lands of Arctic Canada becomes a race against time
Pessl, Skip

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American Revolutionary War / Canadian History to 1867

The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony

An unparalleled look at America’s Revolutionary War invasion of Canada
Anderson, Mark R.

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Jewish Studies

Between Mussolini and Hitler

A landmark study of the forces shaping Fascist Italy’s policies toward Jews in occupied territories during World War II.
Carpi, Daniel

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Music / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Between Nostalgia and Apocalypse

Chronicles the entanglement of traditional and experimental music in northeast Brazil
Sharp, Daniel B.

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Memoir / World War II / Art Criticism & Theory

Bird in Flight

In Bird in Flight: Memoir of a Survivor and Scholar, Professor of Art History Edith Balas recounts her life from Transylvania, to Auschwitz, to respected art historian.
Balas, Edith

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History - 20th Century / Aviation

Bird Strike

An intriguing and thoughtful investigation of New England’s first major air disaster, caused by a massive bird strike, a half-century ago
Kalafatas, Michael N.

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Military Pictorial History / Military Biography / Photoessays & Documentaries

Birth of a Warrior

Follow an Army company through basic training, the core experience at the heart of becoming a soldier
Jones, Raymond McCrea

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Music / African-American Studies / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Black Rhythms of Peru

How Afro-Peruvian music was forgotten and recreated in Peru.
Feldman, Heidi Carolyn

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Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Ancient History

The Book of Looms

A heavily illustrated classic on the evolution of the handloom is now reissued in a handy paper edition.
Broudy, Eric

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Textiles / Design - Textiles / Ancient History

The Book of Looms

A definitive work now in its fortieth year
Broudy, Eric

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Holocaust Studies / History - 20th Century

The Book Smugglers

The Monuments Men for book lovers
Fishman, David E.

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Poetry / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Carribean

Born to Slow Horses

New work by the co-founder of the Caribbean Artists Movement.
Brathwaite, Kamau

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Art / History

The Boston Athenaeum

A rich collection of essays celebrates the bicentennial of the Boston Athenaeum
Wendorf, Richard

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History / Latin American History

Brazil at the Dawn of the Eighteenth Century

Antonil’s great work, recognized as fundamental for understanding the colonial Brazilian economy, now available in its first English translation
Antonil, André João

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American History / Military History

The British Raid on Essex

The untold story of the burning of American privateers in Connecticut
Roberts, Jerry

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History - 19th Century

Builders of the Hoosac Tunnel

A historical journey from black powder to nitro during the struggle to bore a five-mile tunnel through the Hoosac Mountain in the 1800s
Schexnayder, Cliff

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American History / World War II / Washington

The Burning Horse

A look at the history of Japanese-Americans in the Yakima Valley by Thomas H. Heuterman.
Heuterman, Thomas

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Historical Photography / Maritime History & Piracy / New England History

The Camera’s Coast

Page-by-page panorama of New England coastal activity from the late-nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from leisure and recreation to hard work
Bunting, W. H.

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Music / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Carriacou String Band Serenade

A Caribbean music festival as a window on social change
Miller, Rebecca S.

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World History / Literary Criticism - Spanish & Portuguese

Chaos and Splendor & Other Essays

Lourenço, Eduardo and Carlos Veloso, ed.

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Juvenile History / History - Spain & Portugal

A Children's History of Portugal

This heavily illustrated book narrates the exciting history of Portugal for young readers (ages 8-12) first time in English
Carvalho, Sérgio Luís de

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American History / Social History / Equestrian Sports

Circle Around Monadnock

Finding and following two of New Hampshire’s oldest trails into history—on horseback
Clark, Francelia

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Political Science & Government / Ecology & Environmental Studies / History / Pittsburgh

Citizen Environmentalists

A telling look at the lives and strategies of women environmental activists in the long 1960s, solidly grounded in a national context
Longhurst, James

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Music / Cultural Studies / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

The City of Musical Memory

A social history of salsa in Colombia.
Waxer, Lise A.

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Art - Romantic Period / Architectural History- Romanticism / History - Italy

City of the Soul

Romantic Rome—the Eternal City in word and image, from Goethe and Byron to James, from etching and watercolor to photograph
Pinto, John A.

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Civil Society and Dictatorship in Modern German History

A consideration of twentieth-century German social history and the legacies of the two dictatorships
Kocka, Jürgen

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Political Science & Government / History / Economics & Business / International Studies

The Civil Society Reader

A “civil society” anthology for experts and students alike.
Hodgkinson, Virginia and Michael W. Foley, eds.

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Ceramics / Social History / Natural History


How a humble substance helped create a modern world
Staubach, Suzanne

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Colonial History / History - 18th Century / Political Science - History & Theory

Community without Consent

An important reconsideration of the Stamp Act as prelude to the American Revolution
Hutchins, Zachary McLeod, ed.

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History / American History - 19th Century

A Connecticut Yankee in Lincoln’s Cabinet

The Civil War through the eyes of a key member of Lincoln’s cabinet
Welles, Gideon; edited by J. Ronald Spencer

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Music / History

Connecticut’s Fife and Drum Tradition

The first full account of this beloved American music tradition
Clark, James

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Comparative Literature / Fashion / Social History

Crossings in Text and Textile

A broad interdisciplinary collection highlighting the central place of clothing and textile in literature
Joslin, Katherine and Daneen Wardrop (eds.)

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Vietnam War / Military Veterans / Military Biography

Dartmouth Veterans

A collection of essays by Dartmouth alumni recalling their Vietnam War–era experiences
Schaefer, Phillip C., Editor

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Memoir / World War II

Dear Gloria

Dear Gloria is the diary of Japanese teenager Toneko Kimura, who grew up in America and returned to Japan during World War II.
Hirai, Toneko Kimura and Taro Kimura. Edited by Gregg Ramshaw

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British & European History

The Decline of the German Mandarins

A splendid re-publication of an indispensable book on German history.
Ringer, Fritz K.

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Ethnic Studies / British & European History

Declining the Stereotype

A groundbreaking text on multicultural issues in contemporary France.
Rosello, Mireille

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History / Nature

Defending the Master Race

A historical rediscovery of one of the heroic founders of the conservation movement who was also one of the most infamous racists in American history
Spiro, Jonathan Peter

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World History / History - Spain & Portugal / History - India & South Asia

Dialog of a Veteran Soldier

A scathing critique of the administrative, military, and political system of Portuguese Asia at the beginning of the seventeenth century
Couto, Diogo do

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African Studies

Diamonds, Rice, and a ‘Maggi Cube’

The economics of artisanal diamond mining from the Belgian government funded Egmont Artisanal Diamond Mining Project
Van Bockstael, Steven & Koen Vlassenroot

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Arctic Studies

The Diary of Johannes Hansen

A trip around Greenland to a distinct culture with no prior contact with the outside world.
Hansen, Johannes

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British & European History / Reference & Bibliography

Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism

A large-scale reference work covering the journalism industry in 19th-Century Britain
Brake, Laurel

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New England History / Social History / Cooking - Chefs & Restaurants

Dining Out in Boston

The history of restaurants in Boston
O'Connell, James C.

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Aviation Transportation History / History - 20th Century / Military History

Dirigible Dreams

The rise and fall of the adventurous dirigible age
Hiam, C. Michael

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Art History / Ancient History

The Divine Spark of Syracuse

A study of place and creative inspiration
Rowland, Ingrid D.

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Political Science & Government / Eastern Europe History / Communism & Socialism / Cold War Studies

A Documentary History of Communism in Russia
3rd rev. ed.

An extensive revision of the valued but unobtainable 1960 edition. Nearly 300 key documents are now readily available in translation.
Daniels, Robert V. ed. introd. notes, and original trans.

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Biography / Women's Studies / History

Doves of War

This beautifully written biographical work depicts the lives of four extraordinary women to paint a vivid, dramatic, and poignant portrait of the ideologies, horrific realities, and long-lasting emotional costs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
Preston, Paul

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Fashion / History - 19th Century / Social History

Dressed as in a Painting

The impact of the Aesthetic movement on women and women’s fashion
Wahl, Kimberly

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Music / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Popular Culture


The first inside story of this Jamaican reggae style
Veal, Michael E.

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Music / Popular Culture / History

Echo and Reverb

The untold story of acoustic effects in popular music.
Doyle, Peter

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Biography - Adventurers & Explorers / Social History

Eden of the North

First English translation of this 19th century novel tracing the relationship between traditional Greenlandic life and the interaction with the culture of their Danish colonizers
Rink, Signe

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British & European History / History - 16th Century

Embattled Territory

A seminal work that offers a new framework for the history of science in the Spanish Netherlands

Dupré, Sven

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Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Science Fiction

The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction

A fantastic voyage through the early science fiction of Latin America
Haywood Ferreira, Rachel

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Middle East Studies / Ancient History / History of Religions / Late Antiquity

Empires in Collision in Late Antiquity

Political and military developments in the Arabian Peninsula on the eve of Islam
Bowersock, G. W.

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Education / History

An Entrepreneurial University

A history of Tufts University and American higher education through the eyes of the longest serving provost in its history
Gittleman, Sol

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African Studies / Diseases / History - 18th Century

Essays on Some Maladies of Angola (1799)

A unique medical text describing healing practices in Africa at the peak of the transatlantic slave trade
Azeredo, José Pinto de

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Eastern Europe History / British & European History / Political Science & Government

Europeanization and Conflict Resolution

This volume studies the relevance of European integration for conflict settlement and conflict resolution in divided states such as Cyprus or Serbia and Montenegro.
Coppieters, Bruno, Emerson, Michael; Huysseune, Michel; Kozviridze, Tamara; Noutcheva, Gergana; Tocci, Nathalie & Vahl, Marius

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Jewish History / Russian & Soviet History / History - Reference / European History

Everyday Jewish Life in Imperial Russia

An astounding compilation of primary source documents dealing with all aspects of Jewish daily life in the Russian empire
Freeze, ChaeRan Y. and Jay M. Harris

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Archaeology / Military History

Excavating the Sutlers’ House

A presentation of new and classic artifacts from the remains of a sutlers’ house and other military sites along the Hudson River and Lake George, lavishly illustrated in full color
Starbuck, David R.

Cover image

Exiles and Expatriates in the History of Knowledge, 1500–2000

The impact of intellectual diasporas
Burke, Peter

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Poetry / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Exposition Park

A midway of poetic styles and syllabic tableaux
Tejada, Roberto

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Jewish History / Historiography / Jewish Studies

The Faith of Fallen Jews

Brings together key writings by one of the most distinguished and renowned Jewish historians of our time
Myers, David N. and Alexander Kaye, editors

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African Studies

A Farmer’s Best Friend?

The economics of artisanal diamond mining from the Belgian government funded Egmont Artisanal Diamond Mining Project
Van Bockstael, Steven

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True Crime - Espionage / World War II / Southwest History

Fetch the Devil

An El Paso sheriff’s investigation of the Nazi spy ring that orchestrated the murder of two California socialites in the Texas desert on the eve of World War II
Richmond, Clint

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World War II

A Few Planes for China

A new history of the genesis of the legendary Flying Tigers
Buchan, Eugenie

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World War II / History - Italy

Flashpoint Trieste

At the end of World War II in Europe, all the contending forces—the Allies, the Nazis, the Red Army, Italian Fascists, and Yugoslav Partisans—fought for control of the city of Trieste
Jennings, Christian

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History - France / World War I / World War II

French and Germans, Germans and French

A unique chronicle of the relations between the occupiers and the occupied

Cobb, Richard

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British & European History / World War II

A French Tragedy

An internationally renowned scholar examines an episode in the chaos and retributive strife that engulfed France during the liberation at the end of World War II.
Todorov, Tzvetan. Mary Byrd Kelly, trans.; Richard J. Golsan, trans. ed. and annot.

Cover image
Jewish Studies / History

From Text to Context

Essays examining the emergence of Jewish scholarship during the period 1818 - 1919, concentrating on the Wissenschaft des Judentums movement.
Schorsch, Ismar

Cover image
Jewish Studies / British & European History

German City, Jewish Memory

A remarkable, in-depth study of Jewish history, culture, and memory in a historic and contemporary German city
Roemer, Nils

Cover image
British & European History

The German Conception of History
Revised ed.

The first comprehensive critical examination in any language of the German national tradition of historiography
Iggers, Georg G.

Cover image
Biography - Philosophers / German History / Nationalism

Germany’s Prophet

A provocative and disquieting portrait of Bible scholar and founder of modern German antisemitism Paul de Lagarde
Sieg, Ulrich

Cover image
Iraq War (2003-2011) / Iraq History / Military Biography

Ghost Riders of Baghdad

An American officer confronts the realities of war and politics during a year with the 61st Cavalry in Iraq
Sjursen, Daniel A.

Cover image
History of Israel & Palestine / Women in Politics / Women's History

Girls of Liberty

The story of Zionist women’s struggle for suffrage within the complex political and religious context of the Yishuv
Shilo, Margalit

Cover image

The Glorious Revolution in America

An outstanding examination of the Crises that lead to the colonial rebellions of 1689.
Lovejoy, David S.

Cover image
British & European History / Jewish Studies

Glorious, Accursed Europe

An exhaustive study of how Jews imagined the idea of Europe and how it existed in their collective memory from the Enlightenment to the present
Reinharz, Jehuda and Yaacov Shavit

Cover image
Biography / Biography / History / Women's Studies

“A Good Poor Man’s Wife”

The dramatic saga of a remarkable woman who was deeply involved in the political culture of her time.
Bushman, Claudia L.

Cover image

Great River

An epic history of the American southwest.
Horgan, Paul

Cover image
History - 16th Century / History of Turkey & Ottoman Empire / Military History

The Great Siege of Malta

The definitive battle in the clash of empires that has defined Europe for 500 years
Allen, Bruce Ware

Cover image
Colonial History / Archaeology / Military History

The Great Warpath

An archeologist offers a fresh look at the lives of common soldiers on the colonial American frontier.
Starbuck, David R.

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Greek Language Study / Modern Greek Studies / Reference & Bibliography

Greek Today
Virtual CD online

A new approach for teaching Modern Greek, using songs, poems, cartoons, and contemporary dialogues
Bien, Peter; Gondicas, Dimitri; Rassias, John; Karanika, Andromache;Yiannakou-Bien, Chrysanthi

Cover image
Greek Language Study / Modern Greek Studies / Reference & Bibliography

Greek Today Text & Workbook Set

A new approach for teaching Modern Greek, using songs, poems, cartoons, and contemporary dialogues
Bien, Peter; Gondicas, Dimitri; Rassias, John; Karanika, Andromache; Yiannakou-Bien, Chrysanthi

Cover image
Greek Language Study / Modern Greek Studies / Reference & Bibliography

Greek Today Workbook

A new approach for teaching Modern Greek, using songs, poems, cartoons, and contemporary dialogues
Bien, Peter; Gondicas, Dimitri;; Rassias, John; Karanika, Andromache; Yiannakou-Bien, Chrysanthi

Cover image
Sociology / Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Greenlanders, Whales, and Whaling

Portrays the profound impact of world systems on contemporary Greenlandic life, especially whaling.
Caulfield, Richard A.

Cover image
Essays / Literary Collections - American / Social History

The Habit of Turning the World Upside Down

Our rock-solid belief in the certainty of property gives way to anguish when competing interests challenge it
Mansfield, Howard

Cover image
Biography / History / Fiction & Literature

The Heart to Artemis

Out of Africa meets A Moveable Feast in this swashbuckling memoir of courage, literary passion, and adventure

Cover image
Architecture / History

Henry Austin

A colorful introduction to one of New England’s most productive and imaginative architects
O’Gorman, James F.

Cover image

Historiography in the Twentieth Century

A broad perspective on historical thought and writing, with a new epilogue.
Iggers, Georg G.

Cover image

History as an Art of Memory

Using the teachings of such influential men as Vico to Ariès to Foucault, Patrick H. Hutton surveys the ways in which the art of memory has become integrated into historical thinking.
Hutton, Patrick H.

Cover image
Political Science - History & Theory / Ancient History / Medieval History

A History of Political Ideas from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Nemo, Philippe, Kasler, Kenneth

Cover image
World History / Ships & Shipbuilding History / Naval History

A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks as a window on the history of globalization
Gordon, Stewart

Cover image

History, Rhetoric, and Proof

One of the world's leading historians delivers a pathbreaking analysis of truth and rhetoric in the writing of history.
Ginzburg, Carlo

Cover image
History - 20th Century / British & European History / Holocaust Studies

Hitler in History

A leading interpreter of the Nazi period addresses crucial issues in modern European and contemporary history.
Jäckel, Eberhard

Cover image
Jewish Studies / British & European History

A Holocaust Controversy

A provocative study of a French Holocaust controversy of the 1960s and the dynamics of postwar memory.
Moyn, Samuel

Cover image
Jewish Studies / Religion / British & European History

A House Divided

Katz, Jacob. Ziporah Brody, tr

Cover image
Regional Architecture / History

Hudson Valley Ruins

An elegant homage to the many deserted buildings along the Hudson River—and a plea for their preservation.
Rinaldi, Thomas E. and Yasinsac, Robert J.

Cover image
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Arctic Studies / Nature / Climate

The Ice Chronicles

An exciting account of revolutionary new discoveries for understanding the earth's climate, and their implications for future scientific research and global environmental policy.
Mayewski, Paul Andrew and Frank White. Lynn Margulis, fwd.

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Ships & Shipbuilding History / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers

Ice Ship

The thrilling journeys of the Fram through the ice and to the poles
Johnson, Charles W.

Cover image
Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Antiques & Collectibles / British & European History / Archaeology

If These Pots Could Talk

Lively prose and wonderful color photographs portray a veteran's passion for British household pottery.
Noël Hume, Ivor, O.B.E., F.S.A.

Cover image
British History / Social History

In Pursuit of Civility

Civility in a changing world
Thomas, Keith

Cover image
Military History / Political Science & Government

In Words and Deeds

The first-ever survey of inspirational battle speeches from Greco-Roman times to the present
Miller, Richard F.

Cover image
Russian & Soviet History / Terrorism / Military History

Inferno in Chechnya

The history of the Chechen wars and the origins of terrorism in Russia and beyond
Williams, Brian Glyn

Cover image
Jewish Studies / Comparative Linguistics / German History

Inside the Antisemitic Mind

Exploring expressions of antisemitism in Germany today
Schwarz-Friesel, Monika and Jehuda Reinharz

Cover image
History / American History

Interview in Weehawken

Engaging overview with first-person accounts of America’s most infamous duel
Syrett, Harold C., and Jean G. Cooke, Edited by. Introduction and Conclusion by Willard M. Wallace

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Explorations

Inuit Folk-Tales

Back in print, “Eskimo” folklore collected by pioneering northern anthropologist Knud Rasmussen
Rasmussen, Knud, collector; Birgit Kleist Pederson and Jette Rygarrd, intro.

Cover image
Poetry / Folk & Traditional Music / Arctic Studies

Inuit Poems and Songs

Having devoted his life to study of the Eskimos, their language, spiritual life and religion, Thalbitzer found in their values his own mission to search for and preserve theirs
Thalbitzer, William

Cover image
Colonial History / Social History / New England History

Invisible Masters

Can one serve both God and mammon?
Ceppi, Elisabeth

Cover image
History of Israel & Palestine / History - 19th Century / History - 20th Century


A history of Israel in the context of the modern Jewish experience and the history of the Middle East
Shapira, Anita

Cover image
History of Israel & Palestine / Middle East Studies

Israel in the Middle East
2nd edition.

An anthology of the most important documents on the domestic and foreign policy of the modern state of Israel, in relation to the rest of the Middle East
Rabinovich, Itamar and Reinharz, Jehuda, eds.

Cover image
Middle East Studies / Politics

Israel, Jordan, and Palestine

An astute assessment of the relationship between Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians, with scenarios for the future of Palestinian statehood
Susser, Asher

Cover image
Jazz / Music History & Criticism / Social History

Jazz and Culture in a Global Age

Explores the past, present, and future of jazz in a global context
Nicholson, Stuart

Cover image
Jewish Studies / British & European History

Jewish Marriage and Divorce in Imperial Russia

A pathbreaking study of Jewish marriage and divorce in 19th-century Russia.
Freeze, ChaeRan Y.

Cover image
Holocaust Studies / Women's History / Jewish Studies

Jewish Families in Europe, 1939-Present

Examining World War II, the Holocaust, and their aftermath through the lens of Central and Eastern European Jewish families
Michlic, Joanna Beata, editor

Cover image
Jewish Studies / Political Philosophy / German History

Jewish Philosophical Politics in Germany, 1789–1848

A provocative look at how Jewish intellectuals thought about Jewish religion and existence within a German philosophical tradition
Rose, Sven-Erik

Cover image
Jewish Studies

The Jews of Poland Between Two World Wars

Original essays by distinguished scholars explore Jewish politics, religion, literature, and society in Poland from 1918 to 1939.
Gutman, Yisrael; Mendelsohn, Ezra; Reinharz, Jehuda; and Shmeruk, Chone, eds. Sylvia Fuks Fried, asst. ed.

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Explorations

Journals in Greenland

A firsthand account of previously almost inaccessible eastern Greenland
Egede, Hans

Cover image
Kosher Cooking / Social History / Regional/Ethic Cooking


The one and only absolutely definitive biography of the knish
Silver, Laura

Cover image
Medieval History /

Language and Power in the Early Middle Ages

Language and ideology in the scholarship of the late Middle Ages
Geary, Patrick J.

Cover image
Women's Studies / Latin American History

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice

A clear and detailed study of Latin American women’s history from the late nineteenth century to the present.
Miller, Francesca

Cover image
Nature / Ecology & Environmental Studies / Arctic Studies

Life in the Cold
4th edition

A revised edition of a classic work on cold climate ecosystems, with a new chapter on climate change
Marchand, Peter J.

Cover image
British & European History / Fiction & Literature / Literary Criticism - French

The Life of a Simple Man
Trans. from the French

A classic in France, this moving first-person story can be read as a fictional account, as well as the best kind of material for historians of 19th-century French peasant life.
Guillaumin, Emile. Eugen Weber, ed. and introd.; Margaret Crosland, rev. trans.

Cover image
History - Spain & Portugal / World History


A captivating history of the beautiful city of Lisbon through its most remarkable moments, monuments, traditions, and legends
Pinheiro, Magda

Cover image
Naval History / World War I / Military History

The Listeners

An untold story of scientists and engineers who changed the course of World War I
Manstan, Roy R.

Cover image
Music / Cultural Studies / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Anthropology

Listening to Salsa

Portrays the complex politics of gender, sex, class, and race in Puerto Rican salsa music.
Aparicio, Frances R.

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Local Knowledge
Bilingual Kalâtdlisut-English ed.

Spanning a 60-year period, Petersen, a native Greenlander, has systematically studied climate, settlement and natural life in his native land
Petersen, H. C.

Cover image
History / New England History / Slavery

The Logbooks

Three long-neglected logbooks from Connecticut’s slave trade raise questions about memory and collective forgetting
Farrow, Anne

Cover image
Education / History / Carnegie Mellon University

The Maggie Murphs 1906-73

A history of the Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, now part of Carnegie Mellon University, by Edwin Fenton.
Fenten, Edwin

Cover image
Colonial History / Archaeology / Military History

Massacre at Fort William Henry

An archeologist’s lively illustrated portrayal of 18th-century America’s most infamous siege and massacre.
Starbuck, David R.

Cover image

Meat, Modernity, and the Rise of the Slaughterhouse

An interdisciplinary look at the rise of the slaughterhouse in nineteenth-century Europe and the Americas
Lee, Paula Young, ed.

Cover image
Jewish Studies

Memory, the Holocaust, and French Justice

Two cases involving World War II-era crimes against humanity reopen a disturbing chapter in France's Vichy past.
Golsan, Richard J., ed. Lucy B. Golsan and Richard J. Golsan, trans.

Cover image
Jewish Studies / Middle East Studies / Jewish History

Modern Middle Eastern Jewish Thought

The first anthology of modern Middle Eastern Jewish thought
Behar, Moshe, and Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, Editors

Cover image
Vietnam War / 20th Century U.S. History / Biography - Political

A Monument to Deceit

A timely story of whistleblowing in wartime
Hiam, C. Michael

Cover image
Arctic Studies

The Moravian Beginnings of Canadian Inuit Literature

Catalog for an exhibition held at McGill University, February to April 2009, exploring the extensive holdings from its Rare Books & Special Collections.
Wilhjelm, Henrik and Greg Colley, intr.

Cover image
Art Criticism & Theory / Renaissance History / Italy

The Mother Goddess in Italian Renaissance Art

An examination of the Mother Goddess in Italian Renaissance art by art historian Edith Balas.
Balas, Edith

Cover image
Theater & Performing Arts / Music / Ancient History

Musical Design in Sophoclean Theater

A new way to interpret the musical design underlying the music and choreography of Sophoclean theater.
Scott, William C.

Cover image
Ethnomusicology / Iraq War (2003-2011) / Afghan War (2001-)

My Music, My War

Music in the everyday lives of U.S. troops and combat veterans
Gilman, Lisa

Cover image
Gay Studies / British & European History / Literary Criticism - French / LGBT Studies

Napoleonic Friendship

The first book-length study of the origin of queer soldiers in modern France
Martin, Brian Joseph

Cover image
Political Science & Government / History

The Nation in History

An expert analyzes the major debates between historians and social scientists on the nature and development of ethnic communities, nations, and nationalism.
Smith, Anthony D.

Cover image
World History / Military History

The Necessities of War

Zeus would cherish this book
Pouncey, Peter

Cover image

New Directions in European Historiography

Impressive analytical essays on the transformation of historical studies in Europe.
Iggers, Georg G.

Cover image
World War II / British History / True Crime - Espionage

Night Flight to Dungavel

High-ranking Nazi leader Rudolf Hess’s secret flight to England remains one of the most extraordinary mysteries of the Second World War
Padfield, Peter

Cover image
Poetry / History

Of the Mortal Fire

Middleton, Christopher

Cover image
Jewish Studies / History

On Pagans, Jews, and Christians

An analysis of the relationships between pagan Greece, imperial Rome, Judaism, and Christianity.
Momigliano, Arnaldo

Cover image
20th Century U.S. History / History - 20th Century / True Crime - Espionage

Operation Whisper

The true story of the master spies who stole the atomic bomb
Carr, Barnes

Cover image
Vietnam War / History/ Military/ Vietnam War

Outlaws in Vietnam

Eastman, David

Cover image
Maritime History & Piracy

The Palatine Wreck

A deeply researched inquiry into one of the enduring mysteries of the New England coast
Farinelli, Jill

Cover image
History of Israel & Palestine / Middle East Studies

Palestine between Politics and Terror, 1945–1947

A fascinating look at the end of British rule in Palestine, through the eyes of its final high commissioner
Golani, Motti

Cover image

The Peopling of New Connecticut

A collection of primary source documents offers new insight into the settlement of Connecticut’s Western Reserve in northeastern Ohio
Buel, Richard, Jr.

Cover image
Film, TV, Visual Culture / History

Perspectives on European Film and History

This volume addresses the representation of European history in European cinema through a collection of nine case studies such as Der Untergang (2004) and Dawn (1928).
Engelen, Leen, Vande Winkel, Roel, eds.

Cover image
Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Piero della Francesca

A major work by the most important Italian art historian of this century
Longhi, Roberto. David Tabbat, trans.; Keith Christiansen, introd.

Cover image
Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Medieval History

Pious and Rebellious

The first complete look at the social status and daily life of medieval Jewish women.
Grossman, Avraham

Cover image
Music / Arctic Studies / Ecology & Environmental Studies

The Place Where You Go to Listen

A personal journey into the music of the Arctic
Adams, John Luther

Cover image
Lesbian - Fiction / Drama / History

The Player's Boy

Shakespeare in Love meets Oliver Twist in this Elizabethan story of adventure, loyalty, and the stage
Bryher; Gregory, Patrick

Cover image
Essays / Literary Criticism - French / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Poetic Intention
Trans. from the French

Glissant, Édouard and Nathalie Stephens, trans.

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Essays

The Polar Eskimos

A rich and astounding collection of stories transcribed directly from the Inuit of Greenland in the 1930s
Holtved, Erik

Cover image
Architecture / History

Porches of North America

A complete architectural guide to this well-loved building feature
Visser, Thomas Durant

Cover image
Ancient History

Poverty and Leadership in the Later Roman Empire

A preeminent classical scholar on the emergence of one of our most familiar social divisions.
Brown, Peter

Cover image
History / Cultural Studies

The Promise Of American Life

One of the most important books to emerge from the Progressive era, The Promise of American Life offered a blueprint for a modern activist government that had enormous impact on intellectuals coming of age before World War I.
Croly, Herbert; McGerr, Michael, foreword

Cover image
Ancient History / Buddhist Ritual & Practice

A Pure Mind in a Clean Body

A fascinating study of the bodily care of ancient Buddhists of China and India
Heirman, Ann

Cover image

The Quest for Eternity

(First published as THE AGE OF CHIVALRY) A lively and insightful interpretation of the Middle Ages.
Wood, Charles T.

Cover image
World War I / Medicine & Public Health / World History

Radiology in a Trench Coat

A new medical discipline reaching full adulthood during the First World War
Van Tiggelen, René

Cover image
Music / African Studies / Cultural Studies / Anthropology

Recollecting from the Past

Studies interconnections between sound production, spirit possession, colonialism and ceremonial remembering in Madagascar.
Emoff, Ron

Cover image
African Studies / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Reevaluating Mozambique

A realistic look at Mozambique and the possibility of it determining its own destiny
Rothwell, Phillip, ed.

Cover image
Poetry / Modern Greek Studies / Modern Greek Literature

The Rehearsal of Misunderstanding
Bilingual Modern Greek-English ed.

Fills a serious gap in contemporary poetry in translation, in general, and in Greek poetry, in particular.
Van Dyck, Karen, trans. and introd.

Cover image
Jewish History / Russian & Soviet History / Jewish Studies

Religion and Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union, 1941–1964

Unearths the roots of a national awakening among Soviet Jews during World War II and its aftermath
Altshuler, Mordechai

Cover image
Religion / Chinese History / History - 20th Century

Religion in China and Its Modern Fate

Katz, Paul R.

Cover image
Women's History / German History / Religion & Politics

Religious Crisis and Civic Transformation

A rich analysis of how issues related to gender and sexuality transformed the West German Catholic Church
Tichenor, Kimba Allie

Cover image
Sociology / Arctic Studies / Canadian Studies

Relocating Eden

Addresses lingering questions about government resettlement of Native Canadians and its impact on their lives.
Marcus, Alan Rudolph.

Cover image
African Studies / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Remembering Angola

Leading scholars from around the world reflect on the role Angolan culture has played in reformulating the torn fabric of a nation historically beset by strife and oppression
Rothwell, Phillip, ed.

Cover image
British & European History

Representing the French Revolution

Fourteen essays examine how the French Revolution has been represented in art, literature, and historical narratives from England, France, Germany, and the Caribbean.
Heffernan, James A. W. , ed.

Cover image
Music / Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Rhythms of Resistance

The first definitive history of the full range of African contributions to Brazilian music.
Fryer, Peter

Cover image
History / Cultural Studies

The Rising Glory Of America, 1760-1820
Revised ed.

Wood, Gordon S., ed.

Cover image
Jewish History / Eastern Europe History / History - 20th Century

The Road to September 1939

How the Zionist movement and the Yishuv actively sought to help Polish and other European Jews in the 1930s
Reinharz, Jehuda and Yaacov Shavit

Cover image
Poetry / Middle East Studies

Rococo and Other Worlds
Trans. from the Urdu

First English language publication of Urdu’s greatest modern poet
Syed, Afzal Ahmed; Musharraf Ali Farooqi, trans.

Cover image
Ancient History / Political Science & Government

The Roman Republic in Political Thought

An experienced scholar explains why the legendary early Republic, rather than the historical Republic of Cicero, has most influenced later political thought.
Millar, Fergus

Cover image
Women's History / Women's Studies / Social History

Root of Bitterness
2nd edition.

A thoroughly revised edition of the classic text in American women's social history
Cott, Nancy F.; Boydson, Jeanne; Braude, Ann; Ginzberg, Lori D.; Ladd-Taylor, Molly; eds.

Cover image
Music / Music History & Criticism / Caribbean & West Indies History

Roots in Reverse

A study of the impact of Cuban music on Senegalese music and modernity
Shain, Richard M.

Cover image
American History / Women's Studies / World War II

Rosie's Mom

This book restores to history the lives of American women involved in war work during World War I.
Brown, Carrie

Cover image
Popular Culture / Social History / 20th Century U.S. History

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The amazing story behind the classic Christmas character
Lankford, Ronald D., Jr.

Cover image
Memoir / Iraq War (2003-2011)

Saber’s Edge

A combat medic reconciles his roles as a soldier, healer, and man of faith in a time of war
Middleton, Thomas A.

Cover image
Memoir / Arctic Studies


New edition. Vivid depictions of a now-vanished Greenland and its people.
Kent, Rockwell, and Scott Ferris, fwd.

Cover image
New England History / Social History


A superb collection of essays on Salem’s rich history and cultural life over the past four centuries
Morrison, Dane Anthony and Nancy Lusignan Schultz, editors

Cover image
Poetry / Comparative Linguistics / Middle East Studies

Sea and Fog

Two striking lyric essays from master poet and philosopher Etel Adnan
Adnan, Etel

Cover image
Jewish Studies / History - 20th Century / Cold War Studies

A Second Exodus

A first-time chronicle of the US Soviet Jewry Movement.
Friedman, Murray, and Albert D. Chernin, eds

Cover image
Music / Irish Studies / History - 20th Century

See You at the Hall

An engaging look at Boston’s golden era of Irish traditional music
Gedutis, Susan

Cover image
World War II / Military Pictorial History / 20th Century U.S. History

Seeing the War

The dramatic stories behind some of the war’s best-known photos
Colley, David P.

Cover image
Poetry / Literary Criticism - Spanish & Portuguese / Latin American History

Selected Poems
Bilingual Portuguese-English ed.

A superb translation of one of Brazil's great Modernist poets.
Bandeira, Manuel; David Slavitt, trans.

Cover image
Music / Popular Culture / History

Setting the Record Straight
Audio CD.

The words surrounding music influence how we listen to it.
Symes, Colin

Cover image
African Studies

The Shaping of South African Society, 1652–1840.
Revised ed.

The only book devoted to the first 200 years of that nation’s history based on recent research.
Elphick, Richard and Giliomee, Hermann, eds. James C. Armstrong, Richard Elphick, William M. Freund, Hermann Giliomee, Leonard Guelke, Martin Legassick, V. C. Malherbe, J. B. Peires, Robert Ross, Gerrit Schutte, Robert Shell, and Nigel A. Worden, contribs.

Cover image
Architecture / Social History / Historical Photography


A small tour, near and far
Mansfield, Howard

Cover image
Music / Cultural Studies / British & European History

Singing Our Way to Victory

A penetrating cross-disciplinary study of the cultural constructions of singing.
Sweeney, Regina M.

Cover image
Arctic Studies


The first original novel in Greenlandic, published in 1915, portraying a vision of a future, modern Greenland free of colonial humiliation and poverty
Storch, Mathias

Cover image
Jewish Studies / European History / Jewish History

Sites of European Antisemitism in the Age of Mass Politics, 1880–1918

Explores local incidents of antisemitism and antisemitic violence across Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Nemes, Robert and Daniel Unowsky, editors

Cover image
History / Women's Studies

Solitude of Self

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's inspiring and timeless speech, presenting her appeal for equal rights for women and equal education for all
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Cover image
Latin American History / African Studies

The South Atlantic, Past and Present

A collection of original essays on the historical, geopolitical and cultural aspects of the South Atlantic, past and present
Alencastro, Luiz Felipe de, ed.

Cover image
New England History / World War II

Stark Decency

An evocative history of a World War II German POW camp in New Hampshire, where friendships among prisoners, guards, and villagers overcame the bitter divisions of war
Koop, Allen V. Hartmut Lang, fwd.

Cover image
Civil War / Bibliographies & Indexes / History - Reference

States at War, Volume 1

A much-needed reference guide for Civil War historians, focused on the six New England states
Miller, Richard F., editor

Cover image
Civil War / Bibliographies & Indexes / History - Reference

States at War, Volume 3

A much-needed reference guide to Pennsylvania for historians and students of the Civil War
Miller, Richard F. editor

Cover image
Civil War / Bibliographies & Indexes / History - Reference

States at War, Volume 4

A valuable reference guide to Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey in the Civil War
Miller, Richard F., editor

Cover image
Civil War / Bibliographies & Indexes / History - Reference

States at War, Volume 5

A valuable reference guide to Ohio in the Civil War
Miller, Richard F., editor

Cover image
Reference & Bibliography / Civil War / Military History

States at War, Volume 6

A valuable reference guide to South Carolina during the Civil War that includes a detailed Confederate States chronology
Miller, Richard F., editor

Cover image
Geography & Geology / History

Stories in Stone

Exploring the many facets of Connecticut’s unique geology
Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle

Cover image
Skiing / History

The Story of Modern Skiing

The ultimate history of skiing from a renowned insider
Fry, John

Cover image
American History - 19th Century / Maritime History & Piracy / Disasters & Disaster Relief

Surviving the Essex

Do cannibals get second acts?
Dowling, David O.

Cover image
History Former Soviet Republics / History - 20th Century / Genocide & War Crimes

Tadem, My Father's Village

100 years after the Armenian Genocide, new eyewitness accounts
Kaloosdian, Robert Aram

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Tales of Yukaghir
Reprint of 1918 edition

Tales of adventure and courage among the peoples of Eastern Siberia
Bogaras, Waldemar; Lenore Grenoble, intro.

Cover image
Music / History / Latin American Studies

The Teatro Solís

The first comprehensive history of the oldest major opera house in the Americas.
Salgado, Susana. Foreword by E. Thomas Glasow, preface by Julio Marìa Sanguinetti

Cover image
Fiction & Literature / Jewish History / History

Tell Me Another Morning

Three girls come of age in the Nazi concentration camps and repeatedly save each other through their ingenuity, kindness, and acts of courage
Berger, Zdena

Cover image
Women's Biography / Women's History / American History - 19th Century


First full-length biography of a key figure in nineteenth-century American culture
Campbell, Susan

Cover image
History / Theater & Performing Arts

Theatre Lighting before Electricity

Penzel, Frederick

Cover image

This Grand and Magnificent Place

A sweeping environmental history of a quintessential American wilderness.
Johnson, Christopher

Cover image
Art / Biography / Renaissance History

Three Studies
Trans. from the Italian

A new English version of the third edition (1963) of Longhi's seminal work on the Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca.
Longhi, Roberto

Cover image
World History

Three Ways to Be Alien

A study of individual trajectories in an early modern global context
Subrahmanyam, Sanjay

Cover image
Ancient Roman History / History - Italy


A natural and social history of the great river of Rome
Allen, Bruce Ware

Cover image
Folk Dance / Social History / Dance Music

A Time to Dance

A well thought-out, carefully put together volume on an important part of Americana
Nevell, Richard

Cover image
Literary Criticism / Women's History

Transatlantic Conversations

How American women authors interacted as writers, activists, and reformers in Europe and the Caribbean during the nineteenth century
Lueck, Beth L., Sirpa Salenius, and Nancy Lusignan Schultz, editors

Cover image
Music / African Studies

Traveling Spirit Masters

The sacred and musical phenomenon of trance
Kapchan, Deborah

Cover image
History - 20th Century

The Treaty of Portsmouth and Its Legacies

The latest, probing look at the 1905 Portsmouth Peace Treaty, the last peace agreement between Japan and Russia
Ericson, Steven, Hockley, Allen, eds.

Cover image
British History

The Trial of Charles I

Eyewitness accounts of the trial and execution of Charles I portray a revolutionary moment in English history
Lagomarsino, David, and Charles T. Wood, eds.

Cover image
Music / Middle East Studies / Media Studies

Umm Kulthum

How an extraordinary woman shaped her career and legacy through war
Lohman, Laura

Cover image
Poetry / Arctic Studies

The Veins of the Heart to the Pinnacle of the Mind
Bilingual Kalâtdlisut-English ed.

Moving poetic expressions of the very close interrelationships between culture and politics in modern Greenland by a gifted Greenlandic poet
Lynge, Aqqaluk

Cover image
Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Vikings of To-day
Reprint of 1895 edition

Summarizes Grenfell’s first contact with the residents of Labrador
Grenfell, Wilfred T.; Marianne Stenbaek, intro.

Cover image
History / Women's Studies

Voices without Votes

Revelatory scholarship about New England women engaging mainstream politics in the antebellum period
Zboray, Ronald J. and Mary Saracino Zboray

Cover image
Chinese History / Chinese Literature / Historiography / Chinese Classical Period

Warring States Papers v1 (2010)

Articles on major classical Chinese texts

Cover image
Chinese History / Chinese Literature / Historiography / Chinese Classical Period

Warring States Papers v2 (2017)

Articles on major classical Chinese texts

Cover image
World War II / Korean War / Military Biography

West Point ’41

The inspiring true story of the West Point class of ’41, which graduated into combat leadership in World War II and went on to shape policy in Korea, during the Cold War, and in Vietnam
Kazel-Wilcox, Anne and PJ Wilcox with Lt. Gen. Edward L. Rowny (Ret.)

Cover image
Maritime History & Piracy / Marine Science / Ecology

The Whale and His Captors; or, The Whaleman's Adventures

An authoritative new edition of a lost source of Melville’s Moby-Dick
Cheever, Henry T.; edited and with an introduction by Robert D. Madison

Cover image
Poetry / Poetry - American / History

What the Ice Gets

A poem by Melinda Mueller.
Mueller, Melinda

Cover image
History / British & European History

The White Rose
2d ed. Originally published as Students Against Tyranny. Trans. from the German

A unique study of the WW2 culture of Germany.
Scholl, Inge. Arthur R. Schultz. trans.; Dorothee Sölle, introd.

Cover image
Fiction - Contemporary Women / Historical Fiction / Arctic Studies

The Will of the Unseen

The first English translation of a seminal Greenlandic novel
Lynge, Hans

Cover image
Music / Nature / Arctic Studies

Winter Music
Audio CD.

Eminent composer discusses music, culture, and the environment.
Adams, John Luther. Gann, Kyle, fwd.

Cover image
Social History / Women's History / Historical Photography

Women's Views

Lavishly illustrated study of historical narrative stereography and the story it tells about women and gender roles
Davis, Melody

Cover image
Poetry / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Aztec

Working the Song Fields

A collection of poetry translated from Aztec by Peter Everwine.
Everwine, Peter

Cover image
British & European History

World in the Balance

One of the deans of World War II scholars examines both the archives and published literature on the war, and offers sharp challenges to prevailing views.
Weinberg, Gerhard L.

Cover image
Film, TV, Visual Culture / Cultural Studies / World War II / American Studies

The World War II Combat Film

Lively, comprehensive analysis of World War II movies.
Basinger, Jeanine

Cover image
Memoir / World War II

World War II Remembered

An exceptional human document of proud men and women who know what it meant to serve
Kendal at Hanover Residents Association

Cover image
History of Israel & Palestine / History - 20th Century / Jewish History

Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1929

A new and provocative reassessment of the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict
Cohen, Hillel

Cover image
New England History / Social History / Labor Studies

You Had a Job for Life

The life and death of a mill town
Sayen, Jamie

Cover image
Poetry / African Studies


A haunting lifeline between archive and memory, law and poetry
Philip, M. NourbeSe, as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng

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