Women's Interest
(by title)

Humor / Women's Studies

An ABC of Vice

Hollander, Nicole and Barreca, Regina

Women's Studies / Medicine & Public Health / Sociology

The Abortion Myth

A new voice urges feminism to evolve a richer, more nuanced understanding of abortion.
Cannold, Leslie. Rene Denfeld, fwd.

Women's Studies / Jewish Studies

American Jewish Women and the Zionist Enterprise

The first and only complete exploration of the role of American women in the creation and support of the State of Israel from pre-State years through the struggles of Israel’s first decades.
Reinharz, Shulamit and Raider, Mark A.

Poetry / Poetry Criticism / Women's Studies

American Women Poets in the 21st Century

A thought-provoking mix of poetry, creative manifesto and criticism.
Rankine, Claudia and Spahr, Juliana, eds.

Dance / Latin American & Caribbean Studies / Women's Studies

Antonia Mercé, “LaArgentina”

The first major study of the Spanish choreographer who invented the modernist Flamenco ballet form.
Bennahum, Ninotchka Devorah

Memoir / British & European History / Women's Studies

Autobiography of a Generation
Trans. from the Italian

A rich interweaving of personal and historical accounts of a social movement that explores the way memory reconstructs our view of the past.
Passerini, Luisa. Lisa Erdberg, trans.; Joan Wallach Scott, fwd.

Memoir / Women's Studies / Humor

Babes in Boyland

A humorous and provocative account of being a female undergraduate at Dartmouth College in its turbulent first years of co-education
Barreca, Gina

Health & Fitness / Women's Studies / Gay Studies / Sociology

Baby Steps

Explores the controversial implications of lesbian insemination.
Agigian, Amy

Poetry / Women's Studies

The Bad Wife Handbook

A courageous and innovative ode to monogamy and its challenges
Zucker, Rachel

Law / Women's Studies / Sociology

Battered Women In The Courtroom

For the first time, a study of the ways in which judges respond to abused women.
Ptacek, James

Science Fiction / Women's Studies / Popular Culture

The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction

How women and feminism helped to shape science fiction in America.
Larbalestier, Justine

Biography / Women's Studies / American History

Belle Moskowitz

Now available in a new edition, this well-crafted feminist biography restores to history the career of a pioneering activist who achieved unprecedented influence in American politics.
Perry, Elisabeth Israels

Biography / Women's Studies / New England History / Portsmouth New Hampshire

Beyond the Garden Gate

The first new biography in twenty years of a beloved New England writer.
Mandel, Norma H.

African-American Studies / Women's Studies / Intellectual History

Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions

Provocative revelations about the flourishing black women’s intellectual traditions in nineteenth-century America
Waters, Kristin, and Carol B. Conaway, eds.

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

A Breath of Life

A vigorous portrayal of the effects of a distinct form of feminism on the spiritual and secular lives of Jewish women.
Fishman, Sylvia Barack

American History / Women's Studies / New England / Nautical

The Captain’s Best Mate

The diary of a wife who, with their five-year old daughter, accompanied her husband on a three-and-a-half year whaling voyage.
Lawrence, Mary Chipman. Stanton Garner, ed.

Women's Studies / Cultural Studies / Gender Studies / Feminism

Catching a Wave

A collection of original essays that calls for new voices to redefine feminism.
Dicker, Rory; Piepmeier, Alison; Pollitt, Katha; Baumgardner, Jennifer

Medicine & Public Health / Women's Studies

Changing the Culture of Academic Medicine

A penetrating and personal look at a major problem in our nation’s medical schools affecting how doctoring is taught and how medicine is practiced
Pololi, Linda H.

Women's Studies / African-American Studies / Popular Culture / Music

Check It While I Wreck It

Examines how young black women who came of age during the hip-hop era are grappling with the gender politics of a predominately masculine space
Pough, Gwendolyn D.

Dance / Women's Studies / Cultural Studies

Choreographing Difference

Feminist theory illuminates the radical cultural work of contemporary dance.
Albright, Ann Cooper

Women's Studies / Religion / Politics

Citizenship, Faith, and Feminism

The first book to examine religious feminist activists in Israel, the U.S., and Kuwait
Feldman, Jan

American History / Women's Studies

Civil War Sisterhood

A study that challenges established scholarship on the history of women's public activism.
Giesberg, Judith Ann

American Art / Connecticut / Women's Studies / Women's History

Connecticut Needlework

Masterworks from the extraordinary needlework collections of the Connecticut Historical Society
Schoelwer, Susan P.

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies / Performance Studies

Critical Gestures

Collects the far-reaching and influential work of an eminent dance critic and scholar.
Daly, Ann

Fashion / Women's Studies

Cultures of Femininity in Modern Fashion

An interdisciplinary collection illuminating how fashion shaped concepts and practices of femininity and modernity
Parkins, Ilya and Elizabeth M. Sheehan, eds.

Science Fiction / Women's Studies

Daughters of Earth

The best of women’s science fiction and feminist theory together in one volume
Larbalestier, Justine.

Women's Studies / Education History

Defining Women’s Scientific Enterprise

An important new look at how gender, religion, pedagogy, and geography help shape women’s scientific work.
Levin, Miriam R.

Art / Women's Studies

Devouring Frida

The first full-length feminist analysis of Frida Kahlo and the myths surrounding her.
Lindauer, Margaret A.

Literary Criticism - American / Memoir / Women's Studies

The Diary Of Alice James

The unknown sister of novelist Henry James, Jr. shows herself to be a formidable individual in her own right.
James, Alice; Edel, Leon, ed.; Simon, Linda, intro.

Poetry / Women's Studies

Divine Honors

A transcendent account of the effects of breast cancer.
Raz, Hilda

Women's Studies / Philosophy

Domesticating Passions

The role of women and family as central to Rousseau's concept of the modern, enlightened state.
Fermon, Nicole

Film, TV, Visual Culture / Cultural Studies / Women's Studies

Double Takes

Viewing cross-cultural differences through the lens of cinema.
Durham, Carolyn A.

Biography / Women's Studies / History

Doves of War

This beautifully written biographical work depicts the lives of four extraordinary women to paint a vivid, dramatic, and poignant portrait of the ideologies, horrific realities, and long-lasting emotional costs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
Preston, Paul

Biography / Women's Studies

Eighty Years And More

Elizabeth Cady Stanton recalls the discontent that led her to launch the woman suffrage movement at Seneca Falls in 1848 and the frustration of having no voice in her own government after a half century of hard work.
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; DuBois, Ellen Carol, intro.; Gordon, Ann, afterward

Poetry / Poetry Criticism / Women's Studies

Eleven More American Women Poets in the 21st Century

The ideal introduction to eleven of today’s most engaging women poets
Rankine, Claudia and Lisa Sewell, eds.

Women's Studies / Law

Equality with a Vengeance

A provocative investigation of how fathers’ rights groups are trying to erode the gains of the battered women’s movement
Dragiewicz, Molly

Women's Studies / Jewish Studies

Expanding the Palace of Torah

A unique examination of the theological implications for Orthodox Judaism of women's changed status in the modern world.
Ross, Tamar

Philosophy / Women's Studies

Feminism and Foucault
Back in print

Diamond, Irene, ed.; Quinby, Lee, ed.

Women's Studies / Jewish Studies

Feminism Encounters Traditional Judaism

An innovative analysis of how creative tensions between modern Orthodox Judaism and feminism can lead to unexpected perspectives and beliefs
Hartman, Tova

Women's Studies / Gender Studies / Literary Criticism - American / Feminist Studies

The Feminist Papers

Rossi, Alice S., ed.

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Fertility and Jewish Law

A comprehensive comparative study of Jewish law on contemporary reproductive issues from a gender perspective
Irshai, Ronit

American History / Boston / Women's Studies

Fire and Roses

The shocking story of the night an angry mob burned down a quiet Massachusetts convent -- and the larger story of anti-Papist and anti-feminist sentiment.
Schultz, Nancy Lusignan

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Follow My Footprints

Twenty-one writers document the diverse representations and roles of Jewish women in American literature and culture.
Fishman, Sylvia Barack, ed.

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies


A fascinating analysis of why there are no female mystics in medieval Judaism
Koren, Sharon Faye

Jewish Studies / Religion / Women's Studies

Four Centuries of Jewish Women’s Spirituality
Revised Edition.

The only comprehensive volume of Jewish women’s spiritual writing from the sixteenth century to the present
Umansky, Ellen M., Ashton, Dianne,eds.

Criminal Justice / Women's Studies / Sociology

Freeing Tammy

The latest volume in the popular trilogy of books about women, poverty, and violence
Raphael, Jody

Women's Studies / Criminal Justice / Law

Gender And Community Policing

A look at the contradictions that emerge when a traditional paramilitary institution is challenged to expand its ideology and practice.
Miller, Susan L.

Women's Studies / International Law

Gender, Religion, and Family Law

Groundbreaking theoretical and legal approaches to resolving conflicts between gender equality and cultural practices
Joffe, Lisa Fishbayn, and Sylvia Neil, editors

Criminology / Women's Studies / Law

Gendered Hate

A unique analysis of hate crime law through the lens of gender
Hodge, Jessica P.

Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies / Gay Studies

Geographies of Learning

Maps the divisions that stall the production of knowledge in theatre and performance studies, queer studies, and women's studies.
Dolan, Jill

Prostitution & Sex Trade / Women's Studies / Gender & the Law

Getting Screwed

Bass, Alison

Women's Studies / Essays / Motherhood

The Grand Permission

How writing and motherhood influence one another.
Dienstfrey, Patricia and Brenda Hillman, eds. Foreword by Rachel Blau DuPlessis.

Biography / Women's Studies

Granny D’s American Century

The life of Doris Haddock, known to millions as “Granny D,” from her young adulthood in Boston during the Great Depression to her last decade as a galvanizing figure of populist politics
Haddock, Doris and Dennis Michael Burke

Criminology / Women's Studies / Penology

A Halfway House for Women

The first in-depth analysis of women's lives in a halfway house, based on personal observation and interviews
Caputo, Gail A.

Criminology / Women's Studies

Hard Lives, Mean Streets

The first comprehensive assessment of the experience of violence among homeless women
Jasinski, Jana L., and Jennifer K. Wesely, James D. Wright, Elizabeth E. Mustaine

Criminal Justice / Women's Studies / SENTENCING

Harsh Punishment

A pioneering collection of personal accounts from criminal justice scholars, practitioners, and activists, and from current and former prisoners themselves.
Cook, Sandy, ed.; Davies, Susanne, ed.

Holocaust Studies / Women's Studies

Holocaust Mothers and Daughters

An astonishing analysis of Jewish mother-daughter relations before, during, and after the Shoah as described in daughters’ memoirs
Clementi, Federica K.

Jewish Studies / Memoir / Women's Studies

Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames

A riveting family portrait of four generations of Jewish women from Calcutta.
Silliman, Jael

History of Israel & Palestine / Women's Studies

Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel

A critical look at the history and culture of women of the Yishuv and a call for a new national discourse
Kark, Ruth, Shilo, Margalit; Hasan-Rokem, Galit;
Reinharz, Shulamit fwd.

Women's Studies / Latin American History

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice

A clear and detailed study of Latin American women’s history from the late nineteenth century to the present.
Miller, Francesca

Jewish Studies / Memoir / Women's Studies / Cold War Studies

Leaving Leningrad

A nostalgic and humorous memoir of life under communism and capitalism.
Shtern, Ludmila

Marriage & Family Law / Marriage & Family / Women's Studies

Legalizing Plural Marriage

Goldfeder, Mark

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Levirate Marriage and the Family in Ancient Judaism

Provocative exploration of levirate marriage in ancient Judaism that sheds new light on the Jewish family in antiquity and the rabbinic reworking of earlier Israelite law
Weisberg, Dvora E.

Biography / Literary Criticism - American / Women's Studies

Louisa May Alcott

Stern, Madeline B.

Biography / Literary Criticism - American / Women's Studies

Louisa May Alcott

First published in 1950, this biography of Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) remains the standard work on the beloved American writer.
Stern, Madeleine B.

African-American Studies / Women's Studies / American History

Louisa May Alcott On Race, Sex, And Slavery

The passionate supporter of abolition and women's rights speaks out on the most controversial issues of the day.
Alcott, Louisa May; Elbert, Sarah, ed.; Elbert, Sarah, intro.

African-American Studies / American History / Women's Studies

Love and Marriage in Early African America

An eye-opening anthology of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century African American primary writings on love, courtship, and family
Foster, Frances Smith, ed.

Literary Criticism / Women's Studies

Maid as Muse

A startlingly original work establishing the impact of domestic servants on the life and writings of Emily Dickinson
Murray, Aífe

Biography / Women's Studies / Labor Studies

Making Time

This first biography of the nurturing mom made famous in the popular book and film Cheaper by the Dozen, who met the challenges of combining marriage and motherhood with a high-profile career.
Lancaster, Jane

American History / Women's Studies / Literary Criticism - American

Margaret Fuller and Her Circles

Essays on the American Transcendentalist
Bailey, Brigitte, Katheryn P. Viens, and Conrad Edick Wright (eds.)

History of Israel & Palestine / Women's Studies

Marriage and Divorce in the Jewish State

A comprehensive look at how rabbinical courts control Israeli marriage and divorce
Weiss, Susan M. and Netty C. Gross-Horowitz

Women's Studies / Jewish Studies

Midrashic Women

A unique look at how non-legal rabbinic writings imagine women and their lives.
Baskin, Judith R.

Shakers / Biography / Women's Studies

Mother Ann Lee

Originally published in 1976 as Anne the Word, this is a popular biography of colorful and controversial Shaker founder Ann Lee
Campion, Nardi Reeder and June Sprigg, fwd.

Memoir / Women's Studies

My Mother’s Funeral

Life in Colombia with an exceptional mother: uncanny and sad yet sharply alive with humor
Páramo, Adriana

Sociology / Women's Studies / Criminal Justice

Neither Angels nor Demons

A provocative study of the complex relationship between domestic violence and women’s crime.
Ferraro, Kathleen J.

Biography / New England History / Women's Studies

A New England Girlhood

The engaging diary of a working girl in Victorian times.
Larcom, Lucy; Cott, Nancy F., foreword

Law / Women's Studies / Sentencing

No Safe Haven

Solidly grounded in feminist research methodology, this important and original work offers a fresh perspective on both women prisoners and the administration of criminal justice.
Girshick, Lori B.

Literary Criticism / Science Fiction / Women's Studies / Science Fiction Studies

On Joanna Russ

A multifaceted look at one of science fiction and feminism’s most original voices
Mendlesohn, Farah, ed.

Women's Studies / Religion / Literary Criticism - Spanish & Portuguese

The Other Nineteenth Century

Behind the more “canonized” nineteenth century lies another nineteenth century, particularly the one of Portugal, that has not always been duly recognized in literary and cultural histories
Bishop-Sanchez, Kathryn, ed.

Criminology / Sociology / Women's Studies

Out in the Storm

Women navigating life in drugs and crime
Caputo, Gail A.

Women's Studies / American History / Biography / American History / Nautical

Petticoat Whalers

First US Edition -- The first comprehensive book on whaling wives at sea written for a general audience.
Druett, Joan. Ron Druett, original illus.

Fiction & Literature / Popular Culture / Women's Studies

Peyton Place

A new paperback edition of the infamous novel that shocked the nation
Metalious, Grace; Cameron, Ardis, intro.

American Art / Biography / Women's Studies

Pictures of People

An intimate look at the breadth of Neel’s oeuvre
Allara, Pamela

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Medieval History

Pious and Rebellious

The first complete look at the social status and daily life of medieval Jewish women.
Grossman, Avraham

History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

The Plough Woman

An updated reprint of the classic text on the pioneer women of pre-state Israel.
Raider, Mark A., and Miriam B. Raider-Roth, eds. and annot.

Biography / Poetry Criticism / Women's Studies / Portsmouth New Hampshire

Poet on Demand

The first extensive literary biography of one of the most popular late 19th-century American women poets.
Vallier, Jane E.

Women's Studies

Polygamy in Primetime

A provocative look at the costs and benefits of polygamy among western fundamentalist Mormon women
Bennion, Janet

Women's Studies / Theater & Performing Arts / Popular Culture

Posing a Threat

A lively look at the ways in which American women in the 1920s transformed their lives through performance and fashion.
Latham, Angela J.

Memoir / African-American Studies / Women's Studies

Primary Lessons

A rebellious young woman in the segregated South
White, Sarah Bracey

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Princess or Prisoner?

An in-depth look at the lives of religious Jewish women in Jerusalem at a transitional moment in its history.
Shilo, Margalit

Criminal Justice / Criminology / Women's Studies / Criminal Behavior

Public Heroes, Private Felons

A hard-hitting look at the darker side of sports and the all-too-infrequent prosecutions of famous athletes for crimes against women.
Benedict, Jeff


Rape On The Public Agenda

An examination of the history, development, and impact of the feminist anti-rape movement.
Bevacqua, Maria

Biography / American History / Women's Studies

The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley

A biography as distinctive as the celebrated woman scholar it depicts
Goodwin, Joan W.

Fiction & Literature / Popular Culture / Women's Studies

Return to Peyton Place

The continuing story of Peyton Place is once again available in paperback
Metalious, Grace; Cameron, Ardis, intro.

Literary Criticism / Women's Studies

The Romantic Poetess

An elegant and provocative study of the literary and political effects of the work of romantic poetesses in England, France, and Russia.
Vincent, Patrick

Literary Criticism - English

Romantic Women Writers

Essays forging a new definition of Romanticism that includes the wide range of women's artistic expression.
Feldman, Paula R., and Theresa M. Kelley, eds.

History / Women's Studies

Root of Bitterness
2nd edition.

A thoroughly revised edition of the classic text in American women's social history
Cott, Nancy F.; Boydson, Jeanne; Braude, Ann; Ginzberg, Lori D.; Ladd-Taylor, Molly; eds.

American History / Women's Studies / World War II

Rosie's Mom

This book restores to history the lives of American women involved in war work during World War I.
Brown, Carrie

Philosophy / Political Science & Government / Women's Studies

Rousseau on Women, Love, and Family
Trans. from the French

An exceptional anthology designed for courses on Rousseau, the history of philosophy, and women’s studies
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Kelly, Christopher and Eve Grace, eds.

Literary Criticism / Literary Criticism - American / Women's Studies / Maine

Sarah Orne Jewett, an American Persephone

The tale of Demeter and Persephone, a central myth of Victorian women’s culture, is used to interpret the life and work of a 19th-century Maine writer.
Sherman, Sarah Way

Criminal Justice / Women's Studies / Sociology

Saving Bernice

This is the story of Bernice, a former welfare mother and survivor of domestic violence, and her arduous journey to escape from, and ultimately triumph over, years of battering, poverty, and welfare.
Raphael, Jody

Women's Studies / Islam

Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies

An interdisciplinary anthology on the intersections of gender, Islam, and law
Raghavan, Chitra, James P. Levine, eds. and Jeremy Travis, fwd.

Media Studies / Women's Studies

Selling Anxiety

A powerful and witty exposé of how the media distorts news about women
Rivers, Caryl

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Sephardi Family Life in the Early Modern Diaspora

Groundbreaking essays on Sephardic Jewish families in the Ottoman Empire and Western Sephardic communities
Lieberman, Julia R., ed.

Science Fiction / Women's Studies

Seven for the Apocalypse

A dazzling new collection carries Reed's trademark blend of sentiment and sting.
Reed, Kit

Women's Studies / Jewish Studies / Holocaust Studies

Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust

The first book in English to specifically address the sexual violation of Jewish women during the Holocaust
Hedgepeth, Sonja M. and Rochelle G. Saidel, eds.

Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies

Signs of Life

A stunning collection of Schenkar’s unsettling and unnervingly funny plays available for the first time.
Schenkar, Joan M. Vivian Patraka, ed. and introd.

Women's Studies / Biography - Social Activists / Women's Biography

Six Remarkable Hull-House Women

Bobick, Ruth

Music / Media Studies / Women's Studies

Some Liked It Hot

Investigates the changing representations of jazz women in American culture
McGee, Kristin A.

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Talking Back

Lively essays investigating American Jewish women's images in popular culture.
Antler, Joyce, ed.

Women's Studies / Humor

They Used to Call Me Snow White . . . But I Drifted

With a comprehensive new introduction by the author, a reissue of the influential text on women’s humor
Barreca, Gina

Dance / Theater & Performing Arts / Women's Studies / Performance Studies

Traces of Light

The first major English-language study of a legendary dancer
Albright, Ann Cooper

Science Fiction / Women's Studies

The Two of Them

How female solidarity begins—in experience, thought, action, and force of conviction.
Russ, Joanna; Sarah LeFanu, fwd.

Criminology / Sociology / Women's Studies

A Typology of Domestic Violence

Reassesses thirty years of domestic violence research and demonstrates three forms of partner violence, distinctive in their origins, effects, and treatments
Johnson, Michael P.

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Latin American History / Biography & Letters

Uncertain Travelers

An evocative exploration of Jewish women's immigration to America.
Agosín, Marjorie

Criminology / Law / Women's Studies

Understanding Domestic Homicide

Case histories of some 300 homicides involving family members, framed within their interpersonal, familial, cultural, and situational contexts.
Websdale, Neil

History / New England / Women's Studies

Voices without Votes

Revelatory scholarship about New England women engaging mainstream politics in the antebellum period
Zboray, Ronald J. and Mary Saracino Zboray

Women's Studies / Literary Criticism

The Voyage In

Sixteen articles on the female novel of development or Bildungsroman
Abel, Elizabeth; Hirsch, Marianne; and Langland, Elizabeth, eds.

Film, TV, Visual Culture / Women's Studies / Cultural Studies

Watching Daytime Soap Operas

An engaging, in-depth look at the myriad pleasures of the soap opera fan.
Spence, Louise

Science Fiction / Women's Studies

We Who Are About To...

One woman’s quest to die with dignity may doom them all.
Russ, Joanna; Samuel R. Delany, intro.

Science Fiction / Women's Studies

Weird Women, Wired Women

Visionary stories expose the humor and horror of contemporary women's lives.
Reed, Kit. Connie Willis, fwd

Education / Women's Studies / Connecticut

Deluxe slipcased edition has same ISBN.

A century of girls’ education in the history of an extraordinary school
Lisle, Laurie

Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Women's Studies

What Makes Women Sick?

An eye-opening look at Israeli women's life expectancy and health.
Sered, Susan.

Poetry / Women's Studies

What to Tip the Boatman?

Much of this remarkable book of poems is about mothering -- the poet as mother of a troubled and gifted daughter.
Mathis, Cleopatra

American Art / Connecticut / Women's Studies

With Needle and Brush

First book to explore schoolgirl needlework of the Connecticut River Valley
Huber, Carol and Stephen, Susan P. Schoelwer, and Amy Kurtz Lansing

Women's Studies / Biography

The Woman's Bible

“Every once in a while as we turn the pages of [this] impressive book, there is the temptation to sigh and shout an enthusiastic ‘Amen!’” -- Oakland Press
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; Fitzgerald, Maureen, intro.

Film, TV, Visual Culture / Women's Studies / Popular Culture

A Woman’s View

A lively portrayal of Hollywood's contradictory message of conformity and riotous freedom in films about women's lives and loves.
Basinger, Jeanine

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Gender Studies

Women and American Judaism

New portrayals of the religious lives of American Jewish women from colonial times to the present.
Nadell, Pamela S. and Jonathan D. Sarna, eds

Sports & Recreation / Women's Studies / Gender Studies

Women and Sports in the United States

The only anthology available documenting 100 years of women in American sports
O’Reilly, Jean and Cahn, Susan K., eds.

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies

Women and Water

Provocative essays address the question of women’s menstrual rituals in Jewish law, history, and culture.
Wasserfall, Rahel, ed.

Music / Women's Studies

Women In Music

This classic anthology combines source readings with interpretive essays and personal portraits to illuminate the rich yet neglected history of women in music
Neuls-Bates, Carol, ed.

Women's Studies

Women on Power

Experts in a variety of disciplines explore women's new roles in sport, politics, corporate America, and the professions, identifying arenas of success as well as persistent limits and barriers to women's leadership.
Freeman, Sue J.M.ed.; Bourque, Susan C, ed.; Shelton, Christine M.ed.; Conway, Jill Ker,ed.

Criminology / Women's Studies

Women on Probation and Parole

The first in-depth comparative look at gender-responsive versus traditional probation and parole for women
Morash, Merry

Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Education History

The Women Who Reconstructed American Jewish Education, 1910-1965

The first volume to examine the contributions of women who brought the forces of American progressivism and Jewish nationalism to formal and informal Jewish education
Ingall, Carol K., ed.

Media Studies / Women's Studies / Criminology

Women, Violence, and the Media

Provocative collection of essays designed to give students an understanding of media representations of women’s experience of violence and to educate a new generation to recognize and critique media images of women
Humphries, Drew, ed.

Music / Women's Studies / 18TH CENTURY STUDIES

Women's Voices Across Musical Worlds

This eclectic collection of original essays explores women’s musical activities and expressions from the twelfth century to the present
Bernstein, Jane A.

Women's Studies / American History / 18TH CENTURY STUDIES

Women's Voices, Women's Lives

Containing a wealth of primary sources, this reader presents the voices of African American, European, and Native American women, the rich and poor, and women in the South, the middle colonies, and New England.
Berkin, Carol, ed.; Horowitz, Leslie, ed.

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