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Milk Money
Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm
Kirk Kardashian; Bernie Sanders, fwd.

The failing economics of the traditional small dairy farm, the rise of the factory mega-farm with its resultant pollution and disease, and the uncertain future of milk

A Newer World
Politics, Money, Technology, and What’s Really Being Done
to Solve the Climate Crisis

William F. Hewitt; William K. Reilly, fwd.

An environmentalist’s exploration of how we are bringing ourselves to the beginning of the end of the climate crisis and to the verge of sustainability
The Leap
How to Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy
Chris Turner

An elegant argument for a bold new economic direction
Margaret Fuller and Her Circles
Brigitte Bailey, ed.; Katheryn P. Viens, ed.;
Conrad Edick Wright, ed.

Essays on the American Transcendentalist

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